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i'm someone who is not politically correct, so snowflakes need not message me at all.

I started off reviewing on my ps4 (so the website) now I review on my phone. I seldom go in my ps4, so if you pm me it might take me a bit to check the pm.

I know nobody will probably read this, but hey if you do, you get a vertual cookie. also, leave me a message about some of my thoughts about my obserbations on stories, i would like to hear your opinions.

Shout out to Kixen and RebeliousOne for helping me out. THANKS ALOT!

check out Kixen andRebeliousOne stories

I am more of a fan of gray/dark grey stories than dark or light/light gray stories. I find myself in the gray section. there is no good or evil, only shades of gray. I don't think I have found a story as of yet that is truly gray or neutral. for example, I'm looking for a pure gray naruto Harry potter story. They start off being abused, then eventually turn into heroes. I want to see where they truly have no feelings one way or another, just what is best for them. Either fights to see who is the strongest and don't have them give into angst or love. emotionless I guess would be what I am looking for. I want a story like that from the abused beginning to be turned into grey/uncaring characters and stay that way till the end. With the exceptions of love interests, but don't have them be swayed to do what is "right or wrong". i guess the word i am looking for is anti-hero

I noticed a lot of peoples computers are "crashing" just as soon as summer/winter break starts and people have time to write. They also say that they "lost" their stories or notes to a story and are eithher going to scrap it or start again. Here is a crazy idea...back up your stories. save them to a flash/thumb drive so you have no excuse when your computer "crashes"

to those who use guest to respond to stories:

not everyone is an awsome writer and you saying me or other authors suck at writing, also way to go by not giving your name, way to stand by your words. well take up writing then and try to write. instead of bitching, do something about it. write a story and see how hard it is.

To those who actually give advice and not just say you suck:

great job

I have ideas for a lot of stories but no real creative tallent, but enjoy fan fiction very much

been going through story archives and have noticed a sad realization, a lot of authors haven't updated their stories. shocking i know but i'm not talking about their current stories.

I have been going through the archives and see a lot of good stories that have a lot of potential but the story isn't touched again. for example, i have seen a story started in '07 updated in '08 and they say they have should have the next chapter up in a few days or a week. I have messaged a few, if i do get a response, most of the time they say that they are going to update within the week but when i check, nothing has changed, or that they have had the chapters but just haven't updated.

i know i have no room to talk, but stick with you stories. or at least update all of your stories and not just the current. keep them all current, just saying. go back, look at your old stories, update please!!!

also for those who put not going in to put up another chapter till more reviews, your gonna loose followers and eventually forget to update the story, ive seen it happen.

also if your not going to continue, please at least put a discontinued or if your going on a long hiatus say long hiatus or just take the dam thing down and put it back up if your going to work on it so people don't waste their time on a good story that isn't going to be finished.

however i do understand the need for a break and get fresh ideas and life catches up with you. However, don't give us your sob stories about your computer crashing, your lost your muse, family member passing away. deal with your stuff and when you are ready start again.

Also, if you do not have time to write stories...DON'T WRITE THEM. People read stories and expect updates after a certain period of time. So don't complain about how you have a job/school and have no time to write. You made the decision to write a story and people will want an update. one chapter a month isn't that a lot to ask for. Though longer chapters I'm sure readers will appreciate with the time between updates. So chapters should be relatively long.

I delete stories after a year if they are not updated. what i do is say you updated in 2017, you have all of 2018. but come jan of 2019 i delete stories from 2017 that haven't been updated. So stop bitching when you keep getting messages asking if you are going to can at least say on hiatus, but apparently that is to hard for some people. so for the start of 2023 I stopped following about 157 stories. that made me sad to see so many great stories discontinued/put on long hiatus or just forgotten.

interesting thing happened today. 11/9/18. i am currently following 787 stories. and not a single person updated a story i am following... lazy, busy, or what?

another interesting thing, 11/10/18 another day with no no story updates. so that's two days in a row that 787 people didn't update a story i am followoing, will it be three? i'll let ya know tomorrow the 11th

only 3 stories updated for 11/11/18. so yea...its something

Not a fan when an author starts a story and then says they won't continue on , but ao3 or archive of our own. You start here, have the courtesy to finish here.

Seeing people start to charge money to write stories for them. This is illegal. They do not own the rights to the property or get permission from said owners. You can write a disclaimer all you want that you don't own said property, but the fact is you are making money off someone else's property without permission and you can be sued for it.

Also please label your stories if you are going to have Slash, Yaoi, Yuri. I have nothing against it, but at least put a warning in the summary so people know what they are getting into when they start reading

Also people, please use the correct punctuation. Use "when someone is talking" and 'when its a thought'. it makes it easier to follow

Also, people, if you are going to start a on it, don't write one chapter and then give it up for adoption for loosing your muse. you start it, write it.

Another thing about some authors do is start a sentence and end it half way through and finish the sentence on another line, its anoying. please have full sentenes that don't cut off.

Also, I hate it when people write chapters, then go a long ass time, almost a year, without an update and give an update with only 1,500 words or less and most of it is saying sorry for taking so long. if you take close to a year or over six months without an update, I expect at least a 10,000 word chapter. It also annoys me how there can be stories that have 12 chapters and have about 24,000 words. that is about 2,000 words per chapter and has been going on for 3 or more years, which honestly I skip when I see that when I'm looking for stories to follow.

also don't have stories that have more chapters than words, for example, i saw a story that had 12 chapters but only 5,000 words. the story summary looked interesting, but because of a high chapter count and a low word count, i skipped right over it. i'm sure it was a good story, but i don't know if i would have kept being entertained by the story or loose interest due to such short chapters.

I also wish people would say what is on their mind when reviewing. a lot of people say "good chapter i would not change a thing" but i'm sure they all agree that the chapters could be longer

People, please have your stories progress at a constant rate. Don't have them take to long to develop, or develop to fast, find the sweet spot.

sorry about that rant

Something from deadpool and frozen

Slicing through the clones, Bloods all over my face

They don't look happy now, 'CUZ THEY ARE GOING TO DIE!

They are so fucking slow, That makes me very bored

Fuck! Blood caught my eyes and- oh I just cut his head off (maniac laugh)

Fuck that bitch, Kill that bitch, This is so fucking fun!

Oh what fun it is to kill this million fucking guys

Random thoughts:

1. Reading some big bang stories and something crazy happened. I'm looking through Big Bang Therory and started to read some sheldon and penny stories. they actually make a good couple, i didn't see it coming, but i'm a Shenny fan and have know idea how.


3. if you have a intro chapter that is 1,000 words long i will not review. there is little to no information for me to really give a proper review. the most i will say is longer chapters are appreciated.

4. update your profiles every now and then even if you don't write stories anymore. let the readers know you are still on the site.

5. Hugh, its April 20th. i wonder why so few stories were updated

6. its 5-8-19 and lucifer starts on netflix tonight...i don't have netflix, and i don't want to pay for it...thanks fox for screwing us out of another great series.

7. I've read so many stories of the "bad guy" falling for the "hero" and the hero won't give them a chance until they turn good. Why does the villain have to change their ways, why can't the hero meet half way? I wish there were more stories where the "hero" goes rouge and gets a acts more grey than white.

my stories:

I noticed that i havn't been doing to well on chapter stories so i'm going to be doing one shots for a while

If anyone wants to do their own versions of my stories, please feel free, but PM me and give me credit somewhere in the story.

walk this way:

My first story, so if you expect perfection, your not going to find it but it will be finished at least instead of abandoned or not worked on for years. Harry grows up different, want to find out how, read

sauskes retrievel:

a tale of how naruto bringing back sauske, ingenious in my books

Naruto redone

naruto finds out about the kyubi, find out what happens

The Hybrid Experience

Danny and Renesmee are both Hybrids, both halfas if you will. one with the world on his shoulders and the other treated like fine china. Well it is time for a vacation. There will be special guest appearances such as Jay and Silent Bob and the Scooby Doo gang and many more.

Harry's Revenge

Harry has become one hell of a wizard. he goes to America to find out about some golden eyed vampire and shifters. little does he know who he would run into


Harry is left to his aunt who abandons him in america. he becomes a magical fighter. i don't think i have seen any like this.

Also, Smith1177 is thinking on doing an adaptation of this story, so check it out if it comes out.


Naruto finds out that being a ninja is not all about being a hero, sometimes, you are the bad guy

going to try something. instead of chapters, i'm going to try and do a story in one chapter. a shit load of words, but then people won't have to wait for updates, ITS GENIUS...GENIUS I SAY,

well i tried the one chapter deal, it is genius, but looking at it doesn't really come out how i want it.

stories i like:

naruto,Pokemon, Bleach, hellsing, twilight(don't ask), danny phantom,yu yu hakusho, DBZ, kim possible (what, it was a good show), avatar the last airbender, harry potter, mortal kombat, Victorious, Dr. Who, Deadpool, avengers, justice leauge, smosh/smosh games, big bang theroy, avengers and i'm sure im missing some.


