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Previously known as Nadine99WuzHere. That name was annoying me so much so I changed it.

I have some stories meaning to be publish, but I'm worried if something similar to the plot has already been posted. Someday, I'll post. SOMEDAY. omg Acuve. SOMEDAY.

I like manga okay. Gakuen Alice, Harry Potter, Vampire Knight, Barajou no Kiss, Percy Jackson, Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, The Avengers, Kitchen Princess, S.L.H., and Yumeiro Patisserie are my known loves. I like many not well known mangas too. Those shall remain a secret.

I do not see flames as hurtful, but as constructive criticism. However, if someone tells me that my story is stupid, a piece of crap, or shouldn't even be on here without any decent reason why he/she thinks so, I will bitch. And rage. At whoever said it. Because there was no reason and that is just such a waste of time.

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope to see you soon as one of my reviewers in one of my future stories.

WARNING: I'm weird.

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