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I'm an avid reader of fanfictions, with the ambition to write some myself.

I mainly read harry potter and naruto fanfics because the universes are fascinating ;paradoxically due of all the loose screws and unfinished backgrounds. I mean, think about daymios in naruto : they have no personal fighting power, no armies of any significant impact and their main bodyguards are ninjas themselves. How, exactly, are they still in the position to dictate things such as the nomination of a kage or economically strangle a ninja village like suna?

which nicely leads us to the corollary reason for my interest in those universes : the way canon stories have been massively screwed up by the authors provides ample material for fanfic writer. Almost all of my favorite fics will, at their heart, have a "what if character X had not taken such a massively moronic decision or what if he was called on it?"

ex: leaving an 18 month old baby alone for 4-8 hours, on a november night in britain, on the doorstep of people who are left unaware of his presence,have not been informed of his arrival and have not been asked for their opinion as to aforementionned arrival.

pet peeves - grammar and spelling section: (lifted from Brian64's homepage)

You're: contraction of "you are". Your: belonging to. "You're right of course, and here is your prize"

They're: contraction of "they are". Their: belonging to. There: location. "They're over there with their friends!"

Vile: nasty. Vial: small container for liquids. "the potion in the vial tasted vile"

Lose: misplace. Loose: free, unrestrained. "Your grip on your wand is so loose you're going to lose it."

Accept: take. Except: exclude. "I accept the blame for all pranks except vanishing Lav's underwear. I think she did that herself."

Threw: tossed. Through: into, beyond, across. "He threw the quaffle through the centre hoop for 10 points."

Allowed: permitted. Aloud: audible. "He wondered if he would be allowed to leave, then asked the question aloud"

Cloths: pieces of material. Clothes: items of clothing. "Harry's old clothes were barely suitable for use as cleaning cloths"

Forth: brought to. Fourth: number-related. "The consolation prize for coming fourth in the race was brought forth"

Canon: rule, standard. Cannon: a heavy gun on wheels. "According to canon, Ron's favourite Quidditch team is the Chudley Cannons"

Complement: goes well with. Compliment: praise. "That dress really complements your hair" she said, complimenting her friend on her fashion sense"

Definitely: certainly. Defiantly: with defiance. "I most definitely will not!" She screamed defiantly.

Bare: expose, naked. Bear: carry. "As his Occlumency failed, his mind was laid bare. 'How do you bear such burdens?' she asked."

s: used for plurals. 's: apostrophe of possession, eg, belonging to. s': plural & possession. "Ron Weasley's home is full of Weasleys, while the Bones' home usually only has Susan & Amelia in it". (With thanks to TheatricalBarrister for a needed correction. :) )


Hoard vs Horde

recommended authors:

2012 : Calanor & Larry Huss ( HP & naruto)

given the quality of their work those guys are massively underappreciated review-wise. go, see, enjoy (& review) their stories, you won't regret it

2013 : Vathara (atla, among others) & full-paragon (Mass Effect)

if you want fanfic that re-invent and renew their settings, you should not miss this.

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