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Hey, Trackula here. :D

I'm just your average twenty-four year old college student. I'm pretty unremarkable in that regard, but I've been involved with fanfiction for the last ten years and consider myself pretty opinionated on the subject.

I'll read most anything, but I tend to gravitate towards stories with a darker, dare I say, more realistic approach. I am by no means an idealist. If I'm reading about humans, I expect to see them act human. If that means seeing them at their worst, than all the better. A hero is measured by the obstacles he (or she) must overcome. And I am all about obstacles in all their forms.

The AfterLife Series: Currently this series is a third finished (as it is a trilogy) and will be continued some time at a later date, preferably after I've shelved out a bunch of new SSBC chapters. "Fire and Ice," is the currently running fic in the series.

Small Surprises, Big Consequences: This fic has no conclusion in sight, however I can see the current story arc ending soon. Even after that, I wont be through with Shego, Agni and Kim by a long shot. Bare with me, this fic is terribly hard to write compared to my AL series.

NOTE: I have a Beta (or two) now which means chapters wont be coming out quite a quickly (not that they ever did come out quickly) but the quality is so much better that I think it's well worth the wait. Also I've decided to post what I have done of the SSBC Reduxes once a week on Sunday. Once I'm done I'm probably going to delete the original version, but it stays up until we're caught up. :)

Fanart/Fanfic Policy: Anyone who wants to do any fanart of my characters or stories, please feel free. It's most encouraged. And as long as you ask for my permission first you all are also free to borrow any of my OCs.

Feel free to PM or email me at your leisure, I love constructive criticism.

You can find me at http:/// under the name; Zearth.

Also at the Haven is the fic, Gunpowder and Lead, written by my friend and Beta Eoraptor. It stars my OC Agni as a teenager going through an... awkward time. ;) He's an amazing writer and it's awesome, so check it out! XD

It can be found here at his DeviantArt account; http:///art/WIP-Gunpowder-and-Lead-115648825

Also, my very good friend Alexlayer is writing his own unique take on my OC, Agni in his fic, Heaven In Hell. It can be found here; I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Or you can find me here at http:/// under the name; Festum. This is where a lot of fanart for my fics are. Careful though, a majority of it is brimming with spoilers.

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