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Eliza, here.

AO3: EliMorgan

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Known for starting long, multi-chaptered fics with the best of intentions and then allowing them to disintegrate into distraction. Also, for the semi-famous line, "Oh, my Gods, Hermione. What if he expects me to suck his nose?!" (Iacta Alea Est, c51).

This is the home of Lavender Brown, and other, less important characters, such as perky!Harry, long-suffering!Remus, flamboyant!bisexual!Lucius and done-with-this-shit!Ginny.

Mainly I use FFN to post my current Harry Potter works, though other fandoms may pop up over time, who knows? Sadly, I do not own the rights to Harry Potter, nor any of the plots, places, props or characters to do with Harry Potter; those belong to JK Rowling. Happily, she seems willing to let us play in her sandbox - presumably because she has never read any HP fanfiction, and let's hope that does not change.

My work is split over here and AO3, where you can find my crossover fics (HP/MCU) and the stuff containing smut. Not that there is much, but if my characters addle your brains to the point that you think me writing smut would be a terribly good idea, feel free to check it out! All are welcome.

Ships: I ship anything sparkly and write whatever comes to mind, but when reading I'm mainly SS/HG, or very involved triads. They speak to me on a deep, emotional level. Severus&Lucius are my favourite 'brotp', though. (Do we still use 'brotp' or did that die in 2009? It's so hard to keep track of what the kids are saying, nowadays.)

(I'm twenty-five. Editing this with my new age made me feel old, so you're welcome.)

Current Fics:

Alihotsy, Aconite and Amortentia: An insane romp through the darkest depths of our protagonist's minds, with a possessive!werewolf!Lavender and a dark!murder-y!Severus. He does not actually commit murder, but he wishes he could. Lots of alcohol, chocolate and snuggling inside. Best paired with some chocolate of your own, and read in a slightly tipsy fug. Marriage Law.

Apples and Oranges: Set in a castle in the Highlands, here we see a reformed Greyback attempting to run his Pack while Hermione solves a murder. Lots of original characters involved, many poorly written accents. For those who like bloody subplots and furry little babies. Crime/Mystery, best paired with an open mind.

Iacta Alea Est: An adventure tale involving time-travel, soulmates, werewolf bonding and the Fates. Complete but for an epilogue. Best paired with a love for brash women, and also pizza.

Revenir: Deep, dark, with secrets and ritual magic and the murder of a beloved, much-missed character to kick it all off. Hermione, Narcissa, Fenrir and Tom will all find themselves facing their pasts and an uncertain future as life and death are reversed, and a new foe rises. Best paired with patience and a taste for blood.

The Ghost of Grimmauld Place: A mystery/drama, Ghost follows Hermione as she falls into the past, finding herself at the head of a secret army, and ultimately losing everything. Meanwhile, in the present, her family and friends search for a way to bring her back from the beyond. [Currently on break as I attempt to get my stuff together.]

Nominations and Awards:

A huge, massive thank-you to everyone who has nominated my stuff, or voted for my stuff at any point. You will never know how appreciated you are, my shining stars.

Iacta Alea Est: Nominated within the Shrieking Shack Society FB page for a 2017 Marauder Medal in "Best WIP". Squeee!

Iacta Alea Est: Nominated within the Shrieking Shack Society FB page for a 2018 Mischief Managed Award in "Best Time-Travel".

Regulus Black, The Ghost of Grimmauld Place: Nominated within the Shrieking Shack Society FB page for a 2018 Marauder Medal in "Best Non-Marauder" - Won 2nd Place!

The Ghost Of Grimmauld Place: Nominated within the Hermione's Haven FB page for a 2019 Haven Award in "Best Time Travel".

The Ghost of Grimmauld Place: Nominated within the Hermione's Haven FB page for a 2019 Haven Award in "Best Drama/Angst" - Runner Up!

(AO3 Only)

Make It Work: Won "Most Creative Use of Prompt" and Runner-Up in "Best Characterisation" during MMF Roll-a-Prompt 2019, over on the Marvelously Magical Fanfiction FB group!

Thank you for reading! I hope it made sense to you, for if it didn't, it does not bode well for me.

I'd like to take this moment to ask all of my precious readers, whom I adore no matter how terrible I am at replying to reviews, to please be patient with me when it comes to updates. I can only do so much at a time, and RL is difficult at the moment. Health concerns restrict the amount of time I can spend writing, and I don't want it to become a chore; nor do I want to burn out. Neither of those things would be good for the quality of what I put out.

I love writing. Pouring words onto a page is like singing my heart's song. I know as well as you that that love, that involvement comes through in the reading.

Please, respect your writers.

Lots of love,

Eliza x

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