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so I can officially say that something is written here - SOMETHING!

I have imaginary friends enough of my own that I am usually content to play with them and only them - sometimes my head is too full of them that most days I can't even think about thinking of dealing with someone elses characters.

But here I am.

I had an idea and here seemed a better place for it. So there you go.

And while I work on capturing that great white whale that is a publishable novel I shall continue to putter with side projects designed to stop spontanious combustion and insanity... though some that know me would debate on my success of warding off insanity.

For any interested (or brave enough), some of these "side projects" can be found on my Fiction Press account at :

There is also the little writing prompt challenge that I have set myself at: http:/// but I won't be offended if nobody looks...

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