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Okay, so I am kind of new to this site. I have been reading stories from this site for a few years but, I just finally created the account. I am a 22 yr old female lol I feel like I'm writing a complete bio... Okay well short and simple will get it done .. I love my Twilight. (Romancey lol) I usually don't like BxE stories. I love giving ideas to people. I don't usually write the stories I come up with i usually just give the ideas to other people... So if your a Twilight fan and need a new idea I can totally help with that. I have loads of ideas I just never publish them I usually only do the outline. I have been writing since i was 12. None of my friends really know cuz I have people gushing over it. If you want a new idea pm me and i can help just give me the catagory and who you think should be the main ideas AND do NOT forget to tell me if there are any characters that you would like to keep anti-flame (basically alive or not put down). Also my username is because of my nickname... My nickname is Alice cuz I'm always so dang chirpy and I run like the energizer bunny lol =]

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