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My fav anime/manga are: Ranma1/2, dbz, tenchi muyo, thundercats 2011, voltron force, guyver: the bioboosted armor, pokemon, sailor moon, power rangers, bleach, naruto, kampfer, to-love-ru, Kamen Rider OOO, Kamen Rider Drive, Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Kabuto, Kamen Rider Wizard, Kamen Rider Ghost, Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider W, Transformers Prime, transformers (all), megaman, megaman zero, Mega Man ZX, Oh My Goddess!, Ah! My Goddess (i love the first season opening theme song), gundam 00, gundam seed, gundam seed destiny, slayers, gold digger, spiderman, x-men, iron man, avengers, justice league, justice league unlimited, teen titans,

My fav books/book series: The Last Dragonlord Trilogy by Joanne Bertin, Valdemar by Mercedes Lackey (and all her books, great author), Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, The Legend of Drizzt by R.A. Salvatore, The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne & Todd McCaffrey, Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan, Shannara Series by Terry Brooks, The Temeraire Series by Naomi Novik, The Riftwars Saga by Raymond E. Feist (he just came out with the final book in the series: Magician's End)

Stuff I'm a big fan of:

The Original Whose Line Is It Anyway (with Drew Carey)

The original (and only) Mythbusters (with Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage)

And recently:

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken/That Time I got reincarnated as a Slime

Stuff I've noticed when it comes to crossovers and canon pairings:

When it comes to canon pairings, nobody really likes them and usually sees the canon pairing as the lesser of two evils. Although i have to say that RosarioVampire canon pairing is actually pretty good (even if tsukune is a bit of a wimp).

When it comes to crossovers, for some reason Ranma and Sailor Moon just seem to click like Harry Potter and Naruto click

Special Notes:

In my opinion Disney has pretty much ruined Star Wars

So I'm going to be always of the following opinions:

1. The extended universe never was thrown out.

2. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens never happens with the exception of the BB-8 (and maybe not even then as although I like him, I can't stand the thought that he replaces R2D2).

3. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi never happens

Fanfics I would like to see continued/updated:

Last Second Saviour by plums

Wizard Runemaster by plums

The Wizard Ashikabi by plums

The Pegasus Cycle by Richard Strider Original Version


Huh! by The Other Side of Darkness

Echoes of the Soul by Lysander45

Stark Revelations by LunisTG

Spirit of Martial Arts by JonV0

Awakening of the Serpents' Avatar by Aarik076

Dragon Ninja of the Leaf by perfect oblivion

The Reaper's Art by Dirty Reid

Spirit of Kings by Spaceman

Ranma Ascension by Spaceman

Naruto of the Saiyans by VFSNAKE

Symbiotic Uzumaki by VFSNAKE

Naruto Namikaze: Shinigami Shinobi by Namikaze09

The Namikaze and the Water Goddess by Namikaze09

The Strength of a Horse by muishiki

Konaha Spider by texaswookie

Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei: The Senju Family by devilzxknight86