I know a lot are femslash, but they just work in my opinion

Victorious- Jade/tory...

I Carly-Sam/Carly

Big Bang Theroy- Sheldon/Penny

Dr. Who- 10th doctor/Rennette...10th doctor/Astrid/Rose/Renette/Martha/Amy Pond/ Clara(any of those)...12th doctory/clara/Amy (either)

Naruto- Naruto/ anyone but hinata

Harry Potter- Harry/Hermione/Luna/Daphney/Tracy/Tonks/Fleur/Susan,Hanna (any)

Smosh/Smosh games- Courtney/olivia...Olivia/Mari...Boze/Olivia...Courtney/Boze...Courtney/Mari...Mari/Boze...Courtney/Kimmy

Ncis LA- Callen/Kensi...Callen/Nell

That 70's show- Jackie/Eric

Of course there are Crossover parings, but i won't get into those. PM me if you would like to know.

Some things I noticed about stories or the shows/games/movies, whatever in general

anyway something about:

Naruto stories.

1. people naruto graduates at 12 not 14, or 16. most people are in their prime between 18-30. If they graduate at 16 then there would be less compatent chunin or jonin because they begin to age by the time they become that rank. Also, Naruto running around in the orange jumpsuit and acting out like he does in cannon at 14,15,16 would make him look like a "special" who is mentally challenged. (no offense to those who are mentally challenged). Also, wouldn't the chackra coils have hardened already and it would be almost impossible for civilian students to use chackra.

2. Its bs how naruto doesn't get chunnin after everything he does. alot of people forget abuout that when they write the story or just skip him to jonin or something. make him chunin and have him work for the ranks

3. most of the time naruto forgives his parents or the third hokage when his whole life has been hell. seriously he forgives rite off the bat when he finds out that his dad was the 4th hokage and did it to save the villiage. at least have a few chapters of hate/angst

4. When Naruto finds out who his parents are and he tells the hokage and the hokage just gives him the keys and says don't spred the word that he is the 4ths son. There is no arguing or anything like that. there should be something there, not just acceptance.

5. Naruto gets a new ability or meets the kyubi and goes and tells the hokage and everything goes on like nothing happened. Ninja=deception, so he shold keep his secrets from everyone. and what is going to stop the hokage from sealing narutos memories to keep him away from the kyubis influinse? i don't see him taking narutos word on the matter.

6. When Naruto finds out that Jariah is his godfather, he is only mad for a few minutes then blackmailes him to train him and thats all the anger. there needs to be more emotion than that in stories.

7. Reading some Naruko stories...ITS NARUKO not NARUTO. seriously get it right, fem naruto= naruko, did some people just not get the memo?

8. People, naruto is a ninja, he has almost been killed many times. so when he gets his first kill he freaks out calling himself a monster. He should know he isn't one because he already knows about the kyubi. It is a ninja's job to kill, and do whatever he is orderd. He should really know that they may be a hero one minute, an villian the next. Good and bad. Save a princess, then a few weeks later get paid to kill said princess. Kidnap, steal, kill, protect, gather information, that's what a shinobi is, a mercenary.

9. The 3rd hokage and iruka screw over naruto in the accademy. They both know about the fox and they both see him struggle with the clone jutsu, but don't help him with it. The 3rd knew about naruto's large chackra reserves and him being a jinchuricki and uzumaki didn't help any. So how did they expect naruto to do the clone jutsu wich needs a minimal amount of chackra for the jutsu. So in reality they screwed him over and naruto could have graduated the first go around if they would have taught him the shadow clones

10. When Jariah/tsunade comes back and finds naruto is alive and it is found out he was lied to because jariah was told that naruto was dead. When naruto finds out, he is angry for a small amount. again...not enough hate, anger. some stories he doesn't even bother to check to see if that is true.

11. I'm tired of narutoxsome girl fads. first it was all narutoxsakura, then narutoxhinata. i'm getting tired of those parings, there are so many of them its annoying

12. When people use the japanese version when talking about kushina and minito. they use the japanese versions of the yellow flash and the red habanero. just use the english version, its less anoying, if your writing in japanese then use it, but when writing in another language, use their translations

13. (spoiler) The series ended and Naruto ended up with HINATA???? i'm not a narutoxhinata fan. seriously, there is nothing i can think of to build up from there. Naruto and sakura (kind of a fan, but can live without it) i can understand, but he ends up with a stalker who doesn't know the real him???? just not a fan at all.

14. Some stories have naruto become rookie of the year. Which is all fine and dandy, but then the author puts him on a team with sakura and sauske. Um, isn't it suppost to be top shinobi, top kunoici, and dead last? then why put the cannon team 7 together?

15. Naruto's fight for peace. No offense but the only way for true world piece would be for Pains plan to work. There is no such thing as true peace and there never will be peace. Naruto should have had a real goal besides becoming hokage. He could have had the goal to at least make the villiages not want to tear eachthers throats out.

16. When Naruto leaves the leaf for either being neglected or his harassment of being a jinchuricki. Then he comes back when the gennin graduate saying that the he may not like the leaf, but it is his home. Well screw that, if he leaves the leaf, then he doesn't return to be anything for the leaf. The stories start out great, but then turns into a hate then begrudging respect, then love for the leaf. It annoys the crap out of me.

17. people Naruto's age learning the shadow clone and can create 10, kakashi can maybe make 7 but that is his limit. jinchuricki can easily make that number, so I don't see how young people can make as many as 10 without dying. i'm talking shipuden. but then some authors even have the pre-shipuden characters create shadow clones which is bs. they don't nearly have half the chackra reserves needed.

18. How many stories has the 3rd have the law about ANYONE speaking about the kyubi or calling naruto a demon death sentence and follow through with it? I think I have read 10 stories out of the many years I have been on . Its the law, and even the 3rd doesn't follow it. he is all bark, no bite.

19. early sexuality. when Naruto calls any girl chan, they get a blush. he is 12 for crying out loud. they shouldn't be thinking anything sexual. when he is 14 or 15 I can understand, but any younger is just weird.

20. People who give Naruto (Naruto) a devil fruit from One Piece. To me that would take away his advantages in the ninja world and be a problem in the Pirate world. For ninja, all it would take is a water jutsu and bam, Naruto is exhausted and weakened. In the pirate world, he would have a problem walking on water, same in the ninja world.

21. I don't see why the hokage withheld naruto's parentage from him. Most say its because he would sprout it around and word would get to iwa or kumo and their would be assassination attempts on his life. I don't really see it that way. look at our world history, did any germans try and take out joseph stallens kids after ww2? no. Did any Japanese try and kill Rosavelt/Trumans kids, no. could it happen, yes, but look at it this way, war is just war. Its over, is their a chance at an assassination attempt again? I also don't see the 3rd kage from iwa sending his ninja to kill a child.

22. Stories that have minito either the villain and brainwash kushina into thinking that they need to leave naruto and train the other child. Or that start off a naruto hating his family and naruto end up forgiving them.

23. When Naruto is on another team besides team 7 and they end up helping team 7 and they still haven't learned the tree walking exercise? I can see Kakashi not teaching that because he is lazy, but not having the other instructors not teach the gennin just doesn't make sense. They have common sense so they surly would teach them the tree walking exercise, right?

24. When Naruto is smart...but hides how smart and powerful he is. He shoots for dead last so he doesn't stand out. Well in reality two positions stand out, the top of the class and the last of the class. If he wanted to be invisible, he should shoot for the middle of the class. Become one of the no-names no one remembers. That way he truly blends in and doesn't draw attention.

25. Naruto has a healthy childhood and both his parents survive and give him training and he becomes a super strong ninja...Its so boring. In these stories, Naruto doesn't know any true suffering.

26. I would laugh if Naruto named Kurama David. think about it, Kurama is naruto's naming him/her david...david tennent... and since the chackra heals naruto, I guess you can say he is a kind of Doctor... Doctor who

27. Kind of a recap of an early point. When naruto learns that the 4th sealed the fox in him, he still likes the 4th. I can't see that actually happening. The loneliness, hatred and more, i can see Naruto accept that the 4th did what he did to save the village, but hate the man himself. so respect the position, hate the man.

28. When people have a two or three year old Naruto acting smart and talking like an adult. i can see stuff like that happening when he is five or six, but any younger than that, and it makes the whole story kind of hard to read. i know its fiction, but come on, really?

29. Harry potter/ any future crossovers. Naruto is thousands or millions of years old. and people have him his old happy sunny self. i'm not a fan of these. Naruto has seen so much in his life. i can see him be somewhat enteric, but his happy go lucky self, i don't think so. i can see him guarded and not willing to take a chance on a huge enemy.

