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Name: It's not really that important, so basically you can call me anything.Okay, You can just call Lucy.

Age: 13 years old. ( 7th Grader ) So don't expect too much from me.

Birthday: -.- Why do you need to know my birthday? but anyway I am born in the year 1999

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student.

Oh, by the way, don't expect fast updates from me. I update randomly. And if somehow, i make a story and I can't continue it, I deleted it immediately, So I am very sorry. I also suck at writing descriptions. Totally a newbie writer. Writing is so not my forte. I only just write 'cuz I'm bored. o3o.

Deleted Stories:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

•The Stealing God ( All x Tsuna )
Summary: It’s been two years since he discovered that he can steal and look at other’s memories. It’s been two years since he discover not only he can steal memories; he can also steal their abilities. It’s also been two years since his first victim. It’s been two years since he met Verde. Now, he’s eleven years old preparing his luggage for the incoming trip to Namimori, Japan and his name is Sawada, Tsunayoshi a.k.a. Tsuna.

•Who Love Who? ( All x Tsuna )
Summary:Tsunayoshi Sawada is the most desirable woman any man could have yet why doesn't she have a husband, less a boyfriend? And because of this Reborn had the urge to train his dame student again. Fem!Tsuna

•A Different Vongola Decimo ( Vongola 10th Guardians x Tsuna )
Summary: To forget his painful past and for the sake of protecting his six adopted siblings he would even willingly join the Mafia.

•The Nightingale ( All x Tsuna )
Summary: Every single night they could always hear somebody singing a melodious song and whoever hears it will immediately fall asleep. And because of this the Guardians have to search for it but for now they will call it Nightingale.

•God's Throne ( All x Tsuna )
Summary: AU. Six different races hoping to find a capable human who can fight and be the next God.

Upcoming Projects:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

•My Imaginary Friend ( Byakuran x Tsuna )
Summary: He wasn’t supposed to exist in this-Tsuna’s world, because he was dead. And in his world, Tsuna was dead. They weren't supposed to see each other, but for the sake of seeing Tsuna, he will travel and exist in other parallel world even if it means being an imaginary friend.

( A / N : I am still deciding whether I should write a story and publish it or not. But I made a draft of it though, just need to improve the grammars here and there. )

On-going Stories:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

•Divine Protection ( Reborn x Tsuna )
Summary:Rule number one of Celestial Academy; you must never slip your disguise as an angel. "I've meaning to ask this for a while, but why are you following me?" "HIEE! You can see me!" "Should I not see you? Well that's also fine with me." "Wa-wait!"

Date Published: 11/19/2012
Chapters: 1
Words: 833

( A / N : In chapter one, it's only an introduction of Tsuna as an angels and the rules in being an angel. And probably in the second chapter, I will show Tsuna's life while he is still in Celestial Academy. I promise to make it long this time. )

•False Happiness ( All x Tsuna )
Summary: Federico came back and wants the title of the Vongola Tenth boss. What will Tsuna do? Will Tsuna willingly give in or will he fight for it? What will become of the Vongola?

Date Published: 11/19/2012
Chapters: 1
Words: 1,165

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Anything. Practically nothing.

Need a Beta Reader.

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