Kitsune Family OF Konoha by devilzxknight86

The Dragon Sannin by rasengan86

Redemption by mmondragon

Neo Redemption by mmoondragon

Harry Potter and the Bride Wars by mmoondragon

Mokuton Heiru by dracohalo117

Naruto: Myoushuu No Fuuin by May Wren

Marvel Knights by texaswookie

Naruto: Kitsune Sennin by devilzxknight86

Potter's Resistance 1: Breaking Ties by IP82

Cardcaptor Harry by LunaStorm

Stranded by HarbingerLady

Harry Potter and Fairy Tail by Joshua The Evil Guy

Fairy Harry by BigBoom550

Naruto the Black Star by Isom

Naruto the Black Star Unleashed by Dinowolf

Nanotech Ninja by MrWriterWriter

Naruto: Chaos Master by Joester2k11

Naruto Dragon Prince by Isom

Naruto: Wrath of the Gods by Isom

Naruto: Ultimate Swordsman by Isom

Naruto: Eternal Darkness by Isom

KitsuneDragon Knight by Isom

Dragon Kitsune Knight by Isom

Element Master by Isom

Naruto: Ultimate Greeed by Isom

Monster of the Stars by Isom

Shinobi of Hope by airnaruto45

Let There Be Light! by Time-Warlock

Will of the Green Flame by tommyBAuthor93

Envenomed Fox V2 by MrWriterWriter

The Dichotomy of Namikaze Naruto by Thundereaper

The Kitsune Rebel of Yokai Gakuen by Bonesboy15

Mokusei: Will of Fire by Bonesboy15

Amegakure's Jinchuriki by Bonesboy15

NARUTO: Student of the Killa Bee by Bonesboy15

Gargoyle of the Leaf by Bonesboy15

Foxy Duelist of Slifer Red by Bonesboy15

Oh My Ninja God! by Deadpool666

Assassins Among The Elements by Myevltwin

The Hope of the Senju Clan by Aragon Potter

Naruto the Mightiest Disciple! by godospartan the Kitsune

Kage No Oni by PhantomWraith

The Birth of the Araiki Clan by Lesingnon Bladewind

Political Alliances by Agent-G

All For One by Vesvius

Ah My System Bug by Gekigengar3

Ranma's New Path by Joheru

Naruto: Three In One by Legojunkie

Naruto: A Team of Demons by Legojunkie

Naruto: Ruxaton Zero: The Forgotten One by Legojunkie

Naruto: SPARTAN by Legojunkie

The Tech Ninja by Xero Tenshi

Naruto: The Heir of Arceus by Shadow Kurogane

Juubi of Souls by Chaoskirby3

Magic&Mechanics by Yiroma

Transformations by pinkpenguinparty

When Worlds Collide by Corruptmonk

Uzumaki Naruto: Hitokiri Battousai of Konoha by Corruptmonk

Golden Wolf of Konoha by Corruptmonk

The Fifth Gundam Meister by Corruptmonk

Prongs by sakurademonalchemist

The Silver Car from the Auto Scrap Yard by TakEnet

Hope for Something More by Sora Hoshi

Shark in the Leaf by sakurademonalchemist

Aburame Lightning by sakurademonalchemist

Alchemy and Wizardry by sakurademonalchemist

Changes by sakurademonalchemist

Broken Fates by sakurademonalchemist

Okami Mitarashi by sakurademonalchemist

Soul Brothers by sakurademonalchemist

Sun of the Moon by sakurademonalchemist

Enchanted Wizard by sakurademonalchemist

Wizard Hidden In the Leaf by Corruptmonk

Harry Potter, Bahamut by Lochar

Red Bolt of Lightning by A.S. Leif

Power the Dark Lord Knows Not by A.S. Leif

Awakening of A Sorcerer by Corruptmonk

Harry Potter: Shadow Sorcerer by Corruptmonk

Naruto God's Eyes by Corruptmonk

Naruto: Wind Monk Banishment by Born of Prayers

The Shark Skinned Fox by ShadyJiro7

Being Found by MrRigger

Harry Potter, the ArchMagus by the DragonBard

Ascension Of The Scorpion Sorcerer by Vorlon666

Harry Potter The Lord of the Light by diabolic321

Harry Potter, The Heir Of Magic by Gryffindors

Harry Potter and the Poet's Dream by AndreGerber

Harry Potter and the Heir of Magic by Lord BladeDSF

Golden Eyes by Rouisu86

Harry Potter and the Gift of the Basilisk by Time Jumper

For Whom the Bell Tolls by nefieslab

Harry the Rune Master by Rune Warrior

Independance of a Hero by Egyptian Flame

Hakubi Potter Harry by Sweet Kagamine Kiss

Harry Potter: Apprentice by songhamdragon

Harry Potter and A PotterBlack's Role in Life by Bobboky

Harry Potter and the Treasures of Merlin by ferretfriend

The Life Alchemist by zati shal

The Emerald Alchemist by Mischivous Purple One

Legacy of the Aburame by VizeerLord

Auryn by Araceil

Triwizard Tournament: Take Two by Moonlightace

Naruto: Sage of the Beasts by kingnapo92

Defender of the Beauxbatons by HarryGinnyTonks

The Biju Shurtu'gal by MaelstromBankai

Harry Potter: Rise of the Technomancers by Agent Perry the Platypus

Ranger Harry by Meteoricshipyards

Unicorn Child by Felinity

Not Just A Potter by Albus Paulson

Weres Harry by DobbyElfLord

Harry Potter and the Unexpected Changes by LordAnarchy666

Wolf In Fox's Clothing by MrWriterWriter

Rewind! by MrWriterWriter

Big Green Machine Uzumaki! by MrWriterWriter

Cheshire's Grin by MrWriterWriter

Cause I'm the REAL Harry by MrWriterWriter

I'mmmm Baaaaaccckk! by MrWriterWriter

My Little Snitch by Wench of Hogsmede