30. the more I think about it. how did Naruto and Sauske defeat the Demon Brothers? they were two chunnin with YEARS of experience and superior tactics. i can see kakashi beating them, but two fresh gennin with NO real experience? i know it was for the story, but still.

31. (before shippuden) The more i think about it, Kakashi skill had declined a lot. He was an anbu captain, probably an S-rank. But during the Wave mission, he has trouble against zabuza who would be an A-Rank. you think he would have kept his skills sharp just in case something happened.

32. Some stories have naruto wandering into a cave or something or have him meet someone new. then the new person says that the 3rd hokage is hindering him or keeping him week and loyal. Then naruto believes the new person with no proof. yes the hokage may be doing that, but naruto should at least know enough to not trust someone blilndly. he has known the 3rd his whole life, and the new person for not that long. so it would do for him to check out the information and think before accepting someones word at face value.

33. i don't get why people let the civilian council make decisions. for example, i read some stories where the civilian council voted to exile naruto from the leaf. or they went to the damio and got his approval. there are two problems with that, the civilan council has no say in shinobi matters, over civilian maters yes, but they have no power to do anything to shinobi. As for the damio, i highly doubt the damio would let the jiinchuriki of the nine tails leave the leaf and have him possibly go to kumo or Iwa. i just don't see it happening.

34. The Rasengan isn't all that great. It mostly pushes the opponent away. The Chidori is better due to it piercing.

harry potter

WCWL-wrong child who llived

WBWL-wrong boy who lived

1. I always wondered why Harry just didn't use a swear on his magic when his name came out of the Goblet of Fire and say it wasn't him. Same with the dementors at the trial.

2. Harry forgives Ron for leaving in the forest. and every time something goes wrong, he blames harry or gets jellos. And harry forgives him after a few weeks or months. not sure i would do that. same thing throughout the time he knows them.

3. A few stories were harry finds out his parents are alive and vise versa. they find out that each other survived voldemort and only a few seconds of hurt and then a sweet reunion. ah, no. harry should be angry that they didn't confirm his death or something. like i said above, he forgives them...were is the angst, the drama? they story has a good premes, but then they pull that and i loose all interest

4. They loose petigrew in the P.O.A. WTF when they go back in time, they should know what to expect and get the dam rat

5. Remus Lupin "forgets" to take the wolfsbain potion...really. he has been a wearwolf for how long and he doesn't take it when he needs to...someone dropped the ball there

6. When harry goes out with Ginny. she looks like his mother. nobody finds that disturbing??? that is some serious odypious complex. even if you don't think she looks like his mom, they don't even know each other that much. and even Rowling herself admited it was a mistake putting ginny and harry together and wants Harry and Hermione together.

7. Stories that are supposed to have angst. the ones were harry is falsely convicted and everyone betrays him and he is sent to azkaban. Then they find out that he is innocent and apologize and harry forgives them???? WTF who the hell would do that? they ruin the story as it is supposed to be a angst story but the author makes him forgive them after a few chapters. it really kills the story for me.

8. Genderswitch harry. where harry is turned into a girl. harry is a guy by mind, some people by the end or even near the begging/middle have him going after a guy. Please tell us before if he is bi. that is the only way i can see a strait mind thrown into another gender to go for the same gender as he was. so most of the time is should be girlxgirl unless stated earlier that harry is bi or gay. It doesn't make sense to just throw him into being interested into guys.

9. Harry gets a girl pregnant before the end of the war. it puts to much pressure on harry and takes away from the main story. so if he did get a girl pregnant, then at the end of the story would be way better.

10: When Harry goes back in time and still becomes friends with Ron, or still be friends with Ron. Ron is a jelious prick, harry would be better off without him.

11. Stories when harry is different than cannon, and writers still give him the holly phenix wand. The story is different, make it your own.

12. Harry RPG stories. when harry starts his life over, he cant make breakfast or anything? he spent his previous life making food and doing chores for the Dursleys. the only thing that has changed has been his age. so he should be able to do lots of things. He should just make it and get tons of XP to level up. Also, he should know a lot of magic, he just cant do it without a wand. Have him practice wandless magic.

13. Think about this. The twins had the marauders map until 3rd year. Ron was sleeping with the rat for years. So I can see the twins look at the map and see Ron is sleeping with some guy name Peter. They must love him because they never said a word

14. Harry Potter-Elder Scroll crossovers. I have read some and most are good. But then you have the ones where Harry is adopted by a powerful character and they don't train him. Not in magic, or weapons. Well maybe how to use a dagger, but that's it. I find it hard to read. If they are powerful characters, then they have powerful enemies, and not training Harry is a huge mistake.

15. Harry is raised happily by both parents who survive and is trained by Dumbles and is almost unstoppable. I hate these stories because there is little to no true emotion or suffering.

16. Stories where there is a strong bad ass harry, but the author makes him a winy little bitch. Harry has been through hell and is tough.

17. It bugs me when authors put Harry in gryffindor. what i mean is in some stories, Harry has no knowledge of magic or his parents. But when he is told that his parents were in gryffindor, he feels like he has to go there to live up to his or her parents. they either have him say he wants to get to know his parents or some stuff like that. What they should do is put him in whatever house he belongs in. For example, if they had harry smart as a kid, then the hat should put in ravenclaw, or if harry uses his slytherin side, go there, no matter what harry wants. But nope, they put him in gryffindor. i have also gotten messages from authors that they didn't know how to write a story with him not in gryffindor, they said they didn't know any of the other houses to well and weren't sure they could do it. and that is all fine and dandy. But they should at least do history on the other houses, as in students. or you know, make up a story, its not like this is fanfiction or anything.

18. I wish there were more harryxfem drako stories, or harryxfem voldemeort. but nope, there is a majority slash and i have only come across one for fem drako and one for fem voldemort.

19. Harry has to marry within a year of either being emancipated or coming of age. I'm not a fan of this. it takes away from the main story and puts more pressure on harry. Now he has to worry about politics and all that jazz.

20. stories where harry is an auror and is sent to other countries. for example, there is a harry potter twilight crossover where the British ministry sends Harry and Draco to America to scope out wearwolves that turn out to be shifters. the problem i see is that America has its own ministry. so wouldn't the British have to go through the Americans to get any information?

21. Harry potter and time travel. i don't have much of a problem with these stories. but i do have some problems. first is depending on how young harry gets sent back. say back to his 11th birthday. He has knowledge of stuff that is going to happen in the future, and he wastes time. he focuses on enjoying his life, which i don't have a problem with, but do the important stuff first. he should know to get a jump start on the horcroxes. he knows where they all are (minus nagni). he can easily get the ring, locket and cup dealt with before he even gets to hogwarts, then deal with the dadiam, and bam, thats four out of the seven done before his first year is ended. Then waits till summer of second year to get Sirus a trial. Or even with his memories from the future, he knows where grimwald place is. he can have his fun after the work is done.

22. Harry potter and guns Harry is an idiot, but he knows that he should get a gun. There have been some stories i have read where Harry uses guns which is all good. Because i don't see prureblood surpremists for voldeort. if anything they probably think that muggles still use flint lock muskets and pistols. Harry should have superior knowledge in this area.

23. shields against bullets. i think shields can take spells no problem but they loose thier power after a while. i'm sure if a shield was pelted with spells it would break and let a spell through. With an auto weapon, bullets can hit the shield a lot faster and over a wider range. so i can see bullets surpass the shields. Even if they had a shield up, i don't think it could take 2 rounds of a sniper riffle to get through with the amount of power.

24. Reaction time against guns. i read a story the other day where people had the guns drawn and was going to shoot a wizard but as soon as a trigger was pulled, the wizard had time to pull out his wand. cast a spell and have the shield come up before the bullets got to him. i'm sorry but i don't believe that a wizard even of voldemort. gringelwald or dumbles can match that speed. trained samuri can barly slice one bullet when they are at the ready. so i don't see how a wizard or witch can put up a shield in time.

25. Harry Potter time travel and draco malfoy. people always make harry be an ass to draco. I call it causality. if harry would have been civil with draco, then he would have had at least a civil relationship with him and not have to worry about scathing remarks and possibly have an ally in the future. And when harry goes back in time, he does the same thing and antaganize draco instead of being civil or befriending him and getting a crucial ally.

26. Harry is raised in America, Canada, south america, somewhere in Asia, and they have him go to hogwarts. there are magical schools in those countries, either do research of the schools, or make up a school and have harry go to that school, and if you need to have it, have that school go to the tri-wizard tournament.

27. Authors use the beginning to much. what i mean is that they start off with the opening seen where voldemort kills harry's parents. we know what happened, just start where ya want to start off at. unless its a WCWL and dumbles reveales the wrong kid as the chosen one.

28. Narutoxharry potter crossovers. harry is raised in the naruto universe and gets transported back to the hp universe. then maybe 3rd year his friends ask them to train them. i can see him teach then ti-jutsu and ken-jutsu and stuff like that, but they are probably to old to be able to do chackra based attacks. maybe tree climing, but that's it. their coils will have hardened by the age of 10 or so, so if they didn't unlock it by then, they they are out of luck.

