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Hey. I am really sorry that I haven't done anything for my stories. These last couple of years have really pounded the heck out of me ...

But, I'm still able to read all the other amazing stories out there and willing to be a sounding board for anyone who needs/wants it.

Hope we can all get along!

Happy reading!

Since I can't update any of my stories currently or post any new ones, I figure I can least post my ideas and see if anyone is willing to take them on. =)

Sailor Moon x Harry Potter Crossover

Endymion wasn't an only child... The Prince had a younger brother, and he was reborn as our favorite ebony haired wizard.

Harry Potter is the reincarnation of either Prince Dmitri/Terran or Prince Ramses, Guardian of the Sun. You can pick either but hehe'll still be related to Mamoru/Darien. I'm open to pairing him up with anyone really barring Ginny. Hedwig is either the twin of Helios and becomes Harry's protector like Helios becomes for Chibiusa/Rini or it could be something like I mention in the next paragraph (I love Hedwig so anyway she can be involved makes me happy).

How he is found by the other senshi is up to you as well. My idea was that he became friends with the dream fairy Peruru/Perle, the boy from the Black Dream Hole movie, a few years before the events of the movie (the blood wards stops Harry and Dudley from being taken with the other children). Before he leaves Rini, he tells her and the others of a little boy he knows who has a similar energy to them and that the only reason he wasn't taken as well was due to a 'magical barrier' around his home. Maybe in the end have Perle become Hedwig.

I wanted to give him guardians of his own like how Rini, Serena, Darien have their's. Harry's protectors would be those once of the Dark Moon: Diamond, Emerald, Saphire, and Ruby.

This is the point where I pretty much leave anything else open. This is my most recent baby and I hope someone adopts him.

I'll post the others later.


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Absorb; Ability

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Sugar Family

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When Johnny shot the gun,
He hit me and another,
And all because Johnny,
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