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Fan turned author.

I started out making this account just to read some pretty awesome Glee fanfic, but soon fell in love with an idea and began writing.

I love hearing critique as long as it's helpful. No one wants to hear their stories put down. So don't do it.

I've written fanfiction before, but just not on this level. My previous work is just teen girl fluff and drama with some hot celebrities strewn in. If you're interested, PM me and I'll send you the link.

I'm kinda hooked on Glee fanfiction and haven't managed to find anything more interesting, but if you find something, let me know. :)

Ships (don't necessarily write about them, but still love them)

Puck/Rachel (Puckleberry)- I love that she somehow manages to calm him down. he seemed a lot better when he was with her and I would love to see them be together again

Sam/Mercedes (Samcedes)- the fact that a popular, hot guy fell for a the big diva makes me have hope :)

Kurt/Blaine (Klaine)- totally fell in love with them during "Prom Queen" and then again during "New York", but my love began while reading Dalton (if you haven't read that, DO IT!)

Kurt/Karofsky (Kurtofsky)- of course I wouldn't want them to date when Karofsky's still a total Neanderthal, but I think that he has potential to grow up and find love with Kurt

Mike/Tina (Mina/Tike)- Asian Power! (nuff said)

Santana/Brittany (Santittany/Brittana)- althought I was a little hesitant of them being more than friends, Santana is definitely a better version of herself when she's with Brittany

Artie/Brittany (Artiny/Bartie)- I just think they're absolutely adorable together. her incredible innocence (naivety?) works perfectly with his perseverence and strength

Quinn/Jeff (Queff/Juinn)- there are some pretty amazing fanfics for this ship... go read them!

Reed/Shane (Rane)- my favorite Dalton ship. once again, if you haven't read Dalton, GO DO IT NOW!

Cast for Dress and Tie:

Blaine Anderson- Darren Criss

David Thompson- Titus Makin, Jr.

Wesley Montgomery- Telly Leung

Thad Harwood- Eddy Martin

Jeff Sterling- Riker Lynch

Nick Duval- Curt Mega

Trent Nixon- Dominic Barnes

Flint Wilson- Chris Mann

Zack Wilson- Cord Jackman

Luke Wright- Aaron Clemens Page

Chris Hall- Jon Hall

Ethan Baker- Brock Baker

Harry Beato- Nelson Beato

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