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Here goes nothing...

My name is HanKat, (on here and to some friends!) and I love writing, but even more, reading.

I read a lot of YA fiction, but some adult fiction too. I like "twisted/modern day/rewritten fairy tales", along with sci fi and old fashioned fantasy quest novels.

I don't write a lot of fiction though, surprisingly, but when I do I'll get it on here.

I am a bit overfond of using three dots to indicate suspense...

... but I don't really care what you think of that. ;)

I would love reviews when possible, because I want to know what people think of my writing.

I've been told by teachers that I'm good at it, but I've really only ever written with a set goal/purpose.

Can I write fanfiction? Well, I suppose we'll see...

I'm a bit nervous about posting on here and writing my stories for an audience, because I do my best to write truthfully and it seems weird and a little embarrassing

for people to read them, because I basically write the way I think.

So try to be nice and thanks for reading my stories!!

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