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Welcome to my profile. I now have story progress reports here. I am pretty busy these days, but I will try to update as regularly as I can.

Also, I have started cross-posting some of my DCMK stories on AO3. I will, however, always post here on first.

[Note: For all links that just link back here, try copying and pasting the URL. I will try to get the ones that just don't show at all fixed when I have time. Or you can send me a PM]


Current Fanfic Status -Updated 2/14/2023-

[Everything is now in Alphabetical Order]

Detective Conan/Case Closed:

[Note: Everything I write in this section will be KaiShin (KaitoxShinichi, as written)]

[I've started posting some stories on AO3: Alaena_F_Dragonstar http:///users/Alaena_F_Dragonstar/profile

Some of these stories can also be found at Phantom Destinies (but since neither V nor I currently have the energy to remake the whole site now that the old Google site system has been discontinued, it won't be updating anytime soon): https:///site/phantomdestinies/home

Multi-Chapter Fics:

7 Days of Madness: The detectives can't go anywhere without a crime happening and their friends are sick of it. So, for the duration of the holidays, they've come up with a solution. Because Kaito has all the good luck and everyone knows it.

Progress: Complete.

A Curse Marked Fate: Their story began in Beika Park during the longest and shortest summer of Shinichi's life. And it grew around friendship, secrets, magic, and a curse. The thing about fate is that no one can really say for sure what is or isn't meant to be.

Progress: Will resume updating in two weeks

A Touch of Magic: When he fell into the river, Kaito hadn’t expected to open his eyes again, but Fate has seen fit to give him a second chance in the form of a quiet village and a kind-hearted stranger with a house full of memories.

Progress: Complete.

Caught on Camera: When Toichi gives the boys a photo album, a trip down memory lane is inevitable. And with parents like theirs, it's going to be one hell of a ride. A collection based in a world where Toichi is alive, the Kudos all live in Japan, and there is no BO. This is being co-created with V. Shalyr.

Cover Pic: For the Journey


Progress: Updates will be erratic.

Diamonds in the Rain: Their first Christmas was going to be one to remember. And not just because of the ghost.

Progress: Complete.

Related Stories: "Illusions of the Sun", "Fragments of Yesterday"

Cover Pic: Watching Over You

Farseeing Eyes: Their lives as ninja. The ups, the downs, surprises and best laid plans. This is set in the Naruto world.

Progress: Complete

Related Stories: "Farseeing Eyes: Those of Many Faces", "Farseeing Eyes: When Visions Collide"

Cover Pic: Farseeing Eyes

Farseeing Eyes: Those of Many Faces: Shinichi’s parents disappeared years ago without a word to anyone, leaving their son to wonder why. However, when only one member of a squad sent to collect an artifact returns to the village only to die with their names on her lips, he finds himself wondering if he really wants to know.

Progress: Complete.

Related Stories: "Farseeing Eyes", "Farseeing Eyes: When Visions Collide"

Farseeing Eyes: When Visions Collide: With the Great Nations at peace, the work of both medics and spies can be boring. Or at least it's boring right up until it isn't.

Progress: Complete

Related Stories: "Farseeing Eyes", "Farseeing Eyes: Those of Many Faces"

Fragments of Yesterday: When magicians catch colds, it's time for everyone else to duck for cover. Flying glasses are the least of it.

Progress: Next chapter should be up in two weeks.

Related Stories: "Illusions of the Sun", "Diamonds in the Rain"

Illusions of the Sun: They lost everything ten years ago—family, friends, freedom—all because of what they were, but Fate has given them a second chance. All they need now is the strength to grasp it and make the dream reality. A new beginnings story.

Progress: Complete, planning a sequel.

Cover Pic: Looking Forward [Used to be for Smile but I think it fits this better]

Related Stories: "Diamonds in the Rain", "Fragments of Yesterday"

Midnight White: An explosion at a KID heist puts an unpleasent end to the night. But it was only the started when Takagi disappeared.

Progress: Complete.

Moon Over Eventide: Having officially driven his entire school up the wall one too many times, Kaito is sent to take classes at a human world university as all the Makai ones would rather shoot themselves than endure him, noble clan or not. This is just the kind of chance he’s been waiting for.

Progress: Complete

No Need for Magic: Shinichi is, quite possibly, the least enthusiastic student that Hogwarts has ever seen. It's quite the educational experience—for everyone.