29. avengers and Harry potter. what i don't get is why do the avengers help out so much, why not make stories with Excaliber? for those who don't know, Excaliber is the pretty much the British avengers. so why not use them?

30. Harry is in the afterlife and an angle or death sends him back in time for the X time. they say they wiped his memories before and sent him back. i don't get why they expect anything different. if he has no knowledge of what is going to happen, what is stopping the same thing from happening?

31. Harry Potter x star wars crossovers. not a fan of people who have harry start off as a child, get put into space, then not bring it back around to him being a wizard. or him using the force when he is at hogwarts. to many stories just ignore the harry potter part and focus on the star wars part

32. Why are people having Harry apologize? After the events of the TWT, after Harry yells at Ron and Hermione, someone either has him apologize for something he is in the right for being mad at. Harry has a right to be pissed, make ron and Hermione work to make Harry forgive them

33. Why do so many authors not have Harry get his eyesight fixed? It would help Harry greatly.

34. I'm not a fan when Harry gets rightfully mad and yells at Hermionie or Ron then feels bad about it and ends up apologizing even though he is right to be angry.

Have PRIDE! Support Gay Marriage!

Harry and Lupin's conversation: If you got the joke and found it extremely funny, copy and paste this onto your profile!

Harry: Are you really a werewolf?

Lupin: Yes Harry.

Harry: Are you fucking serious?!

Lupin: All the time.

Harry: :O What?

Lupin: What?

Harry: ...


1. Some stories people have the Volturi make Bella a princess what is up with that. I understand if she is one of the mates of the kings, but when she is turned and nothing is really said about why and without a good argument, it just doesn't feel right

2. When bella had a secret life before twilight. she is dating Edward, then all of a sudden she switches back to who she was before and becomes someone else with no real explanation before makes no sense.

3. The wolves are shifters, not werewolves. there is a huge difference

4. Jasper has to be the one who probably has the best control. I would consider bloodlust an emotion. So he is not only feeling his, but the other Cullens Thirst as well.

5. If the Cullens have so much problem with blood, why go to school. I'm sure at least one girl is on her period a day throughout the year, so surly they would build up an immunity to the smell of blood.

6. when bella becomes a cat shifter. a lot of people authors keep calling it a pack, she is part of the, she is part of the pride. Dogs are packs, cats are pride.

Doctor Who/Class

1. Dr. Who episode 247 Face the Raven which aired on 11/21/15. Holy crap that ending felt like a punch to the gut.

2. Dr. Who. When people say "its bigger on the inside..." I want someone to say something perverted, its a perfect set up.

3. NO NEW DOCTOR WHO EPPISODES IN 2016...JUST THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL...WHAT THE BLOODY HELL. I just get into Doctor Who in 2015 and they (bbc america) just mostly show doc 10-12. Now I have to wait to spring of 2017 and there will only be 12 or so episodes. makes me sad/mad/pissed the hell off.

4. In the episode The Fires of Pompeii, the girl who is following the Doctor and Donna in the beginning is the actress who plays Amy Pond.

5. Just thought of the perfect song for the Doctor from Doctor Who. "You will remember me for centuries"

6. I wonder who David Tennant shared his favorite kiss with. Rennette (madam de'pompador) Rose, Martha,Christina De Susza, Astrid or Donna.

7. (class) *spoiler* 4/15/17...when the Doctor left the kids and the blond gal, i thought to myself...isn't that what UNIT is for?

8. i thought of the perfect gifts for the 11th doctor. a watch and a calendar

9. for the 13th doctor new years special...*spoiler maybe*...Unit is gone? i highly doubt the world governments would allow U.N.I.T to be disbanded in any fashion due to the need for them

10. I was upset during the start of the 13 doc and companions when they got to the TARDIS. They didn't do the "it's bigger on the inside".


1. Ash never wins when it counts. He goes to a gym, looses, trains, battles again, win. And it goes on and on. The only thing he has won is the Orange League. Some master he is, how long has he been at it and he still cant pull off a decent win.

(update 11/5/16 spoiler) Pokemon xyz. Ash lost the Kalos league. down to the last pokemon and he looses...what a disappointment. if I were to face him in the next championship match, I wouldn't worry, its not like he will win.

2. His pokemon are strong at the end of a league, and his next region, his pokemon get their asses handed to them. Even the new starters kick his ass

3. His old pokemon. When he lets someone barrow a pokemon, he promis to visit. Well he doesn't. When was the last time he thought about his primape, or any of his pokemon he sends to prof. oak??? exactly


1. gohan acts like a wimp in buu saga. he has faced aliens (freeza, cooler, ginu force) androids, so he should have some kind of confidense. but nope, he worries to much about being found out and becomes someone who makes me cringe.

2. In the anime and most stories, when goku doesn't want to be wished back, they say "ok, we miss you" and stuff like that. well, shouldn't he stay with his family like someone responsible...never mind, he always ditches his family. And when he comes back in the Buu saga, everyone is happy he is back, and gohan is ok with him just showing up like nothing happened, even after being abandoned by him.

3. In dragon ball super, Videl became Gohan. she became a good housewife and doesn't look like she is going to be a major fighter...not that she was, but I still respected her, now...not so much.


1. The only thing wrong with that series was when they brought tom in. Daria has little emotion, same with Jane. Bringing in Tom brought drama in Daria's life. I understand Quin's life. But when you bring that kind of thing into the Daria world, it doesn't work.

Danny Phantom

1. I really hate when people have Danny be a whiny bitch. He has survived Nockturn, Undergrowth, Dark Dan, Pariah, Vortex, and when Vlad does something mean and Danny runs away, he becomes a whiny bitch who doesn't fight back. Danny has the power, have him use it!!!

2. When Clockwork takes Danny out of his dimension and he is ok with it, there is little to know fighting back and he justs accepts it. not a fan.

3. When the author makes Danny a little whiny bitch. Danny has faced multiple enemies and should have his emotions in check. When in stories where his family dies or gets run out to town, he gets all whiny 'oh woe is me'. those stories bug the crap out of me.

4. When someone finds out Danny's secret and he tells them everything, not bothering to hide anything. that is something I really hate about some stories. Danny tells almost all his secrets. What happened to keeping it secret?

5. Danny should be top or at least one of the top ghosts. he has defeated nocturn, unergrowth, vortex, fright knight, Dark Dan and Pariah. Danny should be about the same strength as Pariah without the ring and crown. so i like stories where Danny is strong and only has real problems from ghosts who are about the same strenght as him or a more powerful ghost, (clockwork, Frostbite, maybe a ghost deeper in the ghost zone) I can see Danny getting stronger and stronger as he gets older. and needs more practice with stronger ghosts.

6. I always have to think on how Danny could be so good at some thing but really bad at others. He is a ghost, so he sees his friends in trouble from the G.I.W and attacks head on. he needs to be smarter. sneak up behind them, knock them out. or overshadow them and do something like that.

7. I'm not a fan of Danny going to a random universe (dc for example) and somehow helping out the hero, even though he doesn't know who the hero is. Why not have Batman fighting Quin or Ivy and he helps the girls.

Big Bang

1. Penny and Lenard never, Penny and Sheldon is Way Better!!!


1.Voyager, in the episode The Q and the Grey- I never really knew why they had the Q who wanted to keep things the same be the grey, and the rebel Q's be blue.

Kim Possible

1. In Kigo stories, Why is it always Shego that has to give up being a villain. I get it that Kim is a hero, but there are almost no stories where Kim has feelings and willingly gives up being a hero but makes Shego stop being a villain if they were going to be together.


1: genderbending: Tell us if the character is gay before hand. for example, naruto who is a boy is attracted to sakura. then naruto is turned into a girl, by all means he has a boys mindset and should still be attracted to girls unless stated before hand that he is attracted to guys.

2. During sex parts in stories, when they do anal for the first time and the person enjoys it...i doubt it. the first time i don't see a girl or guy going "oh it feels so good", i'm expecting, "OW, ssss, stop, it hurts"

3. How are there no Big Bang Theory and Rosanne crossovers yet (as of 7/22/15)

4. Crossovers. a crossover is supposed to have at least one character from each universe, for example naruto (naruto) and Alucard (hellsing). but when you have a character like naruto from the Hellsing universe, then all you have is an OC and has nothing to do with the naruto universe. for another example, you have naruto from the city of the leaf(i'm not going to try and spell the village name). but there is no ninjitsu, just names from the naruto series. but they still call it a crossover, well it isn't.

5. I have read some stories where the main character goes back in time but can only unlock certain memories at key points. So said person really has no clue what is about to happen, then gets a load of information. I don't like it, if you send them back, send them back with full memory. What is to stop the person from making the same mistakes they made again...and again...and again?

