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All Mighty Terrestrial PM
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I see someone has found my lair. Welcome. Leave your shoes at the door and come on in.

(something crinkles underfoot) Don't mind the junk food wrappers, I haven't cleaned in a while. Don't mind the dragon, either. He's just my muse.

Um... right, place to sit... (resounding crash as a chair is cleared) Yeah, try that.

Oh, you want a bio? Well, I live here, in a stereotypical mountain cave bordering a vast, inhospitable desert. Most of my story ideas come from dreams I've had, with some judicious help from the muse, when he isn't picking his claws. If I can't get at least ten reviews on a story after leaving it up for a year, I assume it's bad and it goes away.

To be quite honest, most of who and what I am is fairly easy to determine just by reading my stories. The rest is merely details.

Well, since I'm bored talking about me, I guess I'll leave you to explore. I'd also recommend checking out some of my favorite stories and authors; they've put in a lot of effort and it shows.

Thanks for stopping by! And if you wouldn't mind leaving a review on the way out, I'd really appreciate it. (shy grin)

Don't forget your shoes.

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