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Proudly kicking the Ass of Lazy Writers, to coax them to take the pen again, from the 2002...

Hey...here is one of the most prolific addicts to reading..as can affirm...several famous...or Infamous writers of this page...

Also...I'm Known for give good(and insane too) ideas to those ones what ask for them...they only need to contact me for any of my IM nicks...





Is funny...Many guys claim for the purity of a fic, making a sin anything what goes outside the traditions of a Animé/Manga...

for the simple fact of write a fic...we already contradict the creators of a Animé..as we're twisting...changing or outright going against the ideas of the creators...

The key what differentiates a good fic, from the ones what are considered Real Pieces for the history, is what such stories accept what the Animé/Manga must not be considered as immutable or a holy text...it must be respected, yes...but not in rigidify one's thoughts...one must have literate freedom...but respecting the Manga/Animé as a guideline of development...in such way..what the changes are armonic with the original setting...

And...a rule accepted for ALL Animé and Manga Fanfic writers as a universal law is:
the rules of Canon are derivated of the animé/manga in this order:
1:Manga(Except when the Animé was born first)
3:Doujinshi authorized or created for the Author itself, what are related to the work of the Author.
4:Entrevists given on graphic and audio media, and fanzines...(why?...simple...how many authors go against their own rules what they developed in their animé and Manga?)

"If isn't written in paper, its like it doesn't exists at all"

If you share this creed, you're cordially invited to "The Fanfiction Forum", a site created for the Fanfic Writer Hawk, what caters to the needs of those for what the Fanfiction it's a passion and life. You can write freely, and receive aid from fellow writers and dedicated Fanfic readers, what will give you support and make constructive and sincere critics, and be FREE of that scum known better as Flamers...

the Link is: http:///The_Fanfiction_Forum/index.php

Good luck with all your endeavours.

UPDATE 02-03-2009!

As some new writers ask for pages to get Decent translators and such related stuff, here below will go some links.

Jeffrey's Japanese/English Dictionary Server(The darn best one available on the net)

Jeffrey's Japanese/English Dictionary Server

Issendai's Lair(a darn useful source if you want to understands the nuances, stereotypes, and quirks of the Japanese language and parts of the culture itself)

Issendai's Lair

The BEST Naruto Timeline Page, done for a guy that seriously studied the data from the Manga and the Reference Data-books. A masterful source to the hour of alterating or modyfing events on the Naruto-Verse, while being fidel to the general events.

heronite's Naruto Timeline Study Page

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