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I love CloTi and Zarith.

My life revolves around Cloud and Tifa. I love this pairing, as can be seen in all my works, art, stories, videos, everything.

I cannot stand Clerith at all, so don't bring it up.

I'll try my best to update ASAP!!!

Contact me through skype: Selenium.lh

(P.S I actually prefer Tifa to Cloud. I think it shows in my writing. I focus a lot on her... I've got a huge girl-crush on her, ahem and I droll over Cloud.)

1) To Understand Love : 3rd person: Trust me, I did extensive research to write this! I portrayed Cloud and Tifa in my own light, the way I believe they will act, then slowly added in the way I want them to behave. Going to get sexy and will keep you in suspense in later chapters. Still thinking of more though, I have the plot, but the devil is in the details! Runs along the FF storyline. Post AC; Tifa undercover with Yuffie?! (God I suck at summarising) -Post AC / Romance / Humour

2) Take Me With You! : 3rd person: My first AU; had tons of inspiration for this, my muse keeps me up at night all the time, and the reviewers makes me want to just keep writing this. Its a story set in an orphanage. Tifa joined when she was 6, and met a 7-year old Cloud. They had little interaction until when Cloud was 12 and Tifa 11. Things started to escalate when they fell in love and Rufus took Tifa to Midgar with him when the Shinras came back for him. Cloud joined the Military and time passed. Thet met again when they are both adults, what now? -Romance / Alternate Universe / Mystery / Hurt-Comfort / Humour. -EDITED!- Main storyline stays, but I edited the side stories a little to make it more focused. More "Mature" too, I hope you guys will enjoy this!

3) Lovely Triangle : Crazy drabbles about a love triangle between Yazoo, Cloud and Tifa. Wrote this pure insanity in a whiff. Some would find it funny, others may not follow my train of convoluted thoughts. HAHA -High school / Slice of life / humour / Some homosexuality

4) To The Crossroads Of Fate : Tifa's first person account: Tifa loves Cloud, but he hates her. Desperate, she tries to change
his perspective of her but to no avail. Until one day, in her usual recurring nightmare, a light appeared and a voice told her to 'mend the crossroads of fate'. Then she was thrown back to the past, to find out the reason behind Cloud's hate and change it for good! But, the only way to get close to him is through... -Alternate Universe / Historical / Romance / Gender Bender / Humour / reverse harem.

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