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Hi there!

Im actually not good at introducing myself! =_=' [believe me! its awful]

so..here goes nothing! ^_^


I love dogs! [ i told you its awful ! =_=]

As you can see, im just an AVERAGE TEENAGE ASIAN GIRL.

I live in Phillipines.

Yes, the country on which the cosplay goddess lives. ALODIA GOSIENFIAO!

Guess what! I wont tell you my age! Just kidding. You'll find out later! [whoever you are! :DD]

Im a cheerful person, it will be a miracle when I cry. [i only cry when there is a happy ending! :))]

My friends always tells me that me and Yuuki [Vampire Knight] have the same personality.

[My friends got addicted to anime because of me! :DD]

I was like, "REALLY?!" O.O

I super love animes! i have watched/read 200+ of em!

I love to cook! :)) im aiming to be a PASTRY CHEF.

I love writing stories, especially love stories!

I'll tell you all of my Likes Dislikes later.. AND MY AGE! ;DD

Im glad im me!

No one looks the way i do.

No one walks the way I walk!

No one talks the way i talk.

Im me! There's no one else id rather be, im contented on what i have

i hope you are too. ;)

Likes Dislikes!

`Food: Pizza gummy candies! [i super love em!]

`Color: Purple Black [Im not emo!]

`I like reading books! [we have a library inside our house, and most of the books belongs to me]

`I hate it when my friends tease me, well from my c-c-c-crush.*blush* Ok fine! I have a crush on him since we were 7, *face went red*

[ i wont tell you the whole story, if your not interested. Just pm me if you are..whoever you are! haha :DD]

`I like dogs! [i know.. i already mentioned it earlier.]

`i hate slimmy creatures! [slugs, snails etc.]

`Here are some links of my favorite songs:

*Perfect Two by Auburn - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXxbC0B_74s

*Shinai by Nana Mizuki - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePVJdev77Gw

*Light Song by Hatsune Miku - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XpDMtn3f3A

*I love you so by Toni Gonzaga - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-Tev9s9TwQ

And all Taylor Swift's songs! kyaah!

I dont like playing piano..cuz' i love it! :)


Ok, I'll be a highschooler this year and i dont know what to do!

Please help me out, my friends went to the other schools and i dont even know a single person

in that school.. what will I do?

as you can see... i'll be 13 this july !



G...Put This...

A...On Your...


U...If you..



Gakuen Alice...







Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php

Youtube: nikz52

Mangafox: Inikx

Crunchyroll: nikki-chii

Tumblr: http:///

thats all!

Love Me! *

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