6. When you take out people because you are not fans of said people, but then the author puts them as a paring with another main character. For example, (twilight) you take out Jacob and Edward and have Bella as the main character. But then the author pairs Bella with Edward or Jacob. If you are going to have a pairing, then put who all the main people will be.

7. People censoring themselves in M-rated stories. It is M-rated people, you can cuss and use profanity, its ok. Most of us are adults and can read and not get offended by the language. (well, those who aren't snowflakes who get offended over every little thing)

8. People who write one chapter and call it a one shot, but leave it open for another chapter and not put complete. If you finish a one shot then say its a one shot or mark it as complete.

9. people who write stories and get a good 10 chapters in, take a break, come back months later and say that their writing style sucks, or they decided to change the story and are starting a new one. Please keep the story, just edit it. Most of the time people just start a new story, same plot, just new story without telling anyone, its confusing.

10. Flashback in a flashback. take your time people, most of the time the flash back in a flashback gets done, its almost the end of the chapter. It is distracting. do one flashback, then if you need to, do another flashback. or do a flashback chapter before the actual chapter.

11. Some authors change their story ratings, I get that. but when they write a story, say a m-rating, then re-write it and they make it a t-rating. keep it at M. If you start at k-rating then I can see them do a higher rating.

12. When someone asks if they will be the boyfriend/girlfriend right off the bat after telling them they like them. What happened to dating?

13. Anyone know where to find Howard the Duck stories on this site?

14. Deadpool is a Anti-Hero people, not a super hero. no mater how you look at it, he is an ani-hero. True deadpool fans get this.

15. how are there no Machete and Spy Kids crossovers (as of 7-21-17)

16. Not sure what paring i like better for Life Is Strange, Rachel and Cloie, or Max and cloie, or Rachel, max and cloie.

17. I'm not a fan of stories that take elements out of themselves. for example, when you have Naruto (naruto) being in a high school setting, no ninja, just names are the same and places and people, but nothing that made it naruto. Or Twilight where there are no supernatural beings, it takes the fun out of the story.

18. Im not a fan of stories that just jump into things. for example, Harry potter. in the summary its "harry and (any character) second year and what will happen with whatever. Then you look for the first story, but find out there is no first story, just jumping right in. i'm not a fan of that at all.

19. Not a fan of authors who write a story and it be a continuation of a story that isn't written. for example, Doctor who and frozen. 'the doctor returns to arendel and teams up with elsa and anna one more time...' but there is no previous story to go off of and it feels like you are missing a bunch of information. and when the author then does a flashback chapter, it feels out of place. so please write a story, then do a spin off os said story. because most times, i don't even bother to read the first chapter.

20. i just read a story, its a narutoxharry potter crossover (wont say which one) but kind of made me mad. it had naruto as an ANBU captain. He has a mission to hogwarts and chooses sauske, sakura, neji, anko, kiba and Garra. Well first off Garra isn't a leaf ninja and he is the sand kage so he shouldn't get to go on leaf missions. secondly when they were introduced, it was neji-elete jonin, sakura, elete jonin, sauske, head of tourture and interigation. then they introduced naruto, kiba and Anko who are ANBU. Then they told Dumbles that naurto was fox, kiba was dog and anko was snake. The problem here is that they gave away their identidy to someone who isn't from the leaf. they are supposed to keep their identities a secret even from the client. It should have been, here we have our ninja sauske, neji, sakura, and our anbu fox, snake and dog. no real names given for the anbu. It made me frustrated actually.

21. i'm surprised there aren't any home alone and saw crossovers (as of 3/20/18) with the supposed connection that kevin turns out to be jigsaw

22. getting kind of irked at avengers crossovers. authors are mostly focusing on the current avengers. for example, harry potterxavengers. they focus on the current avenger cast. There are maybe hundreds of avengers to choose from. Did people forget about ghost rider, Wolverine, electra, Dare Devil, luke cage, iron fist, and others. come on people, lets get some fresh stories

23. Friday the 13th game. kind of pisses me off that it takes one hit from a weapon to stun Jason. i get the fire crackers, gun and flair gun. but it should take at least two-four hits to stun Jason.

24. I just watched the new FLCL. the ending song sucks, also it felt like they tried to be to much like the first one right off the bat. i'm not saying it was bad, but i wish they would have had more time to say what was going on.

25. stories with multiple crossovers. for example. Naruto, Harry potter, and dragon ball Z, percy jackson. you have the harry potter world to start off at, then authors bring in the others. it sucks because it takes away from the story and it makes it hard to keep entertained. especially since most of the time authors make the other x-overs non cannon. they make it the leaf(not going to spell out the name of the villiage, don't know how, don't care) they make it the leaf school of magic and take out the chackra and use magic. F-that its naruto universe, use it. then they bring in characters from DBZ and same thing, take out KI and replace with magic, it sucks. even if they do keep it cannon and it is normal naruto universe and others, there is to much going on and the stories don't progress fast enough to keep it interesting.

26. I am tired of some story fads/ideas that have been done to death. For example. Harry potterxnaruto or harry potterxbleach. Tell me how many of you have came across these stories, voldemort is back, and needing more protection, dumbles hires ninjas from the leaf to watch harry potter and act as guards for hogwarts. there are loads of them and almost all of them are the same, just with minor tweaks here and there. then you have bleach crossover. you have "strange readings" coming from england so the soul society sends someone undercover to investigate. again, there are loads of them. Come on people, lets make some original stories that are different and exciting, not the same old thing you read over and over.

27. how are there no beetlejuice-nightmare before Christmas crossovers (as of 8/27/18)


1. looking at a post from from April 2019. Karen Gillian's Nebula gets three times more screen time than Brie Larsons captain Marvel...Good, i am not a fan of Brie Larson or her portrayal of Cap Marvel. to me its all about Nebula.

2. There are more avengers than just the ones shown in the movies people. Tons more. but sadly people only focus on the ones that have had movies most of the time...what a shame. But for my comic book people, you know what i'm talking about.

3. Getting tired of stories where they have Peter be a wimp and cry's and being emotional. Yea I get he has been through a lot, but he should grow some thicker skin


All main characters should be true gray, not light grey or dark grey, but do what is in their best interest

If someone wants to do any of these, please PM me so I know what to look forward to.

Any questions, ask.

once i get a better computer, i will be back to writing so jump on these stories while they are available.

1. Harry potter - Mexico trilogy (el mariachi, desperado, once a upon a time in Mexico) crossover where Harry grows up raised by El.

2. Harry Potter- V for Vendetta. After V dies, he meets death and gets put into and is Harry Potter. Alive Potters, WCWL so boy or girl.

3. Harry Potter- Naruto. Alive potters, WCWL so boy or girl. 3 years older than Cannon and sibling. Gets sent to Dursleys and beaten then sent to Naruto universe in Kiri. Found by Mei, raised by her and Zabuza. Fights for the rebels and becomes the 3-tail jinchuricki. Absorbs Horcrox and gets Tom's memories and how to use magic. people find out that WCWL was wrong child and everyone tries to find him or her. Tri-wizard tournament, he/she gets summoned back. (his or her summons can bring her back and forward to the elemental nations) and Harry potter land. Parents want to reconcile, but he/she doesn't care. no harryxginny

4. Danny Phantom-NCIS. Danny gets fed up and leaves his home. Goes to DC and winds up saving Gibs and his team from an attack and kills the people responsible for said attack. Danny then gets hit in the head by a falling brick and gets knocked unconscious. Wakes up in Gibs house, goes from there. Post Phantom Planet, his parents never found out who he was. No DannyXSam. Danny does not feel bad for killing, he can handle it.

5. Twilight. After Cullens leave, Bella is lost in the woods, and found by Maria. Maria feels sorry for her and takes her home and nurses her back to health. Bella feels a connection to Maria and vice-versa. Mother/daughter bond. Maria changes Bella, Bella is a human drinker, cares for human life, but understands that human blood is more beneficial to vampires. Becomes new goddess of the south, more feared than Jasper. Yuri paring, so Leah, Lauren, Charlotte, Kate, Tanya, other sister, oc vamp, Rose, Alice, Jane, Chelsea, Angela. Bella meets back with the Cullens but no longer cares except if paired with Rose or Alice. No having Bella be a animal drinker or going back to the Cullens.

6. Harry Potter-Black Lagoon. Harry raised by Revi and Dutch before Rock comes into the story. Bellalika knows someone who is magic, has them teach Harry. Harry is transported to the tri-wizard tournament. Doesn't listen to Dumbeldor, ect. go from their. Strait paring, NO HARRYXGINNY.

