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Hello, readers of fanfiction.net my name is Nichole im 19 and just going to say i love fanfiction but i guess yall know that because anyone who is one this site must love fanfiction. I live in Texas born and raised. hmmm thats it...haha

Favorite Tv shows:



Gossip Girl

Vampire Diaries



Teen Wolf

The Fosters

Switched at Birth

Pretty Little Liars

hmm im pretty sure there is more, but I cant think of any right now...:/

Favorite Anime/Manga:

Bleach--all time favorite

Fairy Tail

Vampire Knight

Blood Plus

Dragon Ball Z

I'm into a lot of romance anime/manga

Favorite Cartoon:

Total Drama Island and all the others afterwards except with the new cast..

Teen Titans

Pokemon,but i guess you can consider it a game to but whatever

Favorite Pairings and Characters:

Bleach- OrihimexUlquiorra all time favorite pairing and characters and Orihime with many other bleach characters, but dont expect me to read any fanfic with rukia as the main character hate her with a passion

Victorious-Jade and Tori, also Jade and Beck

Gossip Girl- Blair with anyone

Glee-Rachel and Quinn but also Rachel with anyone

Teen Titans- Raven and Beast Boy

Vampire Diaries- Elena and Damon

Pokemon-Misty with anyone but mostly Ash or Gary

Fairy Tail-Lucy and Natsu but also Lucy and Loki

Blood Plus -Saya and Soloman, Saya and Haji and Saya and Kai

Dragon Ball Z- Bulma and Vegeta

Roswell- Maria and Michael

Degrassi- Claire and Eli

Total Drama Island- Gwen and Duncan

Thank you and goodbye :)

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