Harry Potter and the Tails of Change by Karou Windstalker

The Power of Knowledge by Lepanto

The Beast Master by wsbenge

Sarutobi Haru by JFox101

Harry Potter and the Revolution by LordAnarchy666

Root of All Evil by LordAnarchy666

Harry Potter and the Root of All Evil by LordAnarchy666

Harry Potter Multi Crossover by magical fan18

NaruNaru No Mi! by Halo12094

Hidden in Plain Sight by Celebwen Telcontar

Harry Potter and the Power of a Symbiote by Kingdark

The Bijuu Sage by Leonineus

Deltora's Protector by Ravenclaw-Girl28

Heir of Sword and Stave by Leonineus

Harry Potter and the Heir of Sword and Staff by Kunaiswarm

The Rinnegan Maelstrom by Leonineus

The CoreMage Legion by Leonineus

Panther King of the Shinigami by Sabaku no Kyuubi

Chance to Change by Mirabilis1235

Harry Potter and the Legacy of Dragons by InfinityDragon394

Bleach: Deathberrry Chronicles, Reprise by badliar 2312

Playing With the Timeline by Mirabilis1235

Harry Potter and the Soul of a Chimera by TheDivineDemon

Of Venom and Tears Original Version by TheDivineDemon

Of Venom and Tears Rewrite by TheDivineDemon

The Omnigan by Ninja bat master

Shadow of Vader by Ninja bat master

Master of the Omnitrix by Ninja bat master

Naruto X by BigCC and BNGwarrior

Naruto: The Winter Fox by BigCC

The Kit and the Kitten by XxLichKingxX

Naruto: Spider & Fox by Karasu87

Uzumaki ZXA by Mark20020

Naruto ZX by Dark Anbu Knight

Metal Nin by Firedamaged

Harry UzumakiPotter by Firedamaged

Konoha's Man of Steel by The shinigami's first born

Naruto Kami's Chosen by The shinigami's first born

Demonic Saiyan by The shinigami's first born

The Grand Emperor by Darth Malleus

Naruto: God's Eyes by Andoru Hyuuga

Naruto God's Eyes by Corruptmonk

Alchemist Harry by Kithrin

Artificial Intelligence by Slayer Anderson

The Six Paths of Rebellion by lord of the land of fire

The Good Left Undone by Darth Malleus

Demon King of Fairy Tail by MaelstromBankai

My Emerald Child by darkangelwp

Lightning Kit, Fire Kitten by Hyrulian Hero Akai

Rules Of The Hunt by FenrisRoots

Mantis Of The Leaf by FenrisRoots

Chimera Potter by 917brat

Harry Lokison the Trickster's Heir by dglsprincess105

Naruto: Card Captor by Scarecrow'sMainFan

Swirling Chaos by DrakefireAtomic

The Mirage Blade Fox by The Howling Behemoth

The Consequences of Exiling Naruto Uzumaki by StealthMaster

Kumo Seal Master, Naruto by X10AShadowfox

Plant Sage by Dark Mephiles

Fox's Machinations by Muroshi

Drops of insperation by Muroshi

Changing Fate by Muroshi

Heir of the God Hand by BloodyKangaroo

Shinobi of Yokai Academy by JBigz77

The Demon and the Princess by dragonheart967

Bitemarks and Bloodstains by NarutoRamen2008

Blonde Haired Warrior, Pink Haired Princess by chaosthesith89

When Two Realms Meet by Gavedin

Prince of Beasts by BloodyKangaroo

Harry Potter: Chaos Control by chaosthesith89

The Raven's Anger by oso1991

Harry Potter and The Three Cards of Chaos by oso1991

High School and Aliens by Wolf3391

Uzumaki of Jurai by Wolf3391

Naruto Muyo by NeroSparda

Lighthawk Fox by kyukyo777

Demon Souls by vanpiric heart

A Fox's Pack by vanpiric heart

Favor of the Water Kage by vanpiric heart

New Peace and a New Bloodline by vanpiric heart

Naruto: The Summons King by Lord of Foxes

Naruto: X by Chrisdz

Elemental Master Naruto by X10AShadowfox

Jinchuuriki Unleashed! by Burning Shadow Wolf

Naruto of the Nine Beasts by Burning Shadow Wolf

The Pack by Burning Shadow Wolf

Kumo's Black Fox by Burning Shadow Wolf

Namikaze Naruto: Kaze by Itachifreak8271

The Chosen One by ForeverFallen76

Namikaze Naruto: True Heir of the Rikudo Sannin by joshnaruto

Path of the Fox by Look A Microwave

Harry Isley by Tys1990

The Wind Demon of Konoha by Reesie-cup4545

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Naruto of Alagaesia by daemondragonsclaw

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Raigan by Burning Blood

Naruto of the Array by Burning Blood

Demonic Legacy by krtys

A Sage Among Wizards by Kythorian

CoG (Chronicles of the Gorem): Naruto's Other Tenant by NorthSouthGorem

Blacklight Naruto by Jakker

Blacklight in Konohagakure by rejci

Naruto: Chaos Controllers by Jio

The Chaos Mage by narutogokufan

TUAOA Naruto: The Ultimate Shinobi by adngo714

Broken Fox, Caring Cat by sinisteruto

Puppet King Naruto by harem lord

Ten-Tailed Puppet Master by Kento-hish17

Do You Fear the Darkness? by Burning Blood

The Kitsune of Las Nochas by jmac615

Kitsune of Las Nochas by Rocker1600

If the Villagers Were Right by Kythorian

Kiir do fin Dovahkiin Child of the Dragonborn by Crimson JoustEnter the Dragon by Doghead Thirteen

