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I'm Kimmy!!!!:D

If you read my stories you know i can take time to update... like A LOT of time. eg: few weeks to months. not years though:P pheww. The main reason behind this being I change my mind a lot, and it takes time for a definite plot to form. Usually I first picture a single scene and then try to imagine a scenario that could lead up to that scene and then i suck and conclusions (also i am really lazy...) I firmly do believe that happy endings make better stories. However after reading my fair share of tragedies, those can be incredibly touching and amazing stories as well.

The next chapter of Story Of Us has actually been ready and done for like 3 months now but I'm not gonna post it yet until I'm sure that this is how I want my story to go... SORRYYYYYYYY:( it's coming guys!!!

Please read and review my story!!!!!!!

i've read quite a lot of fanfiction and everyone always writes that, but now i really know how they feel...

Okay moving on to my OTPs:

i LOVE victorious!!!!! and i completely, utterly support Bade. I can't stand Bori, like after TWC and TGP omg i wanted to rip off Tori's head and just stab Beck to death, but now after they're back together, I'm ya know more chill and I know I really bashed Tori in one of my stories I know that she isn't an evil character and she is actually really nice. YES i actually know. But it's fanfiction so yeah... i'll let it slip once;)

Besides victorious, i read vampire academy and various animes/mangas like: Code Geass, which is one of my fav animes of all times, and I LOVE JALICE! I also love Itachi, from Naruto, and if you've read that chapter I'm sure you completely understand...

Also I recently fell back in love with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles:) and other CLAMP works. Damn that is one messed up crazy story... KUROFAI FTW:D

i'm very into canon pairings, so most of the time that's all I'll go for. Except for Harry Potter's Harry and Ginny, they're a horrible couple, i much prefer HarryxLuna, for MANY reasons, and my brother will back me up I'm sure;)

4 things about MOI:

-I'm a kpop addict:D superjunior/bigbang/exo/

-I'm extremely disorganized and quite lazy as well:P

-English IS my first language, and I'm also learning 2 other languages.

-I LOVE traveling and fashion.

Also, don't try finding anything in my favourites... a lot of it i hardly follow up on anymore so don't bother.. some of it's AMAZIN though, so well i guess, your choice.

tnx for reading:)

P.S. :

PM me for anything!! I'm friendly:):):) but like not in the really creepy way... haha

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