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Hello woooorrrlllld, this is meeeee!

Ok, now we've gotten past that.

Hello, my pseudonym is Amy but that's not my actual name, I just picked that one when I was like 11 to protect my identity or whatever because I was smol. Now I honestly couldn't care less what I was called but decided not to change my name so that I don't confuse the few people who know me by my username if I suddenly change it... also I don't want anyone on Ao3 or Tumblr finding my trashy fics I wrote when I was 12 because I have a reputation to uphold so...

Obviously I don't own the characters or worlds of anything I write on this hellsite, only the plotline, so don't @ me authors, publicists and fanfic hating fangirls. I don't care. This is my blanket statement so I don't need to waste time declaring that in any fics I write and so no one tries to pull an Anne Rice 2.0 on me.

There is a very high chance that I will never finish anything I write so don't hold your breath.

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