7. Batman and Alice in Wonderland- Mad Hatter and Joker having tea.

8. Harry Potter-Grand Theft Auto 5. Harry raised by Trevor Phillips. Harry is as crazy as Trevor. Learns magic from someone in Sandy Shores. Has a mother figure in Ursula. No HarryxGinny

9. Harry Potter-X-men. Harry left at Dursleys by his parents. Found by everyones favorite Cajun Remmy Lebou. Grows up a theif and uses his powers but mostly does wandless magic. No HarryxGinny.

10. Harry Potter-Modern Warfare (all 3).HarryxFlur parring. WCWL(wrong child who lived) 4 years older. Harry is either boy or girl. Harry is sent to Dursleys, gets beat and transported to MW universe. Time changes differently. Harry goes through all of the MW saga. (spoiler) after Price and Harry kill Macarov, Harry is transported back to the HP universe. There it has only been a year since he showed up in the MW universe Harry/Girl Harry now 5. Goes to MI-5 and tells them what he knows and uses codes that he shouldn't know. A wizard just happens to be in the meeting and knows the name Potter and they do a check and find out who he /she is. He/she is trained in magic and gets his/her skills back up to snuff. Becomes part of Taskforce 141. Gets an emancipation due to unfit guardians and finds out his/her mom was from a squib line to Ravenclaw so he/she is a decendent of both Gryfindor and Ravenclaw and also claim the Slytheren title from he/she is a pureblood. Harry goes to Hogwarts, stays away from dumbledor and potters, doesn't care about them...Or Harry is Frost and follows his story.

11. Doctor Who-Batman. The Doctor, 9, 10 or 12. does some mindless traveling and meets a miss Harly Quinzel after she is done dealing with the Joker and wants a new adventure. DoctorxHarley paring.

12. Firewatch. What would have happened if Henry and Deliliah would have met. *spoiler*--When he had the dream about his wife, I figured that she died and was telling him to be with Deliliah.

13. Harry Potter-Daria. Harry is put up for adoption in Middleton and somehow is adopted by Mr. Demartino. Harry has his speech and mannerisms like him. Friends with Daria and Jane, sees them as big sisters. NO DARIA OR JANE WITH TOM!!!! and no Harry with Ginny!!!!

14. Harry Potter-Daria. Mr. Demartino gets hired at Hogwarts.

15. Harry Potter-Daria. Harry is Trent, WBWL story.

16. Girl Meets World-Grand Theft Auto 5. During a field trip to Sandy Shores, Mya and Riley get lost and get attacked only to be saved by our favorite Sandy Shores resident, Trevor Phillips. They become friends. (seriously, how funny would nice sunshine Riley handle Trevor)

17. Harry Potter-Wrestling. Harry is abandoned in America by his relitives after his family abandons him in favor of his brother who is mistaken for the BWL. so basically WBWL. Harry is found and raised by the Wyatt family and becomes like them. (no wrestling in this story, he acts like the characters)

18. Harry Potter-Wrestling. Harry is abandoned by Durslies in America when he is 2 and is found and raised by Dean Ambros and Paige who is a witch.

19. Harry Potter-Mortal Kombat. WCWL Fem Harry. Harry is put with the Dursleys and gets hurt badly. somehow gets Scarlets powers.

20. Harry Potter-Elder Scroll Series. Wrong child who lived. Fem Harry is neglected by her family and comes across an old tome in the family library. she learns that she is a dragon born decendent. Goes to gringots and finds tomes of magic, and how to use the thume. By the time she is 11, she is on par with the arch mage from winterhold and can speak Dovahzul (dragon) fluently. Hope for a fem-slash, not Ginny though. No Gryfindor either.( hind wah koraav aanwo wahl daar tey das. ) dovahzul translated.

21. Twilight-Elder Scroll series. After Bella is dumped by Edward, she is stumbling through the woods and bumps her head, regaining memories from a previous life as a dragon born. She is then turned by a vampire and becomes a feared vampire. Working as a sheriff for the Voltry, she makes sure the laws are followed, no exceptions. she eventually runs into the Cullens again. Fem-slash. go from there. No having bella be an animal drinker

22. Harry Potter-Rambo. WBWL, Harry is 3 years older. sent to live with the dursleys while his parents take care of his brother. Harry is transported back in time and fights in Vietnam along with Rambo. Harry is then somehow sent back to his original timeline with his memories in time for Hogwarts on his 11th Birthday(doesn't go into griffiendor). with his memories and reflexes from fighting, he becomes powerful. Dumbledoor cant get into his mind. His parents don't come into the picture till 3rd year when his brother goes to Hogwarts. They try and explain that they needed to focus on his brother more than him, but he doesn't care, he only cares for those who fight by his side.

23. Full House. Neglect story, Stephanie (11) tired of being forgotten and having her needs put behind her for D.J and Michel, goes out one day and meets some street performers and gets into underground world. She goes from the "Nice girl" to someone she can be proud of and doesn't take shit from anyone. years later (16) her family starts to notice her bruises and starts to care again, only for it to be to late, she is now Stephanie, Queen of the underground fighting league. (any parings fem-slash or no pairings at all)

24. Star Treak TNG- Star Treak Voyager. Amanda R. decides to still be a Q and while searching the universe comes across voyager and decides to become part of the Voyager crew.

25. Star Treak Voyager. Seven of Nine learns to cuss like a sailor.

26. Star Treak Voyager- Doctor Who. Doctor who lands on the bridge of Voyager after recieving a signal. (doctor 10 or 12, no 11!!!!)

27. Star Treak TNG- Doctor Who. Amanda R is on a distant planet and runs into the Doctor (10 or 12 NO 11!!!!) and becomes his companion.

28. Harry Potter- Star Treak Voyager. Fem Harry (thorn) WCWL (3 years older) sent to live with the Durleys. Takes a beating at 6 and is somehow either by magic to Voyager and found by 7 of 9 and to save her must implant some borg tech making her like 7 of 9. Becomes part of the crew in a small part like Naomi Wildman. She sees 7 of 9 as a mother and Janeway as a aunt. Q finds out and gets Thorn books on magic and makes it possible for tech and magic to co-exist as a favor to Janeway for watching his son. She grows up to have a mixture personality of 7, Janeway, Tuvoc and Be'lanna. Summoned back by the Goblet of fire, she has Start Fleet knowledge and alian knowledge along with magic and the help of Q to get her through it and transporting her back and forward to Voyager to Hogwarts. Any parrings femslash No Ginny.

29. Star Treak Voyager- i would like to see a story about Mezoti and seven-of-nine. Mezoti stays on voyager, so i would like to see her and 7 go through the voyager story. Either older sister or mother like seven of nine to mezoti.

30. Howard The Duck and Mighty Ducks(cartoon)-Howard becomes the ducks manager.

31. Howard the Duck-mighty ducks (human realm)-Howard becomes their new coach and manager, how would they deal with a real talking duck?

32. Harry Potter-Red VS Blue. After season 13 of RvsB. WCWL perferably girl femlash, no Ginny. Harry/Harriet is beaten by her uncle and her magic sends her to where the Reds and Blues and freelancers are relaxing. They end up raising the child. Has all personalities but sees Carolina and Sarge as parents and the others uncles or brothers along with tex and griffs sister as aunts and sisters. Somehow learns how to control her magic without a wand. How will Hogwarts handle someone who was trained by freelancers, and our crazy friends?

33. Star Treak TNG-Star Treak Voyager. Q is board and decides to have some fun while "helping Janeway". He sees it as helping her and annoying Riker and Picard. half way or close to the end of their journey on voyager, through their voyage, Q sends the Enterprise to where Voyager is and has the Enterprise go along with Voyager through the rest of their journey. How will voyager react to having real help and how will the Enterprise deal with being stuck in the delta quadrent for years to come?

34. Harry Potter-Assassins Creed. Evie and Jackob get put into Harry's mind when the Killing Curse hits Harry as a baby. They become mentors to him. So you get the stealth/smarts from evie and Brawn and motivation from Jacob. WCWL. perferably femslash, No Ginni. No templars. Have Harry or whatever the writer comes up with start their own guild.

35. Marvel/DC-Harry Potter .WCWL.fem harry is 3 years older than sibling. Fem Harry is placed with the Dursleys and abused. some entity decides that she needs help and sends Deadpool(marvel) and Slade(DC) into her head. They see what is happening and try to help her but spend time killing the shade in her head. at age 5 she finally meets deadpool and slade. They teach her and by the time she is 8 she runs away and become a mercenary. goes to hogwarts, (not gryfindor) serious attitude but crazy at times when she gets excited. has no problems killing. femslash (no ginni) Nobody can get into her mind because Deadpool and Slade stop them. doesn't care about parents...I really hope someone picks this up.

36. Harry Potter-Grand Theft Auto Vice City. (post end of vice city)3 years older. WCWL fem harry femslash no ginni. Fem Harry is sent to dursleys. abandoned in america, she is found by Tommy Vercetti. She is raised by him and his friends. goes to an American witch school, but mostly trained by Aunty Poulet. She absorbes the soul fragment by voldemort and by using voodoo is all the stronger.

