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Hi guys,

Little about myself, My name is Kyle & I live in Scotland in the UK.

I have been reading fanfiction for about 10 years, only realising how sad that may sound now.

The only fanfiction I read is in relation to Harry Potter - crossovers mostly for the last few years as I like the added elements some fandoms have to offer. Favourites have to be Avengers, Doctor Who, Greys Anatomy, Supernatural, Perry Jackson, Game of Thrones and some random ones that pop up every now and again.

Best fanfiction stories to have been written in my opinion is that of Lightning On The Wave - such a magnificent series they have wrote and bringing whole new depths to the HP universe. Would recommend to any reader!

Second favourite author has to be FirePhoenix8 - started off by reading Black Heir then moved on to Vindico Atrum until she started working and focusing more on her new story Twist of Fate.

The two authors above have honestly taking JK's world that she made and honestly opened it up so much more and gone so much bigger and darker than she could have taken it, being a children's book after all!

If you have any queries about my stories please do not hesitate to contact me!

P.S- Writing isn't my main talent but I have some original thoughts and ideas and would love to offer them to some good authors if they are interested!

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