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Joined May '11

Avatar was created by: Icefrosty

PS: I changed my user name from MirrorsO

You can find me in: as randonwhorcrux at tumblr

I can't update because my computer's bitchass internet is jacked so these fanfics can be considered on hiatus until further notice but I am writing a Diabolik Lovers fanfiction at AO3 (that website is easier on mobile so I don't have any problems there despite lacking a computer)

My tumblr also has a link to ALL my fanfics if your interested since I've used more than one website.

Deleted some of my stories that you can find uncensored in adultfanfiction (my old account) cos now I realized how fugly those fics look butchered up to fit this site's guidelines. But yeah, same titles, different site with more open-mindedness.

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