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"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." -George Carlin

"And I know it's hard to be alone

Count the days, count the nights but don't give up!

Cause I know it's hard to be alone

Count the days, count the nights but I won't give up.

And I ain't hanging on to you!"

"Maybe everything isn't hopeless bullshit." - Hyperbole and a Half

The Werewolf and the Were cat: Paul Meraz is a shape shifter in La Push. He never thought anything to be more dangerous than Vampires and their own kind...that is until Catia Lauriete comes to La Push, he imprints but suspects there might be something different about her...something dangerous..

OC Profiles:

Catía Elisabet Lauriete:


Full Name: Catía Elisabet Lauriete

Age: 19 years old

Birthday: July 14 1993

Parents and relatives: Duarte Luciano and Vidonia Lauriete [parents].

Cristian Aveiro

Full Name: Cristian Armando Aveiro


Age: 24

Birthday: January 10 1987

Parents and relatives: [Parents: Diogo Joaquín Aveiro and Vitoria Baciao Aveiro

Giselle Caveira:


Full Name: Giselle Fiametta Caveira

Age: 18 years old

Birthday: August 9th 1994

Parents and Relatives: [parents: Serena Veronica Caveira,(father unknown)

Zeirus Breziz:


Full Name: Zeirus Breziz

Age: 21 years old

Birthday: February 11 1990

Parents and Relatives: [parents :Aldeão Breziz and Adira Aleeza Balvi

Lisa Fernandez:


Full Name: Lisa Maria Fernandez

Age: 14 years old

Birthday: January 24 1997

Parents and Relatives: [parents: Carlos Manuel Fernandez and Maria Luiza Olvera de Fernandez

Ramses (Ramsey) Corral Alvaréz:


Full Name: Ramses Alexi Corral Alvaréz

Age: 5 years old

Birthday: April 5th 2006

Parents and Relatives: [parents: Maria Alvaréz de Corral and Teival Corral [Twin sister: Linda Corral

Linda Corral Alvaréz:


Full Name: Linda Alba Corral Alvaréz

Age: 5 years old

Birthday: April 5th 2006

Parents and Relatives: [parents: Maria Alvaréz de Corral and Teival Corral [ twin brother: Ramses Alexi Corral

Maria Alvaréz de Corral:


Full Name: Maria Alvaréz

Age: 23 years old

Birthday: September 20th 1988

Parents and Relatives: [parents:Armando and Belia Alvaréz [husband:Teival Akan Corral[children: Linda Alba Corral and Ramses Alexi Corral.

Franco Giordano:


Full Name: Franco Emilio Giordano

Age: 22 years old

Birthday: September 4th 1990

Parents and Relatives: [parents: Mario Giordano and Rita Roccara (both cat monsters), [uncle: Fabrizio Giordano (cat monster as well)

Teival Corral:


Full Name: Teival Akan Corral

Age: 24

Birthday: December: 16th 1987

Parents and Relatives: [parents:Benyamin Zebach Beshanim and Claire Orla Corral, [wife: Maria Alvaréz Corral [children: Linda Corral and Ramses Alexi Corral

José Luna:


Full Name: José Diego Luna

Age: 56

Birthday: July 12th 1956

Parents and Relatives: parents unknown

Jimena Luna:


Full Name: Jimena Luiza García de Luna

Age: 50

Birthday: October 3rd 1962

Parents and Relatives: [parents: Alfonso Carlos García and Amora Anahí Salazar (both cat monsters)

MichaelAngelo Bernaducci:


Full Name: MichaelAngelo Bernaducci

Age: 35

Birthday: April 23rd 1977

Parents and Relatives: [parents: GianLuigi Bernaducci and Alessia Andreina Calogera

Amadora Bernaducci:


Full Name: Amadora Aimeé Brun Bernaducci

Age: 32 years old

Birthday: February 3rd 1980

Parents and Relatives: [parents: Albain Chevalier and Aimeé Amandine Brun

Anna Victoria:


Full Name: Anna Victoria Fitzroy

Age: 15

Birthday: February 15th 1996

Parents and Relatives: [parents unknown

Ferreira Mansion: http:///green-giant-huge-sustainable-hill-home-feels-nice-small/