Iron Fox by holyfoxboy

Konoha's BlackWinged Demon by holyfoxboy

Pharaoh by Drakai

Venom of Konoha by Uncle Joe

HSD Naruto by JAYSEN

Harry Potter and the Accumulation of Power by Zyachta

Naruto: The Rune Ninja by JAYSEN

Naruto Tekno Ninja by Freedom Guard

Perfection: Naruto the Chimera by Thanatos

Sweet Release by Xutzy

God of Illusion, Host of the Devil's Arm by Thanatos

Naruto Rosario Travels by supremebandit

Set In Stone by The SOC Puppet

Naruto: Eleven by Geor-sama

The Elemental Nation's Reaper by alpine992

Shinobi's, Vampires, Succubi Why not? by titus123

Hogyoku No Naruto by God Emperor Of GAR-halla

Pallet Town's Ninja by absolutezero001

A Jailer's Bonus by GatsuBerk

Defying Fate by GatsuBerk

Raining Darkness by Dragonruler345

Harry Potter, Shadow Shinigami by psychoticKisshu

Multi Birth King 000 Naruto by SoulEmbrace2010

Legacy of the Light Hawk by Chrisdz

Naruto: The Lost Arts by Chrisdz

Uzumaki Harry by Shadow Crystal Mage

Dark Lord Spooker by Jonakhensu

Chaos Children by Soul Ice

Namikaze Lightning by The Bullet

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Kage Fujin by Wyrtha

Predators and Prey by Modify the Lifestream

All Black by Evilsheeplordthatsaysmoo

Ten Thousand Fists by Evilsheeplordthatsaysmoo

Work Release by Wyrtha

Beyond the Veil by megamatt09

Evolution by Single Silver Eye

Harry Potter and The Angel of The Night by ReaperCB919

The Jinchuriki King by ReaperCB919

Naruto: Blood Born by ReaperCB919

Dark Kitsune Kings: Harry Potter by The Grim Reaper's Apprentice

Clashing Blades by Stone Shield

Hearts And Futures Entwined by Stone Shield

Heroes Of The New World by Stone Shield

Naruto's Legendary Path by Naratu

Hive King Naruto by harem lord

Iteki Shinobi by RunInTerrorfromKami's-Fear

Master of the Omnitrix by Cyraxr

Generator Naruto by Menoduske

Chasing Shadows by Wonijs

Marked By Fire and Thunder by Contramancer

Boxer Briefs and the Boy Who Lived by No More Hogwarts

Harry Le Fay by No More Hogwarts

Amber and Emerald by Contramancer

Bat and Lion by whitetigerwolf

The Difference One Frosty Friend Makes by FMKitsune

Spark of the Animagus by Trojan Rabbit

Liberi De Luna by InkPhoenix

Rise of the Potters by ESA25

The Founders' Intervention by sheltie

The Power of the Mind by Landstradd

The Strength of the Mind by trc007

Kill on Sight by plums

Wizard Runemaster by plums

Harry Potter: My Life Is My Own by Sashian

Harry of the Dragonkin by LaxDrake4

The Wizard Ashikabi by plums

Chromatic by ebony volf

Black Rock and Roll by Mage-Alia

Warcraft Wizardry by Kiera27

The Next Great Adventure by ThatGuyYouKnew

Inheritance by zati shal

Harry Goes to Atlantis by Sayu Blishtoka

The Black Scorpion by etincelle047

Runes of Atlantis by Midnighter 13

Slither Along by HPFan99999

Harry Potter and The Second Chance by WinchesterGrl09

Pleasant Surprises, Welcomed Changes by jokerswyld

Identity by highbrass

Rewind and Replay by Blade-Claven

The Thief of Hogwarts by bluminous8

Exclusion by Mathoriel Raina

Lord Harry by The Dark Knight of Gotham

The Wizards of the Djinn by phoenix catcher

Harry and Nathaniel: The WizardMagician by haqeira

Champion by White Angel of Auralon

Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories by pokemaster12

Harry Potter & The Elder Wolves by rufous

Harry Potter and the War of Wills by Heather Sinclair

Harry Potter and the Wizard's Bond by

Harry Potter the Dark Pixie by voider

Harry Potter and The Master of Time by DarkLordHufflepuff

Harry Potter and Death's Bargain by DarkLordHufflepuff

Ultra Naruto by The shinigami's first born

The Human Asari by Raven In Twilight

Naruto of The Wolf Clan by Ice Queen1717

Naruto: Pitch-Black DNA by Kento-hish17

Harry Potter And The Dungeon Heart by Valentine Meikin

The Redemption of The Black Sisters by jon3776

Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor by sprinter1988

Harry Potter and the Debts to Destiny by Mountain907

Harry Potter:Healing Hands by Oruma Yar

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Harry Potter grandson of Captain America by deathknighttimas

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A Second Chance by kaleb-yamato

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Dark Evangel's Final Task by fg7dragon

Left Behind by Driver Jim Ohki

Magical Maturity by Driver Jim Ohki

Under the Glass Moon by Sakura Lisel

Hey World I'm Back as the Master of Magic by MSgt SilverDollar

My First Month As A Wizard by MSgt SilverDollar

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A Life Changing Halloween by MSgt SilverDollar

A Debt by desiwizard

Harry Potter and the Na'vi Avatar by Brian64

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An Unexpected Inheritance by Chitsiez

An Unexpected Inheritance by PotterLover590

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Harry the most determined disciple by harem lord

Harry Potter and the Heir of All by haltknown

The Basilisk's Gift by Half-blooded Slayer

Enough is Enough by Itsme66

More Than Familiar by grenouille7777

Hermione Granger and the Prince of Serpents by CreatorZorah

Hunter's Moon by bualsm

Rewriting Time by elementalfiredragon

Harry Potter and the Swarm by Beyogi

Harmony Cat by Espeon Master Espo

Rebirth by Fiori75

The Wizard of Silence by Corwalch

If at first you don't succeed, try again by Cinduri

Fuzzy Wuzzy Protector by ssjgokillo

The Trunk by MartinDeShade

A Potter's Nest by HowlFox

Consequences of a prepared mind by Maethoriel Raina

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The Soul Eater-Being Rewritten by apple2011

