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Well, hello to my little own fanfiction page. Hope you like what you'll find here.

About me? I'm male and old enough to drink, drive, vote and everything else that got an age requirement. Oh, and I really hate the heat in summer!

Hobbies? Fanfictions, Mangas, Animes, Books, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Guild Wars 2 among others.

Review counter(February 2019): 4527

Reasons (Excuses) for not updating my stories in a long time? I'm working at a few stories at the moment and there is also university, fanfictions and mangas to read, animes to watch, games to play and overall laziness as a reason for not updating in a long time.

Latest recommendations:

(E-)Book: "Asterion Noir: Of a Darker Void"
Manga/Anime: "My Hero Academia"
Webcomic: "Questionable Content"
Fanfictions (Mass Effect): "Mass Effect: Of Lions And Angels" by "jerseydanielgibson"
Fanfictions (Naruto): "Drifting" by "AlphaDelta1001"
Fanfictions (Harry Potter): "Proud Parents" by "robst"
Fanfictions (Dragon Age): "Rebels in the North" by "Marianna Bennet"
Fanfictions (Life Is Strange): "Fighting Chance" by "Lyta Halifax"
Fanfictions (RWBY):
"Relic of the Future" by "Coeur Al'Aran"
Fanfictions (One Piece):
"Supernova" by "Primordial Vortex"
Fanfictions ("Others"):
"Survivor" by "Mayonaka no Sasayaki" (Eyeshield 21)

All-Time Recommendations:

[Re-reading my favorites to be sure. Memories can be a bit hazy with once having over 400 favourites and I only want to point out the best of my favorites. So stories will be added, once upon a time, don't worry.]

Mass Effect: "Phoenix Resurgent" by "Vyrexuviel", "Armor" by "MountainGoats", "If It Meant Living: From The Beginning" by "Graceyn", "If It Meant Living: Beyond" by "Graceyn", "Manipulations" by "akg.writes", "Mass Effect - Future Imperfect" by "MizDirected", "Mass Effect: Beginnings" by "Lilivati", "For The Hierarchy" by "Tuffet37", "Catalyst of Fate" by "OriginalAlcy", "Architect of Fate" by "OriginalAlcy", "Citadel Life" by "Tuffet37" "Once More Unto The Breach" by "Lyta Halifax", "22Sinchi" by "Corentin IV", "Sinchi: Downfall" by "Corentin IV", "Queen's Gambit Accepted" by "fahRENheit2006", "Pretty Good Year" by "Lyta Halifax", "The Exit" by "TinyTurian", "Flock of Vandals" by "Progman", "For Tomorrow We Die" by "ElectricZ", "Of Sheep and Battle Chicken" by "LogicalPremise", "OSABC : And Then There Were None" by "LogicalPremise", "OSABC II : That Which Cannot Die" by "LogicalPremise", "Mass Effect - Future Continuous" by "MizDirected", "Future Souls" by "OriginalAlcy", "Living an Indoctrinated Dream" by "Alberon"; "Revenge of the Fallen" by "Legendary Junk Mail", "The Undisputed" by "Geralt", "Mass Effect: Of Lions And Angels" by "jerseydanielgibson",

Naruto: "Legacies" by "JTX1000", "Remember Me" by "Riverseithr", "Desert Shade" by "tHeEviLjOkEr", "A Mother's Love" by "lord of the land of fire", "New chance" by "Hektols", "It's For a Good Cause, I Swear!" by "Sarah1281", “Echoes“ by “Kagaseo“, "The Girl From Whirlpool" by "SilverShine", "Fuzzy Logic" by "Deritine", "Naruto Genkyouien" by "Daneel Rush", "Tis Femina" by "Sythe", "Time Braid" by "ShaperV", "Team Tensai" by "Wingwyrm", "Apart from the World" by "Mekon-chan", "Seeing Red" by "RyoshiMorino", "Waking Up to a Nightmare" by "AthanatosOra", "Uzumaki Naruko: To the Victor, the Spoils V2" by "SeerKing"; "Outfoxed" by "hazeleyes180", "Praeludium and Allegro" by "Dante Kreisler", "Second Wind" by "Quill Q", "After the Rain" by "Quill Q", "Sakura Sensei: Life Lessons" by "Entangled Fate", "Second Wind" by "Quill Q", "After the Rain" by "Quill Q", "Drifting" by "AlphaDelta1001"