Elemental: Isabella Marie Castelli Swan is an elemantalist of the purest kind. She has power over the five elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Spirit. When she is forced to move to Forks she meets Edward Cullen: a vampire. She is not as vulnerable and fragile as Edward and his family thought she was. A/N: BEING REVISED

Isabella Marie Castelli Swan: http:///images/emmy-rossum-02.jpg

Edward Cullen: https:///895a7762e7e32bef5aa56ab188c9c60e/c564x847//564x/a6/28/d8/a628d8c46d7589f18fbb18785c22c0fb.jpg

Alessa Andreina Dwyer: http:///afap/wallpapers/stars/annapopplewell//Anna-.jpg

Renee Dwyer: https:///full_5acc8f653052b_242613422484178416.jpg

Charlie Alessandro Castelli Swan: http:///RaoulBovaSbirriMilanPhtocall0yLK_TyU1_kl.jpg

Fiamma Fiore Castelli: https:///wp-content/uploads/2015/07/miryam_gallego_01.jpg

Dante Castelli: https:///736x/f7/17/0b/f7170b9866ad64fc89fa440a35dd951d--maxi-iglesias-sexy-men.jpg

Demetrio Castelli: https:///profile_images/806188710299582464/w6jMsEBa.jpg

Sixth Sense: Adonica Messiao moves to La Push with her younger brother, Jarrod, and their single mother, Sören. Seth Clearwater imprints on her but neither know each other's secrets. One is a human with the ability to turn into a wolf. The other is a human with the ability to see dead people. Not every gift is a blessing...BEING REVISED

Adonica Messiao: https:///2013/07/ana-de-armas.jpg

Jarrod Messiao: http:///filmography/reardon/press-kit/page2/jr-4.jpg

Sören Messiao: http:///_HznkjS7feqs/TUiX2YwbGfI/AAAAAAAAD4g/bmeOUfpGjNo/s1600/top-ten-wedding-planners.jpg

Decimus Ixari: http:///wp-content/uploads/2009/02/legendoftheseeker3.jpg

Cold Blooded: "You will be given a hard task, Aminata Aschblood, which only you will be able to complete." With Dumbledore's last words ringing in my head, I shut my eyes and set the time-piece. When I opened them, I was in the year 1942.

Virgo Leo Aschblood: http:///image/94546/600full-joseph-fiennes.jpg

Ophira Aminata Aschblood: http:///2cxjc6s.jpg

Brunela Leandra Miato Aschblood: http:///files/gimgs/42_chanelterrero01.jpg

Thierry Virgo Aschblood: http:///images/M/@._V1._SY314_CR128,0,214,314_.jpg

Lucrecia Marie Aschblood: http:///_kmLG4Rm-_PU/SjZKOmj00II/AAAAAAAAC34/NwvYFWy516A/s400/319px-Lucy_Gordon_by_David_Shankbone--253x300.jpg

Aminata Miryam Aschblood: http:///image/735953/600full-imogen-poots.jpg

Live to Love: Paul Lahote, the aggressive, hot-headed Quileute shape shifter imprints Briella McGeagh a quiet, reserved Irish/Scottish woman. She has a secret, a secret her family shares. How will Paul and Briella cope falling in love, and fighting a battle neither know of?

Briella Kathryn McGeagh: http:///hogwarts-roleplaying/images/0/00/Emily-rudd-live-wallpaper-free-1-2-s-307x512.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150123024700

Christina Marian McGeagh: http:///2012/03/blondgreen.jpg

Dianna Beatrice McGeagh O'Brien: https:///images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRX5iduB_mMcfE7WRNJ_0o1Ixup_7B_rQhjEA7QX4v9OjvV0LJmg

Shaun David McGeagh: http:///i/pix/2012/08/09/article-2186304-0456F4CF000005DC-685_196x440.jpg

Conor Shaun and Stiofán William McGeagh: http:///thumblarge_545/1286405137C6i81G.jpg

Julie Sanders: http:///var/plan_site/storage/images/series_tv/2011/noviembre/elisa_mouliaa_irene_aguila_roja_borgia_el_comisario_el_cardena._serie_de_epoca_embarazo_psicologia_cosmo_la_1/1/4417829-1-esl-ES/1.jpg

Abira Alarice: http:///pictures/2010/10/12/previews/Bianca-TBE-005924.jpg

Atlöe Pomeroy: http:///2011/08/enrique-alcides-1.jpg?w=549&h=826

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