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Hello, my name is Aileen, well.. no, it’s not but I don’t like my real one very much so.. my best friends just call me Ail =)

I’m Italian, so you’ll have to forgive me for spelling mistakes or writing the wrong word here and there, though I’ll do my best to check for any.

What else?

I’m 23 years old.. I have a Persian cat, along with other 6 common ones (I love cats if it wasn’t obvious) and a little sister.. yeah I consider her at the same level of pet. Whoever has a younger sibling can understand, I’m sure.

I like listening to music, mostly metal and rock. I think Iron Maiden is the best band in the world U.u

I love reading, Stephen King is my favorite author, no doubt there, along with Anne Rice and Licia Troisi. It’s such a pity there aren’t ff about Lestat and the other vampires on site, I would read them in a heartbeat.

I like reading different mangas too (bleach, one piece, naruto are some examples) and watching animes, though it’s a bit difficult when I have both my parents and sister coming to bother me every five minutes.. It’s so much easier to just read something, cause it’s like I’m in my little world and often people has to call me two or three times before I notice them XP

In the last years I’ve grown to like Harry Potter too, strange since when the books were first published I couldn’t stand it ò.ò …

I like reading about a smart, independent and Slyhterin Harry; I hate Ginny (you’ll never see her with Harry in my stories) and Albus too many names Dumbledore deserves all the bashing he gets.

As for pairings I have no preferences really, I don’t particularly like Hermione, she’s too bossy, but I can tolerate her if the story is good.

Anyway I decided to try and write something myself in the end.

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