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Honestly, I want to be able to keep up with my set deadlines for these stories, but writer's block can beat your face in from out of nowhere. That means there will be periods of time when I have no idea what I want to write. I'm sorry in advance when it seems like I'm not gonna be updating my stories at all. I won't abandon them.

I love reading reviews. They make me go all giddy inside and do a jig in front of my fiancé. I'm not kidding. I like gushing to him about you guys. But more importantly, I love all of my readers, reviews or not. Please love me back.




Stories in Progress:

Mendōkusei: He just wanted to become a typical Jōnin, marry a normal woman, have two kids, boy and girl in that order, and live a relatively simple life. However, life doesn’t seem to want to work out that way. Not when your wife is the future Rokudaime Hokage, Jinchūriki of the Nine-tails, and a trouble magnet. How troublesome.

Genre(s): Adventure, Alternative Universe, Drama, Gender Bending, Humor, Romance

Warnings(s): Mild cursing

Current Chapters Out: 9

Chapter in progress: 10

Updating Status: Picking this up again, YAY!

Updated Since: 08/07/20


Hoikuen (Daycare): 5-year-old Kyōhei wanted a mommy, and he just so happened to like his new caretaker very much! It's also just a coincidence that he had once heard from those old grandmas that long-lasting relationships began from those days at daycare.

Genre(s): Alternate Universe, Drama, Gender Bending, Humor, Modern Day, Romance

Warning(s): Mild cursing

Current Chapter(s): 1

Chapter in progress: --

Updating Status: Just the pilot for now. We'll see how it goes.

Updated Since: 01/13/17


Stories/One-shots Completed:

Utsukushī Omoide: Beautiful memories of her began to fill his mind as he stared at the name in front of him. "I love you...wait for me..."

Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Alternative Universe, One-shot, Gender Bender

Warning(s): Character death

Status: Completed

Updated Since: 02/10/2014


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