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I would LOVE love love to see someone do a Jasper/Bella fic where it starts from the baseball game. Edward feels possessive but not protective, James ignores the 'civilized' bit and attacks Bella right then and there. Edward throws her out of the way, while Jasper is the one to actually protect her and destroy James. The others take care of Victoria. Laurent could either surrender or get away (I kind of like Laurent!). It comes to light that Bella is Jasper's mate. I would write it, but that's kind of all I've got and I don't seem to be able to make anything work.

If you know of a fic like this, please PM me and let me know! Thank you!

Inevitable by amaris12345

ETA: amaris saw my profile and she wrote it! And it is way more amazing than I could have ever imagined. She ROCKS. I wish I could Ultimate Favorite a story, because hers would be right there.

Read it! READ IT!!!!

A Whole 'Nother Ball Game By GeezerWench

ETA: Wholly fuck! Read this one by GeezerWench wow like fuckawesome massive ultimate fave! Same - from the baseball field I love it

Neiviv is a pen name that follows from Victoria Ann Vivien Vandal and is Vivien backwards (or ‘twisted’).
If you're calling me by name, I prefer Vivien. Thanks! :)

I'm honest, I make mistakes. I act like a nerd / goofball / dork at times and make no apologies for doing so.

LOVE – Always be full of love.

Care for and love those close to you as well as those you don’t know.

Everything comes full circle.

I'm married, no kids - just a sweet little dog, I refer to my Hubs as Mr. Flex, and my dog as Little Bird.

I'm here strictly for Twilight. I never was interested in the books until the movie came out - in fact, before that, I was in the hospital getting my appendix out, and the gal in the bed next to me had all the books and I scoffed at them. I had a friend send me the books, and I read the first one, then we watched the movie ... and I was hooked. I read the second one, watched the movie ... and so on. My favorite FF is Jasper/Bella as I think Jasper is the closest to a 'real' vampire in their family (plus ... umm ... it's Jasper. Rawr.). I like FF that has Bella grow a backbone. I've become a TwiHard - in the areas of 'I will re-read the books over and over' and 'I will watch the movies over and over' and 'I will waste hours reading Twilight FanFiction' but that's it.

I was going to add something here but just had a brain fart. I can't remember what it was. Oh well.

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