Harry Potter: “Silent Moon“ by StOrpheia“, “No Thank You“ by “Sarah1281“, "Erasing The Future" by "Moxterminator", "Longbottom Rose" by "ForeverLaDonna", "Unconditional" by "Gaia v", "Oh God Not Again!" by "Sarah1281", "Stages of Hope" by "kayly silverstorm", "A Chance encounter" by "spectre4hire", "The Last Casualties" by "muggledad" "Law and Marriage" by "TeenTypist", "Can I Keep Him?" by "TeenTypist", "Reverse" by "Lady Moonglow", "Nothing To Fear" by "Hayden Avery", "One World" by "Stellar Magic", "Harry Potter - Three to Backstep" by "Synik", "Arya Lily Potter" by "Kirstenlh23"; "Looking Beyond" by "shinigamigirl196", "Serpent Tongue" by "shinigamigirl196", "Remaking Destiny" by "Lady Laran", "A Necessary Gift: A Harry Potter Story" by "cosette-aimee", "A Life Once Lived" by "Sigy Artyn", "Red Mage, Looking For Group" by "Nemesis13", "Iris Potter and the Creator's Wish" by "hunter81095", "Harry Potter and the Rune Stone Path" by "Temporal Knight", "Harry Potter and the Champion's Champion" by "DriftWood1965", "Harry Potter and the War-Torn Soldier" by "Averyk", "A Life Rewritten" by "telmeastory", "Harry Potter and the Muggle's Daughter" by "The Sorcerer's Muse" (and all following stories), "Harry Potter and the Unexpected Lordship" by "ScribesApprentice", "Who will Fill a Coward's Grave?" by "robst", "Harry Potter and the Daft Morons" by "Sinyk", "Proud Parents" by "robst"

Dragon Age: "Basalit-an" by "FenZev", "Like Watching a Shipwreck" by "Sarah1281", "What Once Was Ours" by "Kira Tamarion", "What Once Was Ours: Reconciliation" by "Kira Tamarion", "What Once Was Ours: Desperate Measures" by "Kira Tamarion", "Eyes of a Stranger" by "xseikax", "The Heart of the Leader" by "Kira Tamarion", "Of Elves and Humans" by "Merilsell", "What Duty Dictates" by "JenniferDayC", "Saving Grace" by "Shakespira", "Dragon Age: The Halla Reborn" by "Eva Galana", "Tranquility" by "Theodur, "Defenders of the Empty Throne" by "Theodur", "The Dread Wolf's Shadow" by "Theodur", "A World Without Shadows" by "maximasdecimas", "Rebels in the North" by "Marianne Bennet"

Life Is Strange: "Riotgrrls In Love" by "Lyta Halifax", "Intersecting Worlds, Interconnected Hearts" by "rowanred81", "Black Swan" by "Lyta Halifax", "Life is a Bitch" by "RebukeX7", "Grande Dame" by "Lyta Halifax", "Wyrd Ways, Strange Days" by "rowanred81", "Letters from Tomorrow" by "RickDangerous", "Executive Rewind" by "lonesomebard", "Chloe Was Here" by "Rainbow Kitty Pow Pow", "Bearing Witness to Time" by "Lyta Halifax", "Not Over Yet" by "Kariego", "Life is Strange Here at the End of All Things" by "FortressCaulfield", "Life is Strange: Edge of Time" by "RainthelingeringSentiment", "Fighting Chance" by "Lyta Halifax"

RWBY: "Stay Afloat" by "Blood Shinobi", "Crimson Memories Repeat" by "OverlordSwarm", "A Thorny Tangled Triangle" by "Dongyrn", "Remnant's Reclaimer" by "Hysterical Clerical Hijinks", "Fang's Embrace" by "BurningPeace", "Grimm Reality" by "RosewoodAuthor", "Angel in Disguise" by "KingWykkyd57", "Together With You: A Journey Across Remnant" by "MakaS0ul", "Letters to Winter" by "Mallobaude", "Not this Time, Fate" by "Coeur Al'Aran", "Relic of the Future" by "Coeur Al'Aran"

One Piece: "Second Wind" by "The-Lost-Samurai", "New Game Plus" by "DuncanIdaho2014", "Rubbery Vengeance" by "Forzarismo", "Supernova" by "Primordial Vortex",

Others: "When Night Falls" by "sachariah"(Star Wars: The Clone Wars), "Dragonsong" by "Knotted"(Elder Scroll Series), "Dovahkiin Vahdin" by "RamblingFox2501"(Elder Scroll Series), "Meet Your Dragonborn" by "VioletNote"(Elder Scroll Series), "A Mass Effect Infiltrator in the World of One Piece" by "Sythe"(Crossover: Mass Effect, One Piece), "Book Air" by "Sythe"(Legend of Korra), "Psi Effect" by "Cap'n Chryssalid" (Crossover: XCOM, Mass Effect), "Enemy Returned" by "Palladius"(Crossover:XCOM, Mass Effect), "The Death and Life of Erza Scarlet" by "VOGoshinki"(Crossover: Bleach, Fairy Tail), "Harri Potter and the Last Shepard" by "Sun-Tsu Toriden"(Crossover: Harry Potter, Mass Effect), "Closer Than Sisters" by "Theodur" (Crossover: Life Is Strange, Dragon Age), "Ex Astris Glora" by "alienyouthct" (Crossover: Harry Potter, Mass Effect), "The World Above" by "CeruleanArrow" (How to train your Dragon), "Stars Fade" by "totallybursar" (Crossover: Mass Effect, Dragon Age), "Screwed Up" by "GreatSnapper" (Toaru Majutsu no Index), "Dragon Ball - Heart of Adventurers" by "LastationLover5000" (Dragon Ball Z), "Survivor" by "Mayonaka no Sasayaki"(Eyeshield 21),

You are free to recommend stories to me, whatever categorie they are from. Manga, Games, Comics, Books. I don't mind. Just because the most stories I have been reading are from Mass Effect, Naruto, Harry Potter, Dragon Age or Life is Strange doesn't mean I don't read others. I'm always open for good stories to read.

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