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IN HEAD: These stories are the ones I have the idea for in my head, but have not yet started to write down. These may or may not ever see the light of day. I will not be putting 1-shots in here, as those are, well, short. For the most part.

Black and Light: Prototype and Spyro Crossover- Alex Mercer is accidentally taken from his home, and he will stop at nothing to get back to Manhattan.

The Runner of Two Bluff: Prototype- The story of the Runner that infected Two Bluff, Arizona before being found by Robert Cross.

Devotion to Neurosis: Plague Inc- The Neurax Worm threat spreads, and a geologist is afflicted by the mind-controlling worm.

The Makers' Flame: Warcraft- Earth's humanity evolves into an interstellar empire, with various aliens making up its populace... and then the Titans arrive to bring Order.

He Was Alone: Prototype and Dragon Age Crossover- Pariah is whisked to Ferelden during the Blight. He has big plans.

Countless as the Stars: Warcraft- Harbinger Skyriss was not bluffing. A splinter of the aqir, free of the Old Gods, spreads through the stars, and comes across a budding interstellar humanity.

Here Were, Here Are, Here Will Be: Dungeons and Dragons- The black dragon Cygnar is proud of her domain. But the town she terrorizes is determined to fight her off. How cute.

Unshackled: Mass Effect- By the time the Sol System was discovered by the galaxy at large, there was no 'humanity' left. No Earth. Just a hideous orb of metal that calls itself 'Archiames'.

Chronic: Osmosis Jones- She doesn't hate the cells. Really, she likes them! Well, except Immunity. She'll put Immunity six microns under.

From Dangers So Hideous: Mass Effect and Star Control crossover- As the Reapers rampage across the galaxy, reports come in of them fighting strange, massive green dreadnaughts.

Mystery in the Dark: Star Control- The Kohr-Ah are defeated. The Kzer-Za routed. The Sa-Matra obliterated. Life moves on. For Seep-Eep, the opportunity of a lifetime comes with the chance to study the fabled Rainbow Worlds.

Five, Six, Seven: Dragon Age: Origins- Four of his kind have risen, ravaged the world, and been destroyed. The darkspawn will come for him next. Let them. Urthemiel will be ready.

Through Your Seventh and Final Soul: Undertale- Frisk refuses to fight Asgore, and gets an idea. To willingly surrender his soul, with everything that entails.

PLOTTED: Sub-category. I have the plot for these stories worked out.

Khans and Conquerors: Stellaris- The galaxy is broken, rotten from within. A firm hand is needed to unite the galaxy and bring peace. Cari Alvie, the newly-crowned Great Khan of the Imari Horde, intends to do just that.

A Whole New World: Mythic Ocean- The gods all have ways they think the world should be.

IN WRITING: Stories I am currently writing on the site. One-shots will not be included in this category.

A Whole New World: Mythic Ocean - Chapter 7 is up. Chapter 8 at 1957 words.

PUSHED ASIDE: When I have been writing a story, but lose inspiration, I push that story here until I decide to return to it. These stories WILL continue, just not for some time.

Khans and Conquerors: Stellaris- Chapter 8 is up. Chapter 9 at 1721 words. Paused due to motivation issues.

FORGOTTEN: Stories I am considering dropping entirely for any number of reasons.


EXTINCT: This is the final resting place for stories I have considered, on the whole, a failure, and will not look back on. Ever. I do not place stories here lightly; if it is here, stop checking it for updates, because they are never going to come.


COMPLETE: Exactly what it sounds like, stories I have finished will be placed here. This is the only place where I will put my 1-shots. Stories here will not be updated for obvious reasons.

Coup de What?: Warcraft

Full Circle: Warcraft

Death Never Dies: Warcraft

Recursion: Undertale

In Charge: SubNautica

The End of the Death God: Warcraft

Your House: Portal

Hero versus InFAMOUS: InFAMOUS

Endospore: Prototype

All Units This is Red Crown: Prototype

Forgotten Eons: Warcraft

On Instinct: Prototype

Life and Death: Warcraft

Megalomania: Undertale

Angels and Demons: Undertale

Once Upon a Time: SubNautica

Numbers Game: Deltarune

No Love, No Comfort: Stellaris

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