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hello. I have not been on here in like... what... 3 years now?! see, I don't even know! but anyways, HELLO THERE AND WELCOME TO MY SIMPLE( YET BORING!) PROFILE!!! Just a few things about me

1. I just recently fell in love with Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist

2. I love God

3. I don't care if he's not real... Edward Elric is sexy

4. I've actually had this profile for 4 years now, but just started to use it again( I comepletely forgot... Idk how though!!)

5. this is random but... the security guard for our apartment complex is creepy!

6. I used to think Anime was for nerds, but I realized how judgmental and rude I was being

7. I'm boy crazy

8. I used to be OBSESSED with Newsies

9. I'm less naive than I was before (or so I hope!)

10. I want to be a spirit- lifter for people when I smile, meaning (odd as it may sound) that I want my smile and personality to brighten the room for mankind!!... TOO MUCH???? sorry :-)

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