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My name is G.A., or Guitar Amateur. Or just Guitar or Amateur, if you want. I am a she. I love Jesus Christ above all else.

In Christ, I have freedom. I have the freedom to choose to read something; I also have the freedom to choose not to read something.

You may note that I do not write very much at all: I registered my account for the purpose of favorite-ing my favorite works, and reviewing others that don't allow anonymous reviews. That is still very much the sole purpose of this account.

The reason I call myself Guitar Amateur is because I briefly learned how to play the guitar... but since it is not my major interest, I doubt that I will ever greatly improve on it, and will always be an amateur in that sense. However the guitar is used to represent freedom of expression, like writing, as you can pick it up and if you know how to play it you can add your own accompaniment to singing wherever you go as a bard. In that symbolic sense I try to convey that I am an amateur not just at guitar playing, but in all forms of art, including writing, and am always learning as jovially as I can. Singing is my main passion.

I have enjoyed reading in on this forum: http://www.fanfiction.net/forum/ACA_Assembly_of_Christian_Authors/34546/ I don't visit it so often anymore, but sometimes I look to see if there's a new face...

I take the K-M rating system very seriously. If a story is rated K, I expect that there is no objectionable content, including cursing and sex (both of which I've actually seen in such story), and if it does not deserve that rating, I report it. If a K story has f-bombs in it, I report that story. If I see a T rated story with pornographic sex in it, I report that story. I rarely read M-rated stories since usually those are rated highly for extremely high-core porn, unlike what the M is defined to mean by fanfiction.net.

That matter is very important to me because breaches and violations of the rating system have caused me to stumble, unnecessary pain, and in fact made me so disillusioned that I stopped reading anything rated T for romance, aka "cuz im paranoid" "just in case" etc.

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