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Naruto: Web of Shadows by Kento-hish17

Hope Is Still Alive by razorbackmike

Chaos Incarnate by sakurademonalchemist

Chaotic Space by Mattde/Vimesenthusiast

Naruto: Ninja Tamer by clonetrooper29

Ninja Art: Dimension Cross & Galaxy Lost by Dylan Millwood

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Naruto Tamers by the hybrid who likes to write

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Alternate Dimensions: Gotham's Chaos by Uzumaki Crossover

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Chronicles of Potter by shinji the good sharer (http:///Shinjis_Fanfiction/index.php?showforum=40)

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Ichigo's Got A New Zanpakuto! by

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Spirit of the Fox by HuntersShadow

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Tricksters and Gods by sakurademonalchemist

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Dusk and Dawn by sakurademonalchemist

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Dear Kami, there's TWO of them! by sakurademonalchemist

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Naruto: Mage Nin by Korraganitar The NightShadow

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Blessed Curse by Kur0Kishi

End Game Version R by Kur0Kishi

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The Corrupted Princess by The MIB's

Maelstrom Of The Stars by Kiyomi Saya Uzumaki

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The Fox and Rabbit by scarface101

Iced Darkness by sakurademonalchemist

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Hidden Song by sakurademonalchemist

Lost Name by sakurademonalchemist

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Anko Potter by SmilingJester

Harry Potter and the Girl-Who-Lived by Agnostics Puppet

Sequel to Harry Potter and the Girl-Who-Lived by Agnostics Puppet

Retsu's Folly by nuhuh


NarutoxAnko Mitarashi

NarutoxKushina Uzumaki

NarutoxMito Uzumaki

NarutoxYugiito Nii

Narutox Female Kurama the Kyuubi no Kitsune

NarutoxFemale Matatabi the Nibi no Neko

NarutoxKaguya Ōtsutsuki

NarutoxKurenai Yuuhi

NarutoxMei Terumi

NarutoxHana Inuzuka

NarutoxYuugao Uzuki


Narutoxfemale Bijuu

NarutoxFuu (7-winged beetle jinchuriki)


NarutoxFemale Haku (it is my personal opinion that no matter what kishimoto says, Haku looks and sounds like a girl way too much to be a feminine boy)


NarutoxTeten Higurashi

NarutoxHinata Hyuuga


NarutoxKin Tsuchi


NarutoxIno Yamanaka






NarutoxLord of Nightmares

NOTE=I HATE Sakura Haruno (I view her as a Sasgay fangirl who will never amount to anything regardless of her accomplishments as a medic-nin; the way I see it is that she did it hoping that sasgay would notice her)

Harry Potterx Fleur Delacour

Harry PotterxDaphne Greengrass

Harry PotterxSusan Bones

Harry PotterxLuna Lovegood

Harry PotterxNymphadora Tonks

Harry PotterxFemale Blaise Zabini

Harry PotterxNarcissa Black/Malfoy

Harry PotterxBellatrix Black/Lestrange

Harry PotterxHermione Granger

Harry Potterxfemale dragon in human form

Harry Potterxfemale phoenix in human form

Harry Potterxany female magical creature in human/humanoid form

Harry PotterxLily Potter nee Evans/Lily Evans

Harry PotterxKushina Uzumaki

Harry PotterxAnko Mitarashi

Harry Potterxfemale Ichigo Kurosaki

Harry PotterxYoruoichi Shihoin

Note=I HATE Ginny(I view her as an abusive, obsessive, gold-digging fangirl)

RanmaxHerb-chan(female Herb)

RanmaxYugito Nii

RanmaxRyoko Hakubi







Ranmaxfemale Kurama, the Kyuubi no kitsune

RanmaxNabiki Tendo

RanmaxKasumi Tendo

RanmaxFemale Harry Potter

RanmaxLily Evans

RanmaxLily Potter

RanmaxKushina Uzumaki

Ranmaxfemale Naruto

RanmaxAnko Mitarashi

RanmaxHana Inuzuka

RanmaxFemale Ichigo Kurosaki

RanmaxMoka Akashiya

RanmaxYoruoichi Shihoin

RanmaxYugito Nii


RanmaxFuu(the Nanabi Jinchuriki)

