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Life comes and goes; just as forgiveness is often the only constant we can truly expect. A darkness like no other; a forgiveness that is tainted by hatred and compassion. Such is the world of contradiction we live in. Such is the flame of regret that swirls upon the unforgiving earth and in the skies of our desolate future. What is but a whisper in the dark can often transform the lives we often wish we were a part of; come for us - be with us and break the promise to the world that being happy is the only conviction that is worth understanding.

Come again. Come to me. Come to us. Become we.

Whisper to the moon and stars for fate is but a play of emotions and a fear of the unknown. A fear that is unjustified in this wide verierty of understanding. We are all but a product of out own regrets, fears and failures but rise above to overcome the obsticles thrown in our path to true undersanding and happiness.

Step into this world if you dare - for only time will tell those who can survive the sadness and kindness that linger side by side; the graves that cry out in the night for forgiveness that may never come. A world steeped in many emotions - yet o'er-fraught with our desires and failures. Just like our dreams will raise from the ashes of regret and sorrow.

The dead will tell tales, the living will die - that is but the will of our fate, the will of life and forgiveness.

~ DarkForgiveness

I tend to to write in order express emotions I rarely show the world; a fair warning my dear readers - I am quite messed up. Growning up in South Africa is an abselute joy and yet there is so much sadness within our borders. However, being borne from the new generation I believe that every child has his own wishes and dreams. Just like I write what is burried within my heart.


Name: Dark Forgiveness

Born: 1992; July 18th

I have been writting stories since the age of six and fanfiction for four years now; I am a member of under the name SnowShadowPass and on LiveJournal I'm known as snowy_way but I rarely post there anymore. I have so many things to share that I hope will keep you satisfied. The only fanfiction catagories I will be posting in is:

Transformers and maybe a few others. My ONE Piece Stories are on Hiatus at the moment until I can find more insperation. Despite my dark writings I am not a very dark person; I enjoy being with my family most and occupying my time with Transformers in any form. I am a very empathetic person and it is also the reason why I can write stories the way I do; even if it is based on characters.

To me the characters of Transformers are alive; there characteristics are built enough that I can write good stories about them and I like living myself into their world.

For now though; I will say that I write slash exclusively.

I will take requests for oneshots!

My favourite pairings: (Transformers G1)

Optimus x Ratchet
Optimus x Ironhide
Ratchet x Ironhide
Soundwave x Blaster
Ratchet x Jazz
Jazz x Prowl
Ratchet x Blaster
Prowl x Bluestreak
Optimus x Jazz
Prowl x Red Alert
Inferno x Red Alert


Prowl x Jazz x Bluestreak
Sideswipe x Ratchet x Sunstreaker
Prowl x Ratchet x Jazz

Favoured Pairings: (Movie Compatibility)

Megatron x Optimus
Bumblebee x Ironhide
Bumblebee x Ratchet
Ironhide x Ratchet
Jolt x Ironhide
Mirage x Ratchet
Optimus x Ratchet
Optimus x Ironhide
Ratchet x Sideswipe

Now onto the RULES

~~Rules and Notes~~

If you wish to make a pairing request for a oneshot; please PM me.

Here is a model for that PM:
1 - Pairing (I only accept those that I have listed above and only for Transformers)
2 - Genres (I don't write humour very well but I can try but one thing I never touch is crack so please don't request it. Angst is my forte but I'm willing to make an exception if you ask nicely.)
3 - Length of the fic (The longer the length the more time it will take me to get it out to you.)
4 - Tell me if it is an AU an if it is in what setting.
5 - Lastly; the type of raiting you want

I will do my best to get out that request withing a week or two as I am quite busy but I will try my best. :) That's all for now; thanks for visiting my page.

Any aditional questions please PM me and I will answer as soon as I can.

This is just a stern warning beforehand; all flames I revieve for my work will be deleted immedietly and then used to cook Luffy's lunch and given to Ace to play with.

Ja Na


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