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Wishing I had something at least semi-original to write on this site.

Not sure what to put here but after reading enough fanfiction I figured I'd put a my few biggest complaints about what I see on the site:

-In fics where the Civilian Council tortures Naruto I don't understand why Sarutobi doesn't just kill the Civilian Council in his Village. Because at the end of the day, what exactly are the civilians going to do to the God of Shinobi in a city ruled by whats essentially a dictator.

-Fics where Kushina, an Uzumaki from Uzushio, somehow doesn't know what fuuinjutsu and Jinchuuriki are (despite also being married to a fuuinjutsu genius). If you're gonna make Kushina hate her son, do it intelligently.

-Don't give Harry a dozen titles, more gold then Midas, and waste 2 or 3 chapters talking about it if it's never ever going to come up in the story again after he leaves Gringotts. Giving him a dozen titles and then never using or mentioning them again is pointless.

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