RanmaxFemale Choumei, the Nanabi

RanmaxMatatabi, the Nibi no Neko

RanmaxFemale Shukaku, the Ichibi no Bakedanuki

RanmaxFemale Isobu, the Sanbi no Kame

RanmaxFemale Yonbi

RanmaxFemale Kokuō, the Gobi

RanmaxFemale Saiken, the Rokubi no Namako

RanmaxFemale Gyūki, the Hachibi no Kyogyū

RanmaxKushina Uzumaki

RanmaxTsunami Jurai


RanmaxWashuu Hakubi

RanmaxDaphne Greengrass

RanmaxSusan Bones

RanmaxTracy Davis

RanmaxHermione Granger

RanmaxFleur Delacour

RanmaxNymphadora Tonks

RanmaxUsagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity

RanmaxAmi Mizuno/Sailor Mercury

RanmaxMakoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter

RanmaxMinako Aino/Sailor Venus

RanmaxHotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn

RanmaxMichiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune

RanmaxHaruka Ten'Oh/Sailor Uranus

RanmaxSetsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto

RanmaxQueen Beryl

RanmaxQueen Serenity

Ranma: Nabiki or Kasumi BUT NOT AKANE, UKYO, XIAN PU, OR KODACHI AND NO MEN!!!!!!!!!! (I HATE AKANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Jack Darby (Transformers Prime)x Airachnid

Jack Darby(Transformers Prime) x Arcee

Percy JacksonxArtemis

Percy JacksonxAthena

Percy JacksonxMinor Goddesses/Primordials/Titaness/Rarely used Pairings

Ash KetchumxCynthia Shirona

Ash KetchumxSabrina

Ash KetchumxClaire

Ash KetchumxFemale Anthro Pokemon

Peter Parker/SpidermanxJean Grey/Phoenix

Peter ParkerxWanda Maximoff

Ichigo KurosakixYoruoichi

Ichigo KurosakixTier Hallibel

Ichigo KurosakixFemale Zanpakutou

Ichigo KurosakixAnko

Ichigo KurosakixKushina Uzumaki

Ichigo KurosakixTsunade Senju

Ichigo KurosakixYugito Nii

Ichigo KurosakixFemale Bijuu

Ichigo KurosakixKaguya Otsutuki

Bashing Preferences:

Like to Bash:







Joketsuzoku Amazons in general

Harry Potter:

Ron Weasley

Ginny Weasley

Molly Weasley

Albus Dumbledore




Team 7

Don't Like to Bash:






Harry Potter:



Weasley Twins



Fleur Delacour

Susan Bones

Nymphadora Tonks

Luna Lovegood




Kushina Uzumaki

Yugito Nii



Mei Terumi

Female Bijuu

Kaguya Otsustuki


What if Naruto was raised by the addams family?


What if Naruto found a guyver unit in the forbidden scroll of sealing? what if also later the blue beetle techno-organic symbiote crash-landed and fused with naruto while bio-boosting aswhile simultaneously the venom&carnage fused symbiotes decided to bond with him? this would cause them all to simultaneously fuse together and bond permanently with naruto


Harry somehow uses parceltongue so much that it somehow evolves into being able to speak to dragons, i.e., dragonese. Harry saves a Celestial Lung Oriental dragon hatchling (think Shenron/Shenlong that appears when you bring all 7 Terran dragonballs together in DBZ) and its mother decides that as she's dying that harry should raise it as his own as well as making it his familiar as well

Ranma Challenges Info:

The following applies to all challenges of mine:

Ranma knows Hidden Weapons (either he and Mu Tzu became friends and taught each other or Ranma learnt it by having it used on him all the time, you can pick which one).

Ranma has already done and knows the Bakutsai Tenketsu Training Advanced Version by using all the blunt weapons of his suitors & rivals as well as wrecking balls and other such heavy duty equipment.

Ranma knows the entirety of his father's 'secret techniques both the Yama-sen-ken and the Umi-sen-ken

I'm assuming Genma and Ranma went to London, England during their 10 year training trip so Ranma can speak and read English fluently (come on, do you actually think that Genma would bother trying to learn also when he could just get Ranma to learn it for the both of them; Genma: Get to it boy! Learn how do it! It's Good Training! Oh, why did I have to suffer with having such weak, girlish son who cant learn how to speak and read english within a week!!!!!!!!!)

I also assume that Genma took Ranma to America for special ops training and as such can speak and read English, drive military vehicles and/or aircraft.

I'm also assuming that when Genma took Ranma to China, Ranma picked up a little Chinese and/or Mandarin so he couldn't make out what the Guide was saying (different dialect) and by the time they got to Japan, Ranma was even more fluent in speaking the common Chinese dialect (didn't come across Amazon dialect until he went to Joketzuzoku Village). I also assume that Genma would have made sure that Ranma could at least speak enough Chinese and/or Mandarin to get his point across to his senseis (Come on, you can't expect Genma to make Ranma learn under a sensei that he doesn't understand at all, even Genma isn't that stupid if he wants his son to learn from a famous school of Chinese martial arts)!

Pairings: no female Ranma with male characters, would prefer Ranma to be with a non-fiancée and no Akane or Kodachi but wouldn’t mind if others (Kasumi, Nabiki, Ukyo, Xian Pu, etc) since the fun of crossovers and fusions is the ability for Ranma to be paired with non-fiancees.

Ranma Challenges:


Timeline: Post failed wedding

Ranma gets sent to the pokeverse when Happosai pisses off a spirit whom in revenge decides to deny Happosai his heir by sending Ranma to the pokemon universe where Ranma teams up with his first pokemon partner a riolu that soon evolves into a lucario. This is the pokemon that will travel around with Ranma outside of a pokeball

Ranmas Pokemon Team?:


If you have any other suggestions for his 5th and 6th pokemon please let me know

I’m also thinking of Ranma having Pidgeot, Braviary, and Charizard

If you have questions comments or other ideas please review!