Progress: Complete

Outlaw Hearts: All is not as it seems when Shinichi, Ran, and Heiji are called in to help deal with an outlaw problem in Ekoda County. Instead they find a legend and a fifty year old curse.

Progress: Complete.

Cover Pic: Private Sky

Path of Dappled Light: A case turned trap lands Shinichi in a remote, mountain village with no memories. Now it's a race between his friends and his enemies to see who can find him first.

Progress: Complete.

Racing Dreams: The world of hover racing has a lot to offer to a young man who dreams big: adventure, fame, wealth, excitement, and sometimes even romance. And Kuroba Kaito, the man they’re already calling the second Phantom of the race track, is determined to seize them all with his own two hands.

Progress: Complete.

The Show Goes On: A magicians' convention on Halloween at a hotel with a peculiar history. Something was bound to go wrong. Sometimes he hated being right. When costumes aren't costumes anymore, what's a detective to do?

Progress: Am working on the next chapter.

Sky Colored Eyes: Ekoda High's new student is the recently returned Kudo Shinichi, but it seems there's more to his arrival than a simple change of schools. There is a new danger lurking, but with all the problems riding on his shoulders, Shinichi might not be able to handle it alone this time.

Cover Pic: Midnight Fireworks

Progress: Updates are going to be slow for a while.

Smile for Me: When Kaito spotted Shinichi on the streets, he knew he'd found the solution to his problem. Shinichi isn't about to do anything for his crazy kidnapper, but it seems things aren't that simple. It's the beginning of a strange relationship.

Progress: Complete.

The Travelers Chronicles: It started when the gem changed shape instead of color, and it just went downhill from there. Now they're stuck chasing the thing across worlds in the hopes that it will lead them home. A series of crossovers linked by a common backdrop.

Cover Pic: Travelers

Progress: I have officially decided to break the MHA chapter into parts, and part 1 is now up. The rest will, however, take a while as I'm still having trouble with it.

Win Some, Lose Some: Their enemies are behind bars, but victory isn't as sweet as they'd hoped. Shinichi never got his cure and Kaito just can't let go. It's only in each other's eyes that they can see themselves anymore.

Progress: Complete.


All Our Valentines: For some people, the most memorable Valentine's Days are characterized by confessions and grand, romantic gestures. Shinichi's Valentines, however, are memorable for less conventional reasons.

Candles in the Snow: It was Christmas Eve and Kaito was on his way home through the snow when he spotted that familiar cowlick through the café window. Without a second thought, he turned and walked inside.

Distance Makes: Sometimes Shinichi wished Kaito was just a little bit less popular. Then he'd feel horribly guilty for even thinking it. But it's already New Year's Eve...

Cover Pic: http:///art/Waiting-312596050

Echo of a Laugh: Through the eyes of their friends, theirs is a rather strange relationship. Companionpiece to "Shadow of a Smile".

Encounters Under a Lucky Moon: What started as a simple errand for the Lucky Moon Amusement Park turns into a rescue mission and a chance encounter between a traveling magician and a budding historian.

Halloween Cheer: When Shinichi opened his front door on Halloween to find Kaitou KID in full costume standing on his doorstep, he would have liked to say he was surprised. But he wasn't.

If You Want it Done Right: Ran's dojo needs funds if they don't want to be shut down, so she recruits her friends to help. The problem is they might cause more trouble than they're worth. Shinichi discovers just how many things can go wrong while fundraising, Kaito applies his bargaining skills, and everyone is confused.

Lights, Cameras, Action!: The public roars with excitement at the news of a new movie being made starring everyone's idol, the master thief Kaitou KID. And who should they ask to play the part but the rising star of the magical stage, Kuroba Kaito.

Music to My Ears: When Ran roped him into playing the accompaniment to the song she was singing for the party, Shinichi had no idea he'd end up with a stalker—er, singer intent on recruiting him for a band.

A Problem of Shapes: When Shinichi took a cure for his cold from Koizumi Akako, he had not expected to find himself four-legged and furry. But the cat was only the beginning. He really should have listened to Kaito.

A Round About Valentine's: "Hey, Tantei-kun, do you know how many times I've saved your life or one of your little buddies' lives since we've met? I can think of more than half a dozen without even trying. Don't you think it's about time you did something for me?"

Round and Round: For their third year of university, Kaito and Shinichi move from the dorms into an apartment, but the offer is for four. Shinichi, however, is seeing a certain trend in their interviewees.

