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My favorite animes are: Code Geass R1 and R2, Soul Eater, Mobile suit Gundam, Witchblade, Gurren Lagaan, Negima, Naruto, Bleach, Seikon no Qwaser, Highschool of the Dead, Sekirei and Persona 4 the animation.

My Hobbie's are reading manga and Fanfiction, Watching Anime Series and Movies and Playing Video Games.

Muv-Luv X RWBY Crossover Challenge:

A TSF flight sent on a suicide mission decides to make the ultimate sacrifice to destroy a BETA swarm sending one of their own ahead with valuable Intel to complete the mission setting a prototype weapon to self destruct and annihilate the BETA swarm all at once along with themselves, or so they thought only to find themselves in a strange new world yet face the same problems they did. Can the eight Eishi of Glaive flight somehow change the fate of Remnant's people for the better or will Remnant face extinction on two fronts?

RWBY X Game of Thrones Crossover Challenge:

Teams RWBY and JNPR awaken to find themselves in a strange world scattered across two nations called Westros and Essos only to be caught up in the War of the five kings forced to ally themselves with houses such as Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrrel, Baratheon, Martell, Tully and Targaryen along with the events that will surround them from fighting battles too claim the iron throne to political schemes between nobles to facing an ancient enemy about to return with the winter. Can both teams survive the world of westros long enough to find a way home or will westros be their final resting place?

RWBY AU Challenge:

Aaron Obsidian was an average person who was fine with the way things were, even bumping into the daughter of Nicholas Schnee was making him find life alright, until one day his eyes were opened to the reality that he lived in his whole life when he met a Faunus be thrown out of his job with his work being taken by a corrupt corporate executive, offering to help him get his work back and expose the real crooks they form a group of phantom thieves who expose the corrupt and the wicked for what they truly are and ruin their reputations leaving them with nothing left, Watch out Remnant The Blackwings will take the world .

RWBY X Mass Effect Andromeda Crossover Challenge:

It has been 3 months since the Andromeda Initiative arrived in Heleus and now another habitable planet has been discovered This world is known as Remnant now it is up to Pathfinder Scott Ryder and his crew on board the tempest to scout it out and check for viability as a potential home only to find out there is already life on it leaving countless questions only to find themselves dragged into a secret shadow war for the fate of Remnant's people and quite possibly the Initiative's as well, Can the people of remnant handle the fact they aren't alone in the galaxy anymore? or will new tensions rise to cause problems for them all.

RWBY Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crossover Challenge:

Have you ever asked yourself, If you ended up sent into a universe that was fiction in your own and knew of what was going to happen would you try and change fate? That was a question Adrian Stone asked himself when he was sent to Remnant a few years before the start of the series and instead of trying to get into beacon chose to take his own path to save the world of remnant and it's people because in the end it may take more then a smaller more honest soul to achieve victory.

RWBY X Gundam Crossover Challenge:

Rusty Vulpine a Faunus child who wanted answers about the disappearance of both his parents but lacked the courage to take the first step forward until the day an object fell from the sky and what he found within it was something that would change both his life and the future of Remnant Forever.

Mass Effect x Gundam Crossover Challenge:

Alexander Rhodes was an average person who lived most of his life on starships with very little attachment with anyone then that all changed when the geth attacked Eden Prime forcing to planet side to find his dad only instead to find what he had been working on instead, With the Alpha prototype Alex will explore across the stars to find his missing dad and hopefully some answers along the way.

Code Geass Challenge:

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