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I'm sorry I deleted all my old stories. The truth was, they were crappy. Very crappy. I believe I have grown as a writer from the year or so I've been here; at least I think I've grown enough to know whether or a story was crappy. And my fit that "crappy" meter. So it went.

I am probably going to give up PJO fanfic besides the cowritten fic I am doing over at LegendsofLit.

I hope to start write for Harry Potter soon. Mostly JPLE. I ship them so damned hard.

Tumblr is bitcheslovefoldedsocks.

Mostly I just want to thank my old readers of my old crap-filled stories for sticking with me. It hasn't been easier and I haven't been the best of people. I kind of just abandoned you guys for three months which I am so so sorry about.

I hope you continue to read the nonsense I spew out to you, but if not, that's okay. Well, good day/night/eve/noon, to you, I s'pse.

NOTE: If you are a) from the Great Britain area or around then and now some slang words different from American slang or b) know some slang from that area pretty well, drop me a PM. I am trying to find sites, but as you may know, it is quite hard without British friends.

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