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Hellooo to all,

I'm Aaliyah92 (or just Aaliyah or Liyah) and I've been using this site for so long now reading up on people's amazing stories and I thought it was high time I got my own account. Seeing as I love writing fanfiction myself it seemed suitable and I look forward to uploading my stories and seeing what you all think of them.

I am a major fan of Harry Potter, the books more-so than the films. Other books I love are The Hunger Games trilogy, The Hobbit, A Song of Fire and Ice series and anything by Phillipa Gregory. It feels like I've read each one a million times over but I don't care they are amazing!!! Also I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, I used to watch the show religiously but now that it's over I'm less interested in the TV series and am now hooked onto the fanfiction. Obviously I am a Zutara fan!! It's the way it should have been, and this is probably the main reason why I don't watch the series anymore. I haven't watched the new Legend of Korra, partly because I don't think it'll live up to its' predecessor and also I don't want my ZutaraLove to be overtaken by another ship!! I also used to watch the Naruto series, but stopped when Sasuke wasn't in them anymore (because lets face it, the show is NOTHING without him!!) But I was very happy indeed to see him return in the Shippuden episodes!!

Favourite Pairings


Harry x Hermione

Sasuke x Sakura

Sokka x Toph

Naruto x Hinata

Katniss x Gale

Jon Snow x Me!!

...By the looks of it all of the couples I like will never work out :(

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