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I am working on a 300k story that I plan to finish before posting because I have always hated starting stories that will be abandoned. Its just one of my personal peeves.

Someone has suggested to me that I should actually fill in my profile so people looking at it can decide if their taste is similar enough to be worth taking the time to look at stories and favorites. So… Quick topic and summary overview coming up.

Mostly Harry Potter Stories. Some Buffy, Marvel and DC Comics, Firefly, Riddick, Glee, Janet Evanovich, Hunger Games, Anime, etc. Lots of crossovers. Most stories in favorites will be complete. Some abandoned that are worth reading regardless.


I dislike weak, meek and insecure characters.

I Like…

Rare and unusual pairings

Multi or Poly pairings

Strong, smart, capable women.

Alpha Males - I know its cliched but I like dominant, powerful, semi obsessive partners. (Male or Female) She can, and preferably will, be equally Alpha type but I just don't like the tortured poet or sensitive types. Not all stories will be, but most share this preference.

Dark, Ruthless, Powerful, Confident, Independent, etc...

Stories that include secondary reactions and perspective. How others perceive the main characters. Not just one dimensional.



Major Baggage, Angst, Self Loathing [i.e. Snape (HP), Banner (MCU), Edward (Twilight)]

Indecision or the inability to choose a partner [Harry can’t choose between Gin and Hermione, for example]

Faithlessness/Infidelity (no second chances allowed). It doesn't matter who betrays whom, loyalty is one of my big things. No forgiveness stories or ongoing affairs.

Adding or changing the pairing halfway through the story (turning a HP/HG story into a HP/HG/GW) I have nothing against multi pairings but they should be clearly marked as such at the beginning.

No self-insertion. Either literally or through overuse of the authors favorite clothing/music/etc for the main character. I also avoid stories with OCs for this reason.

No suicide or suicidal tendencies.

No self destructive behavior (cutting, addictions, etc)

No authors notes or commentary in the middle of a story. If it's necessary to the story find a way to work it in, if it's not stick it at the end of the chapter.


My Preferred Characters and Pairings

Harry Potter Series - Hermione! She is my go to character and makes up about 65% of this list.

Pairings: Anyone but Ron, Lupin or Snape. I love Sirius, Kingsley, Charlie, Luna, the Twins, Thorfinn, Riddle, Grindelwald, etc. Poly pairings. Lots of Crossovers!

Marvel - Darcy. (Sidenote: Ao3 has a much better Darcy archive than FF if thats your fandom)

Pairings: Anyone that's not Loki or Bruce Banner. I love Tony, Bucky, Clint, Natasha, Thor, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Wolverine... you get the idea. Crossovers!

Buffy - Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Angelus, Buffy/Faith - I HATE Xander. Not too fond of Angel either.

Stephanie Plum Series - Mostly Stephanie/Ranger. Some Stephanie/Tank or Stephanie/Diesel

Inuyasha - Kagome/Sesshoumaru or Kagome/Inunotaisho.

Glee - Rachel/Santana, Rachel/Puck, Rachel/Jesse

Firefly - River/Riddick (crossover) or River/Mal

Divergent - Tris/Eric

Hunger Games - Katniss/Cato, Katniss/Finnick (No Peeta or Gale)

Sailormoon/DBZ/Gundam Crossovers - Usagi/Serena-centric

Twilight - Not a big fan of these. I love Jasper. I like Garrett, Peter, Charlotte, Paul and a few others well enough. The few stories in here have Bella wildly OOC (because in character she is just irritating). I HATE Edward, Jacob and the whole Nessie story line.

Theres more in here but this list would get crazy long, so...

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