37. Victorious-Big Bang Theory. Jade and Tori are a couple. They are on a field trip to a audition studio and meet Penny and they both feel like they trust her and the three start to hang out. Eventually Penny introduces to the guys. go from there. This should be a shenny and jori story.

38. Danny Phantom-Gravity Falls.Anti-hero Danny. Danny goes through a portal after a talk from Clockwork about a town that Danny should vacation at. He goes through the portal and finds himself in Gravity Falls. Danny post PP (no pairing with sam) if you do do a pairing for him, make it Wendy. Danny hangs out and really likes the town and helps dipper and Mable with all their crazy stuff.

39. Pirates of the Caribbean-That 70's show. Jackie somehow ends up stranded on an island and ends up accidently going through a time portal and comes into contact with our favorite Jack Sparrow. slow relationship build. over time, looses her bitchiness and becomes a bad ass pirate. years later she ends back up on the island and goes back through the portal only to find that no time at all has passed in her time. (she still looks like she did when she left, but tanner, more muscle, some tattoos) How does she cope with being a pirate and being in the 70's. Will she stay in her time, or return to Jack and the Pearl.

40. Harry potter. Harry is DADA teacher at hogwarts and is told Dudly's daughter is a witch. Harry hates the Dursley's with a passion. However, he gives the girl a chance. When he goes to collect her and show her the wizarding world, Dudly is scared out of his mind at how crazy and powerfull harry has become. No ginnyxharry. grey harry. has scars from the wizard war.

41. Danny Phantom-Kim possible. (post PP, Danny kept his secret) after another attack by his parents and the GIW, Danny has had enough, even though he is 16 he transfers himself to middleton, there he meets kim and they form a bond. he does still help, but he also isn't the hero he once was. he lets the ghost get away with more than they did in Amnity and is more violent and isn't afraid to kill the guys in white. eventually he starts a relationship, but when ron and monique become suspicious of Danny, what will they find out?

42. Doctor Who-Any of the Ernest movies. How funny would it be for the doctor to pick up a new companion, Ernest. how would the doctor handle someone eccentric as the doctor himself? (docs 10 or 12, no 11)

43. Lucifer-Twilight. The cullens leave and Bella has a meltdown and runs away and ends up in L.A. There she meets Lucifer and makes a place for herself in the small group of friends. Lucifer finds out she knows of vampires and makes her into a demi-demon to protect her. Bella doesn't age. Years pass and the Cullens end up in LA and run into Bella. They want to know what is going on, but she doesn't let them in. the rest is up to the author, Parings lucifer/bella, bella/chloe, lucifer/bella/chloe, bella/mazikeen

44. Naruto. after the 4th great war, naruto is jadded and cautious and angry at everyone. his only friends are the biju 1-9 sealed within him. somehow he is transported to a alternate dimention where nobody else has chackra. normal high school, but naruto is a kage level shinobi wondering what the hell happened. everyone else is normal modern day and naruto is bad ass (formally a weak minded person in the current dimention). NarutoxIno would be a perfered parring.

45. Danny Phantom-Ben 10. post PP, Dannys secret is left in tact only known by Jazz, sam and tucker and the ghosts who know. for ben 10 is when they get back from summer break the first time. Dannyxember or Dannyxkitty or DannyxJazz. Benxgwen, Benxcharmcaster. Grey danny understands what it takes to keep the world safe. Danny is walking through where Ben is and helps him with his aliens. but Danny shows him that not everything about being a hero is good. the next summer Danny and his girlfriend goes with ben on thier next summer break.

46. Danny phantom.Grey Danny. post PP.Danny keeps his identinty a secret Danny goes to Ireland and meats a half banshee. they hang out and become lovers. doesn't have to have a major plot. but a long story with long chapters would be appreciated.

47. Danny phantom-justice league. Danny makes it out of PP with his secret. He quickly becomes disenchanted with everything. The G.I.W are still after him, even though the president pardened him. After he turns 18 and barely graduates, he steals money from vlads mansion and becomes a millionaire and opens a book store/cafe in DC. After killing a man and saving a woman from rape, he comes to terms that there is not just black and white, but shades of grey and is willing to kill. He either gets to know wonder woman or black canary or supergirl and starts to date them. He saves the league from the android but gets hurt in the process, revealing his ghost half. They want him on the team, but he is just fine working on his own, but willing to help out. Not everyone is ok with him killing and worries about how powerful he is.

48. Danny phantom-hotel transilvania. Danny hooks up with mavis. he takes her and drac to see martha in the ghost zone. can be a one shot if you want

49. Harry Potter-Guardians of the galaxy. 3 years older Harry. Harry is the wcwl so boy or girl (you choose name). if girl, this story should be femslash, but not ginny parring, and if boy, reg parrings, but no harryxginny or ronxhermione. Harry is abandoned by her family in favor of her brother or sister or both make it a mistake of twins who lived. they ignore her and put her in an orphanage and take her name off the hogwarts roster to focus on his/her brother or siblings. a few years later he/she has realized she had special powers and was practicing them in a unused part of a park. there she is spotted by Yandu who decided to take her and raise her like he did quill, but he/she is treated better. over the years he/she improves on her powers due to absorbing the horcrox and helps Yandu and the ravengers. he/she becomes a well liked member. She takes on Yandus traites and style. After the T.W.T. it is discovered that Harry is the cwl and not his/her brother/siblings. It just happens that Harry and the ravengers are taking a break on earth. Harry is summoned by owl to meet with dumbledor but he had a portkey in the letter. As soon as Harry lands in headquarters of TOTP (the order of the phenix). as soon as he/she lands, he/she apparates back to the ravengers. There is no forgiving the potters or any of her family. If you do have him/her help, they have to pay in gold.

50. The Hulk-Guardians of the Galaxy. Jennifer Banner is drinking at a bar when Gamora walks in and they have a conversation about being green and fighting mean.

51. Doctor Who-Wizards of Waverly Place. just after the test to see who gets the powers, Alex gets mistreated by her family and friends. They ignore her and treat her like trash and say she doesn't deserve her powers. Also, every time she does something good, justin takes credit, or blames alex if something goes wrong and her family goes with along with him. Harper also goes along with justin. Juliette feels bad for alex but doesn't know what to do. However a few weeks later alex is walkiing home when she is attacked by cybermen and gets hurt. Before they could get to her our hero the Doctor (10) gets to her and saves her. He goes to check on her and she passes out in his arms. The doctor takes her to the tardis and the doctor finds out that there is something special about her...main thing is they go on adventures and she becomes his daughter in all but blood. Eventually her family feels bad and realizes that she is gone. go from there.

52. Harry Potter-God of war. WCWL Harry is a girl. She is 3 years older than cannon and older than the "chosen one" She gets sent to the Dursleys. when she is 8, they can't find a babysitter and have to take her to Greece. The dursleys kick her out of the hotel for the day while they relax and she goes exploring. She finds a hidden cave and goes in. There she puts her hand over some symbols and trips and falls on the coffin of The ghost of Sparta. She cuts her hand and gets the memories of Kratos. There she knows how to be a spartan and that she should't have to put up with her reletives. goes from there. Femslash, no Harryxginni.

53. Scooby Doo. on april fools day, daphney, fred, and velma prank scooby and shaggy with a fake dracula, and other fake monster costumes. It really scarred shaggy and scooby, not knowing what they have been through with the real dracula and other monsters. when they say it was a joke, shaggy and scooby are mad, but understand and say they will get them back. When the others leave shaggy and scooby call up some old friends to get the others back, hard. They call up the Boo-brothers and grimwald school and arange a meeting that will scare the hell of velma, fred and daphne.

54. Life is strange. Max has the choice, the bay or Chloie, for her there is only one choice, go back and save rachel and stop nathan and jefferson. She re-winds time to the day rachel goes missing, gets a gun and goes hunting for nathan and jefferson while chloie and rachel tag along trying to stop her and have them face justice. but after the week or so max had had, that is no longer an option.

55.Coraline. Fed up with being ignored and feeling abandoned and unloved, Coraline spends more and more time on the other side. eventually her parents start noticing her being gone for hours on end. one night they hear her walking downstairs and follow her and see her open the little door and crawl through confusing them since they thought that the other side of the wall was bricked off. they confront her about it the next night and she says its none of their buisness since they don't care about her and she walks off. later. after a few days of trying to talk to her, they follow her into the other world where they find out that she is more happy there than with them.

56. Naruto-wrestling. Naruto is neglected in favor of his sibling(s) (your choice if its more than one.) he has the soul while his sibling(s) have the chackra. eventually naruto runs away and is found and trained by vampiro and pentegon dark. Naruto is three years older than siblilng(s). No wrestliing except for ti-jutsu. the rest is naruto universe. No narutoxhinata.