Type= AU/Crossover/Fusion

Story Idea:

Timeline=post failed wedding

Ranma gets malleted after Akane comes back from failing the Infinite Stratos test.

Ranma knows Hidden Weapons (either he and Mu Tzu became friends and taught each other or Ranma learnt it by having it used on him all the time, you can pick which one).

Ranma somehow met the main characters of the anime/manga on his training journey (Ranma is engaged to them as joke on their parents part but turns out to be taken seriously when they meet and fall for him at IS Academy and learn about it through their parents who tell them about it thinking they won’t go through with it. Though they heard about what happened to him in Nerima so they keep it amongst themselves and try to be friends first and something more later [doesn’t mean they will let anyone else try to get close to him but aren’t as jealous possessively like the NWC])

Ranma replaces main male character except sister was someone on training journey who met with him and adopted him all but legally as her brother and Ranma has kept in contact with her ever since and after he gets malleted he contacts her and she formally adopts him into her clan and after Ranma somehow pilots IS, she picks him up.

Ranma somehow is able to pilot an IS but has to have one custom made for him with Bit Cloud’s Liger Zero that can go on two or four legs because of the neko-ken)

RANMA CAN PILOT THE IS B/C HE’S RANMA AND NOT B/C OF HIS CURSE (although it doesn’t exactly hurt).

Pairings: no female Ranma with male characters, would prefer Ranma to be with a non-fiancée like for example the sister who makes the black cores of the IS’s and no Akane or Kodachi but wouldn’t mind if others (Kasumi, Nabiki, Ukyo, Xian Pu, etc) since the fun of crossovers and fusions is the ability for Ranma to be paired with non-fiancees. Knowing Ranma’s luck he’ll have the entire school chasing after him all the time. It wouldn’t surprise me if some tried to sneak into his bed just to be near him even if they already had assigned rooms.


Type: AU/Crossover/Fusion

Timeline=Post wedding

Story Idea: Genma conned some kind of female guardian spirit that Happosai would later summon to get back at Ranma for not wearing his ‘silky darlings’ so the spirit decides to get back at Happosai (since Happosai glomped her upon seeing her) and Genma by sending Ranma to the legend of maian universe and somehow has the descendant of the guy who locked the Feicia Rand Philistine in.

Ranma frees her, sees her use those spells, wants to learn them, Feicia is intrigued by Ranma and is amused by his curse (which now looks like a red-haired twin of Feica Rand Philistine) as well as impressed by his martial arts skills and decides to amuse herself watch Ranma try and fail to pull it off but is blown away when Ranma somehow pulls it off and she decides that he just might be the one for her as well as cant wait to see what Ranma will pull out of his ass.

Pairings= obviously the main one would be Ranma and Feicia (who I see as a cross of Urd and Inner Moka except without the goddess of love part; can’t see Feica acting like that part of Urd ), no female Ranma with male characters, and maybe add some more to the mix, I mean this is Ranma we’re talking about!

P.S. Ranma knows Hidden Weapons style already (either he and Mu Tzu became friends and taught each other or Ranma learnt it by having it used on him all the time, you can pick which one).


Timeline: Post failed Wedding

Story Idea: the gekkaja and the kinjakan were dormant artifacts but now they are activated and linked solely to ranma so he hired by mrs. frederick whom offers him a way out of the fiancee mess by having him or genma erased from all the clans registry thereby making all of genma's deals invalid. also the gekkaja and the kinjakan now have to travel with him as sentient battle artifacts as they were not only activated by him but linked to him as well.

my other idea is much of the same but no mrs.frederick and artie and the gang were alerted to the ping of the two battle staves that are now sentient battle staves usable by and can not be parted from ranma so artie sends myka and pete to check out nerima. i really cant think of more to add but if i do ill update as needed.


i just had a thought of ranma getting chased by a dragon and when it catches up to him ranma responds: "Hey, are you done with your morning run, when are we going to spar?"

couldnt get that thought out of my head it just seems like ranma for that to happen doesnt it? please let me know what you think of this idea using the above scenario after failed wedding where ranma has both gekkaja and kinjakan with him when happosai banishes him for destroying his "silky darlings"


Ranma falls in Spring of Drowned Andalite

Ranma and Nabiki Pairing

strengthens entire andalite body with the breaking point training as well as regular stamina and endurance training

RANMA AND JENNIFER SCALES CHALLENGE (the jennifer scales series by MarJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi)

timeline: after failed wedding

Ranma falls into spring of drowned girl as usual

but soon after the failed wedding, all the magic that Ranma's been exposed to somehow wakes up his weredragon heritage and through some fluke, his dragonform is also an ancient furnace dragon.

the neko-ken gets absorbed into the mix, allowing him to summon and control cats and phoenixes/firebirds b/c of his exposure to Saffron

in dragonfrom Ranma can use the neko-ken kic/chi-blades through his claws

use ki to make his wings hard and adapt the following pokemon moves for use when in dragonform: Wing Attack, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace, Aeroblast, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Gust, Twister, Hurricane, Brave Bird, Ice Beam, Solarbeam, Hyper Beam.