Shadow of a Smile: He came home only to find that he had become a stranger.

A Spoonful of Sunshine: Some days are just lousy, but that doesn't mean they can't turn out to be good days in the end.

The Surprise that Wasn't: When their friends said they wanted to plan a surprise party, Shinichi was sure they'd lost their minds. Not that there was anything wrong with wanting to plan surprise parties. It was just the guest of honor that was the problem.

A White, White Day: The rose on his pillow was creepy but acceptable. The surprise waiting for him at school, on the other hand, was enough to make Shinichi wish he'd never gotten out of bed that morning. Sequel to "A Round About Valentine's"

The Witch's Book: During a party at Akako’s, Kaito and Shinichi stumble over a strange book. In retrospect, they should have known better than to open it. Now they're stuck playing the lead roles in a fairy tale.

With the Turning of Seasons: Having lost his parents to a plane crash, Shinichi inds himself at an orphanage run by a retired magician's assistant and the man's surrogate grandson, Kuroba Kaito. It is, he finds, a rather strange household he's moved into. But it's a good kind of strange.

DC Anime Music Videos

All About Us:

Awake and Alive:

My Life Would Suck Without You: (My Favorite)

Prince of Tennis:

Multi-Chapter Fics:

From Rise to Fall: The Seishun Alliance was destroyed by darkness years ago. But it's the start of a new era with the reappearance of powers thought lost, and from the shadows of one empire new leaders shall emerge to rebuild what was lost. A fantasy world AU.

Progress: Currently suspended.

Unity Comes in Sets of Two: POTHP Cross The Seigaku regulars were invited to a wizards' tournament by mistake and chaos breaks loose as the wizards discover that their honorary team has no magic…or do they?

Progress: Currently suspended.


A Color for Today: It wasn't what he had been expecting to see first thing in the morning, but, as they say, everything has a meaning, it just depends on whether or not one can find them. A Valentine’s story.

A Little Chaos: Christmas with the Seigaku regulars. It's party time!

Because God Said No: They've all left life behind, but whoever knew what came after could be so hectic? Told by Echizen Ryoma to Momoshiro.

Italian Sun: When Fuji suggested the four of them go to Italy the summer after their freshman year in college, Tezuka thought it would be a relaxing trip. He was wrong.

Snow and Ice Rimmed Windows: First snow and Fuji decides to make a snowman. And of course he just has to show someone! Tezuka's just handy.

Strange Friends: Tennis teams can contain some rather strange and eccentric people, and these friends are no exception. View the oddities of the Seigaku team.

Wintry Flight: Tezuka had been told repeatedly that iceskating was a wonderful and 'fun' activity—he is most inclined to disagree.

World at His Feet: The day Fuji walked into Seigaku he had no expectations; the day he left he had the world before his feet.


Multi-Chapter Fics:

New Powers From the Old Days: YGO/HP Crossover A vacation trip to England lands Yugi, Ryou, and Malik in Hogwarts where they will have to use their powers to help defeat the Dark Lordl, but things aren't easy, especially when the wizards don't think they trust these ancient powers.

Progress: Chapter 34 is finally up! I really like this current arc but I'm still rather stuck. I know what I want, I just haven’t figured out how to get there yet.


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Assorted Information

Favorite Types of Fanfiction: It tends to depend on my mood, and overall I like best stories that have a good mix of serious and humor (and I do not like stories that are too dark because they tend to leave me feeling ill and that's not why I read stories), but here goes:

1. Crossovers! Love crossovers!

2. I also like AUs, don't know why most people don't.

3. Anything that amuses me.

Current Favorite Pair: KaiShin [KaitoxShinichi, as written because the other way results in characters that feel wrong to me] from Detective Conan/Case Closed

Favorite Anime: Hmm, probably Twelve Kingdoms...? It has great character development, and the way the many plots come together is very well done. It's hard to pick a favorite though.

Favorite Books: Too many to list, but generally fantasy with some historical fiction. I read a lot of Terry Pratchett. I also really like the Sherlock Holmes stories and "Tale of Two Cities".

Favorite Duel Monsters (From my deck/s): Silent Magician, Dark Magician, Maha Vailo, Dark Elf, and Chaos Sorcerer

Favorite Pokemon: Charizard and Garchomp

Hobbies: Dueling, drawing, reading, writing, attempting to play tennis, making games, playing Pokemon, and watching anime.

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