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Don't really know what everyone wants to know...So i guess the basics will do =)

Female, proud of it

Appearance: Really long dark red hair, light green with flecks of amber eyes(sometimes blue green) I have been told they are unnerving to look into...(One of my friends wont even meet my eyes because she says they can see into her soul...i always reply she'd need to have one first lol) Average height, skinny/athletic

Age doesn't define how wise you are or what you've seen...I am young though

Hobbies: Reading, Writing Poetry, Watching Movies, Running

Books: Strang Angels (lili st. crow), Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices (cassandra claire), Tamora Pierce Novels, House of Night (p.c and kristen cast), Vampire Academy (richelle mead), Harry Potter (j.k rowling), Twilight Saga (stephenie meyer), The Host (stephenie meyer), Hunger Games (Collins) ...I'll stop because i can continue on for a long time lol

Poets: Edgar Allen Poe...The Raven is my favorite Poem, Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost are my next favorites

Movies: Action, Comedy...combination of both are the best. Fantasy(is that the technical term? LOtR for example) Romantic films aren't my thing (ex. The Notebook)...unless there comedies (ex. The Proposal)...Absolutely refuse to watch scary movies like Paranormal Activity...Yet can watch Resident Evil and not bat an eyelash lol

TV Shows: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Bones, Buffy, Angel, Charmed, NCIS, Archer, The Secret Circle, Nikita

...Guess that's it for now Au Revoir =D

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