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Just thought i'd share cos i'm so happy and couldn't believe it, Chris Meloni Replied to my Tweet on 22 Oct 2013 @22:23. some people would probably say, so what, but i don't care, it made me so happy.

Just to add that i Love Rookie Blue. McSwarek is awesome. Ben Bass is soooo yum! i have never had a TV show pull at my heart strings like that programme has done, other than when i watched criminal minds-route 66,before and i shed a tear in the first 2 minutes. Poor Hotch. Anyway... I think Missy is an excellent actress. her ability amazes me. to change from one emotion to another and to make it look so effortless. I also love Oliver. if there wasn't a McSwarek, Oliver would be my favourite. Matt Gordan plays him soooooo well. his comical scenes are excellent. And he is all for Team McSwarek. It's like he is their own personal Cheerleader. The way his face lit up when Sam said that he misses Andy.Brilliant.

Criminal Minds -Hotch/Prentiss, Morgan/Garcia. i don't mind reading about the other team members but i just love the pairing of H/P and just wish that TPTB would of given us a little more of them before Paget left. I wish that when season 8 starts that Hotch has dumped Beth, as know one really likes her cos she is with Hotch and Prentiss isn't. I think if Beth was with Dave then i think people wouldn't mind her. She couldn't be with Morgan cos Morgan belongs to Garcia!! I think that Emily should come back on a case and do a consult with the BAU. Then Hotch should declare his undying love for her and then they could have a long distance relationship for now and then when TPTB beg Paget to come back, Hotch and Emily could get Married!!! I know it's a long shot but i have to believe!!! I'm not liking this new agent that is coming into it and i think that is only cos she aint prentiss and it's another person who Hotch could have feeling for cos lets face it, she is an older version of Prentiss and so was Beth. I would of prefered the new agen to be a man. Oh quick question if anybody hasn't got bored and stopped reading: Did Hotch have a thing for Elle Grenaway? Cos i know when she got attack that hre cleaned her house and when she left, she told hotch she would miss his his smile and once she left his office, Hotch said that he would miss her too. What s all that about?? I can't see him doing it for Prentiss, even though we can see he has feelings for her. if you know the answer please could you inbox me and feel me in on what i have miss. Anyway... My other Fandom is ;

Law and Order-SVU- Elliot and Olivia. These were my first obsession. Come on, its been like 12 years of wanting to get these two together. I just can't believe that once again TPTB haven't given us anything from these two but then let Stabler have a snogging session with (dare i say it)... Dani Beck, who was his partner at the time. Also Stabler have a little date with a woman in another department with in NYPD when he had split from Kathy. Whats all that about??????? I'm just totally gutted that Chris Meloni left. Mariska and Chris gave us 12 great years together and its because of the bond between these two, that why the fans love the show. I think the show has lost alot of fans since he left, but i also think that some fans are hanging on to it just incase Stabler makes an a return. I am one of those. Don't get me wrong, i think that Rollins and Amaro make a great addition to the team and Mariska is doing a great job with IceT, Florak and Belzer and co, of keeping it together, i just think that it was better with Benson and Stabler together. I would love to see Liv's reaction when and if Stabler comes back for a guess appearance. I think Mariska's final scene at the start of ep1 of season 13, was brilliant. I cried like a baby and i tweeted it to Mariska herself and she was kind enough to reply with a thank you.

Anyway... I also love Greys Anatomy; Derek/Meredith- i tend not to read many of those stories as they are Together in the show and it doesn't give you quite the same effect when reading. I think it's because TPTB were kind to the fans and gave us what we want.(Thank You)

Bones; Booth/Bones. Not read many of these either, same reason as above, but i do love the show and the pairing. i have been a fan of David's since he was in Buffy.

I really love NCIS-LA. i personally like G and kensi. But i think the beat pairing for that show has to be Deeks and Kensi. I just love the banter and the connection between these two. i have read a few stories of D/K and i have enjoyed them. I think these would make a great couple,

Through this site i have found a new hobbie and a new love for reading. I have read Some truly amazing stories by some very, very talented people. No disrespect to anybody else but there are some stories that have stuck with me and brought out so many emotions that i try hard not to let out that often. There is one story in particular that took me at least 2 months to finish a chapter and then start the last 2. This wasn't because the chapters were too long, it was because the story was sooooooooooooo emotionally draining. i just thought about certain parts of the story and i would cry like a baby. It hurt so much to read the rest of the story. i don't even remember having the same reaction to stuff that happened in my life. The story i'm talking about is.Departing Sun by hotchityhotchhotch . Partner come home and Fighting to survive by jennylyne. I would like to think i have made a friend with Jennylyne. She has given me some great advice on an SVU story that i've been attempted to write for the past 8 months. Second chances by Sienna27. A big shout out to TigerLilly888, you have written some brilliant stories. one of which made me cry with laughter, everytime i thought about the story i burst out laughing. greengirl82, i love the fact that nearly every other day i have an email alert notifying me of a new story or an update to one of your stories. SSAEmilyHotchner-Awesome stories. TStabler- you have an amazing talent. raffinit- excellent at writing Smut. SteffieDawn- Brilliant and Raychel- thank you so much for coming up with the SVU chat. Makes my day, makes me laugh. plus a big shout out to everybody who has wrote a story, all credit goes to you as i know it isn't easy. On another note Atlantis on another fandom site was brilliant, can't remember which site sorry. Rant done. Peace out!!

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A girl died in 1933. A man buried her when she was still alive. The murder chanted, "Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you have read this chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night, she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this on your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded. Lucillia

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