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Hey There everybody! ^w^ This is Haruna Himawari reporting to you(again~)! Yeeeeah, So its been awhile since I've updated huh? Well for those who are my buddies on here(and just my fellow followers) , JUST WAIT, I've got quite abit of new work that I cant wait to show you all~ I've also looked at alot of other fanfiction works and I must say some have surprised and impressed me by my new favorite fandom and anime, since september of /last year/, HETALIA~! Yes, Hetalia. I have become a hetalian because of a few new friends of mine I meet last year~ And if your a hater of that, then don't flame me about it, ok dears? Buuuuuuut anyway~ I have two new fanfics about hetalia and one on Sherlock From bbc that Im working on as we speak~! HOT DAMN I LOVE THAT SHOW AS WELL~! I have always loved mystery and crime shows~ So Sherlock BBC is my new thing right now~! Again, dont like, DONT FLAME. And Im also putting up, right now, for anyone who wants a request writting from me, to PM me. I wont mind at all and love to hear any ideas you guys have for me~

P.S. : I have also been /addicted/ to rping online~ So I might not update as fast for some of my stories and Requests~ ^^;;


Favorite anime/manga Im into /right now/: Stg. Frog, Hetalia, Avatar: Legend of Korra, Happy Tree Friends, and Kimi ni todoke(Manga one~)

Favorite TV show Im into right now: Sherlock BBC, Castle, Once apon a time, Grimm, and Bones~

Request subjects themes(For requested stories): Im good with romance, comedy, drama, smut, friendship, Some horror and some mystery~

Favorite Video game(s) Im into right now: KINGDOM HEARTS(All of them so for~), Final fantasy(7,10,12,13), World ends with you(pretty old~), and POKEMAN(Most of them~)


Age: OVER 9000~! (yeah, old and lame by now but whatever~ Thats my "AGE" :P)

Aaaand yeah, thats all I've got. :/

So I'll type more when I feel like it again~

Welcome and peace~! :P

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