Ranma & Jennifer Scales pairing


background info on the resisters books: world war IV has already occured, an hive-live alien race conquered earth via mind control the population but can only control the adults and those who've been througj puberty but not the children. the aliens& the resistance (which consists of children and adults who remain underground safe from cha'zar control) use giant insectoid fighting mechs, I.C.E suits or Insectoid Computerized Enviromental suits.

timeline= after the failed wedding

Ranma somehow ingests the magic aging mushrooms, de-ages to 12-13, gets sucked up when the different magical items used on him at once by the NWC collide and gets teleported to The Resisters universe in America.

gets found by resistance, hooks up with them.

What bug should Ranma get?

Ranma can use ki to increase sync wl bug

Ranma's bug somehow b/c of Ranma's ki, symbiotically&permanently bonds with Ranma (only ranma can pilot it) as well as continually evolves and adapts (what other way would it fit into anything goes?) so much so that it also starts to develop a ki/chi/chakra system and uses ki

Ranma creates the Bug Fu art for Anything Goes

Ranma is immune to mind control (b/c from different dimension/universe) so Cha'zar (hive-like aliens) cant mentally get info out of him, but can torture it out of him.


timeline= after failed wedding, right before Primeval begins; expect to go through entire series 1-6

soon after failed wedding, ranma is trying to find a secluded place to use the Nanban Mirror. He soon does and just when he uses the Nanban Mirror, rift appears right in front of him, causing the Nanban Mirror to react violently w/ the rift and Ranma is sent/travels from his universe/dimension to the Primeval universe/dimension


Ranma falls into spring of drowned thanator

ranma falls into spring of drowned great leonopteryx


TIMELINE: Beginning of Godzilla, During Neko-ken

Somehow during the Neko-ken, a female Godzilla egg(that was somehow transported from the nest in New York via a mispronounced spell genma used to suppossedly make ranma learn the neko-ken faster; and is the only other surviving egg besides the one Dr. Nick Totapolous found) was unearthed in the cat pit and the egg hatches and imprints on ranma just as he goes neko as well as neko-ranma-so has a dual bond with him, but neko-ranma realizes that he's dying and somehow instinctively knows that his only hope of surviving lies with the female godzilla hatchling so neko-ranma somehow blood bonds with the godzilla hatchling similar to the bond between dragon and rider in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Quartet so ranma can communicate telepathically to the godzilla hatchling and vice versa. The difference between this godzilla and nick's godzilla is that A) It is female and B) where Nick's is grey, Ranma's is blue. The mental bond between Ranma and Azure (Female Godzilla's name) is really strong and ranma decides that he has a new friend that he decides to teach whatever martial arts and other skills he learns so as to have a friend and eternal sparring partner. Azure decides to travel along with Ranma (genma isn't too happy about this but is too scared now to do anything about it) but stays aways from Jusenkyou, avoiding the curse. Eventually this bond between Ranma and Azure will strengthen enough that she can help him gain mastery and control over the Neko-ken.

Im thinking of having Azure fall in love with Ranma and eventually absorb his curse so she gains the ability to shapeshift into a human girl with golden colored slitted eyes, blue-grey hair, and scaly/rhinestonelike clothing.

let me know what u guys think of this please


Ranma somehow signs any of the following Summoning Contracts:




Imagine if Saffron is the Boss Summon of the Phoenix Tribe and Kiima is his Second-in-Command?

What if someone summons the Boss Summon of the Cat Tribe and Ranma goes Neko on it and the Boss Cat Summon is greatly amused and shocked by it so much so that it decides that Ranma would be a good contractor to sign with. Or it decides to teach Ranma the True Neko-Ken as that is probably the main style of most of the cat summons. Another idea is that one of the high-end cat summons decides to fuse with the cat spirit possessing Ranma whenever he goes neko


What if Ranma also was a son of Poseidon and the grandson of the greek god/goddess of chaos and luck?

let me know what you think please

Questions? Comments?

Just PM me to send ideas, questions, comments, etc.


timeline=after catfist at age 6

requirements= Ranma still continues to train in and improve upon the Anything Goes Style and using that mentality somehow manages to become a Beast-Speaker allowing him to fully accept his neko side and communicate with his adopted family; he still is as skilled as in canon but becomes able to use pure ki/chi and wandless magic

what would happen if Genma somehow got a Nundu cub for the Neko-ken? what if afterwards when ranma goes neko, he tries to befriend the nundu cub and then the mother comes along and decides to adopt ranma?


Ranma, Anko, and Yugito Pairing

What would happen if Dano came upon Ranma after Genma decides to use the aging mushrooms on ranma to get back at him for ruining his retirement: i.e. the failed wedding; by putting him through a strange variation of the neko-ken that teleports hims to konoha in root cave in neko mode, ranma neko shreds through root to find anko and danzo decides to train him in sealing and ninja techniques to see if he could produce alternate sharingan. anko likes ranma because for some reason ranma now speak to snakes and felines.

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