57. Harry potter-wrestling. (wcwl) no wrestling in this story, she fights. so no joining wwe/impact wrestling/lucha underground. the adults that watch after scarlet use the promotions as income so it is a thing. fem Harry (scarlet) is three years older than her sibling who is mistaken for the boy who lived. dumbles convinces the potters that they should focus on her sibling and they send her to the dursleys. He also convinces them that they should re-unite with their daughter when their son goes to hogwarts, her third year. Dumbles isn't evil or plotting, he believes that the son needs the attention. dumbles doesn't check on her, believing that lillys sister would take care of her. scarlet is abused and raped by the dursleys. when she is six, after a beating,leaving her with scars on her face and back, thrown into the cupborad under the stairs, she prays to the darkness to make the pain go away, not knowing that sometimes, the darkness answers. Vampiro(lucha underground) hears her request and collects her. He along with pentegon dark(lucha underground, mill muertes and katrina(lucha underground), kane(wwf era), undertaker(wwf era) and rosmary (impact wrestling) raise her. they teach her and she becomes a strong witch who doesn't need a wand. She ends up in underground wizarding tournaments using everything she has learned to her advantage. when she gets her letter to go to hogwarts, she and her family agree that she should go to show them the power that they had squandered. No forgiving parents or sibling or dumbledor. femslash, No scarletxginny.

58. Harry potter-house of 1,000 corpses/devils rejects. Harry or fem harry is wcwl. three years older. sent to live with the dursleys by his/her parents after dumbles makes a mistake and says she doesn't have any magic in her. he/she is abused by the dursleys. He/She is taken to america at age 8 and abandoned at a random middle of nowhere gas station and found by the captain. learns magic from random people. gets summoned by the goblet of fire to compete. How will the british wizarding world and his/her parents and sibling react to someone who is a killer and not afraid of anything. no harryxginny

59. Danny Phantom-Star treak voyager. after PP. Danny isn't with sam. he still wants to go to space and decides to try it and goes up and bumps into Q. they get to talking and after a while Danny goes home. Deciding to humor this half mortal, He sends danny to voyager to assist them. Danny ends up staying with Voyager and helps them get home. has a somewhat romance with 7.

60. Dragon ball Super/Voyager. Goku and Vagita are stuck as Vagito. years have passed and everyone they knew have long since passed. so he(lets just stick with that because saying they would just make it more confusing) decides to go explore the galaxy. little did he know that there was an unknown universe. once he passes through he somehow meets up with voyager and decides to tag along. its not like voyager could stop them anyway. vagitox7of9.

61. Harry Potter-WWE/UFC. WCWL 3 years older than either brother/or sister or twins who is said to have defeated voldemort. Harry is girl. Ronda Rousey is transported into the body of scarlet (fem Harry). she knows the story of Harry potter and his story, and decides to save the world her way. she is either sent to the dursleys where she is abused till the age of 6, then she gets her memories and starts kicking ass and makes her way in the world. up to writer if she goes to hogwarts. i want her to use wandless magic and wand/staff magic. but she is also a hand to hand fighter. if she goes to hogwarts, then no grifindor, no cannon wand. she is strong, and doesn't listen to authority well. no harryxginny

62. Rick and Morty. during a career day, rick is sent with morty because Beth and Jerry are to busy doing something. So when he is talking, a portal opens up and the bug people (i don't remember their race name) come flooding in. people start freaking out and rick starts shooting. soon it becomes apparent that rick is starting to get overwelmed and throws a gun to morty so he can help him kill the bugs. The rest of the class starts to freak out even more, after all, how can cowardly, wimpy morty help them? but to their surprise, he starts killing his fair share and not even batting an eyelash and has a dead look in his eye. How will the school handle the knowledge that Morty is not the cowardly wimpy kid they knew? up to reader to make it happen.

63. Doctor who. during the silence in the library, the doctor (10) is able to save miss evangelista. feeling sorry for the poor girl for being called stupid and having low self esteem the doctor takes her with him and Donna. She goes with them and has grand adventures and becomes a daughter to the doctor.

64. Doctor who. (10th doctor) while traveling alone, the doctor can't help but think about those he couldn't save. he then makes a choice and goes to save astrid, miss evangelista, and rennette. they all end up traveling with the doctor and become his family. after all, the doctor should never travel alone.

65. Harry potter-teenage muntant ninja turtles. wcwl. fem harry, no harryxginny. 3 years older. Harry's twin is mistaken to be the wcwl, sent to live with dursleys. abandoned in new york, raised by shredder and the foot clan, not the turtles, they are his enemy. learns magic from someone, transported to tri-wizard tornament. go from there.

66. Harry potter-Walking dead. Fem Harry. femslash, no harryxginny. 3 years older. wcwl. no cannon wand. After dying, Negan somehow ends up in Harry's head, destroying the horcrux. she is ignored by her family in favor of her brother/twin/siblings (your choice). she is effectively raised by him and becomes like him. She learns from him and studies the darker books in the family library and at the bank. by the time she is 11, she is at least newt level in all subjects and ruthless. no forgiving the potters, or dumbles.

67. Harry potter-Cowboy bebop. WBWL 3 years older Harry, no Harryxginni. i personally believe spike survived the last episode of bebop. but some might say he died. in this story he died. Death, not paying attention sends Spikes soul into the body of Harry Potter (minus the bad eye site). Spike has all of his memories, even when he is a baby. His family abandons him to the Dursleys after voldemorts attack. they will try and bring him back into the family when his younger sibiling goes to hogwarts. During his time at the Dursleys, he doesn't take crap and can defend himself. He dresses up like he did in Cowboy Bebop. He also gets in with the local mob syndacate. go from there. no cannon wand, no grifindor.

68. Danny phantom-Avengers. Danny is scoped out by S.H,I.E.L.D and comes under the parantege of Black Widow. Both find out that what they they were missing was someone to loves them unconditionally, Danny and or Black widdow and Scarlet Witch either moms or lovers.

69. Harry Potter-Markiplier. Harryxginni. Perferably femslash. for Het paring, perferable Harry and Fleur. No Cannon wand. No Gryfindor if you choose to have him/her go to Hogwarts. Harry Potter is 3 years older than sibling. Sent to live with the Dursleys, Harry or Hariet is abused and when Harry is 6 snaps due to the psycological trama. Darkiplier and Warfstash just happen to be floating through this dimension when they come upon Harry. Even though Dark can barely stand Stash, they decide to...have some fun with this child and enter said childs mind. Harry runs Away from the Dursleys, and becomes a Mercenary. Takes on both personalities and is able to break the 4th wall like warfstash. But most of the time is mimicking Dark. goes from there. No forgiving the Potters or Dumbles.

70. NCIS-Down periscope. Admiral Gram is mad at Dodge and wants a redo of the wargame. he bets his second star that Dodge will loose. Gram assigns NCIS to go with the boat to make sure everything is up and up. the team, Gibs, Bishop, Mcgee. go from there.

71. Lucifer-Buffy the vampire slayer. Dawn gets ignored by the scoobies, spike, her mom and Buffy. Dawn (14) gets kidnapped by demons and prays for anyone to help. Lucifer hears her and goes save her and takes her with him and she becomes a daughter to him. Later everyone notices she is gone and ignores it until they find out she is the key. ( no luciferxchloe, she doesn't effect his powers and no Joyce death)

72. Ncis. what would have happened if gibs would have let Emily move in the devils triad. Gibs now has a teen to look after.

73. Danny Phantom-ncis. Bishop goes undercover for ncis in Amity Park. Post PP. Danny kept his identity secret. Sam and tucker move away because of their parents. Danny now 17 has made peace with most of his rouges. Danny has also been helping the coast guard and navy in Minnesota on Lake Superior. Only the command know and don't tell Vance or head of coast guard. They make Danny an unofficial joint agent. Bishop gets an assignment to work at the docs and her and Danny work together. Turn in to a romance at the end of the story.

74. Ncis. Emily Fornel joins ncis out of high school.

75. NCIS LA-Danny phantom. Everything in DP happens his sophomore year in high school. PP never happened but his friends and family end up being killed by cultists. Danny then runs to LA and meets Kensi when he is 16. He ends up helping her and she lets him stay with her. Kensi/Danny romance story.

76. NCIS LA-Lucifer. Lucifer and Kensi meet. No Chloexlucifer

77. Ncis LA-Lucifer Hetty calls in a favor from Lucifer

78. Leprechaun. Tory offers herself to the leprechaun to save Ozzie and he accepts.

79. Leprechaun 2. Bridget goes with the leprechaun.

80. Leprechaun-twilight. After Bella is abandoned by the Cullens, she is turned by what little of James venom is left. The shifters try to attack but she is saved by the leprechaun. She and the leprechaun go on many adventures and over time fall in love. No Jacob Bella or Edwardxbella.

81. Kim possible. Kim has feelings for Shego. Kim gives up being a hero to be a thief with Shego.

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