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Crazygrrl XD PM
Joined Apr '11

Name: Izzy

age: wouldn't ya'll like ta know ;)

gender: gal

patheticness: I don't really write stories so, like, no one will be reading this! Two thumbs up!! :D

Likes: Transformers (Jazz lives!!! And Ironhide too.), Young Justice, ANY AND ALL FORMS OF SLASH (Especially yaoi ;D), reading others fanfics, authors that stick to their stories, pop and country music, love (I'm a sap :3), animals of all shape and form (especially cats), proper grammar (Improper grammar just ruins a story, doesn't it?), the word aster (ahh Robin, ever the cutie!), A's, math tests (OMG right?), writing my own stories (Never publish ;3)

Dislikes: Strait CARTOON couples (They make my blood freeze, and I start growling real low, ask any of my friends, they'll tell you.), animal abusers, homophobes, those moments when one of you favorite authors 'loses interest in the fandom' and you're sitting there weeping because no more awesome stories from them! :(

Favorite transformer pairings: ProwlJazz, SunstreakerRatchetSideswipe, OptimusStarscream, SamBee, and because of awesome writer Crescent-Moon-Demon: TracksSoundwave (Make an adorable rare pairing if ya ask me)

Least favorite: OptimusElita, IronhideChromia, ArceeCliffjumper (I sense a pattern -)

Favorite Young Justice pairing: KID FLASHROBIN! (Although since I'm a little out of date, I suppose it would be The FlashNightwing?)

Least favorite: ZantannaRobin, ArtemisWally (Getting in the way of my favorite pairing *grumble*)

I REALLY don't mean to be a hater, and I am actually strait myself so i sometimes don't even get me .', but I guess I love slash so much,that regular that's not in reality bugs me... Eh, everyone has their quirks and pet peeves...right?

Favorite quote: "What is today, but yesterday's tomorrow?"Unknown

Favorite moment: When I woke up at 1:00 a.m. at a summer camp and walked outside to go to the bathroom, catching another camper in the act of pranking our cabin. When she told me not to react until morning I was like: "...fine but I have to go pee, so move please." XD

Anybody happen to read my profile and wanna chat with me about something, feel MORE than welcome! It makes me feel happy, and less lonely (even i you're upset and flaming me about the whole hating thingy :3)

Love yall, even the haters!

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