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Hello anyone and everyone looking through my profile currently. Do mind that this profile is pretty much rushed in the light of the fact that as an upcoming author for the To Love-Ru community (and other communities should I expand that far) I feel it necessary to quickly assemble a profile no matter how bad it is. For of course, any profile is better than no profile at all right? With that in mind, what you are reading stands before you today. Internal Monologue: Wow, it's pretty hard writing a profile, more so than what i thought it would be like, it's probably due to the fact that what I chose between the choices to either have a pretty funny profile ( which is probably easier to make) or just making a profile based on your sentiment (which is what I am trying to do right now). But it will all pay well in the end because at that time I will have the type of profile that's hard to make already written out so then all i have to do is revise my entire profile and then add in humor to make sure you guys aren't bored of reading (as you probably are right now). As for those people who have yet to leave this page out of boredom then thank you and now that my introduction is done for now, let's cut to the point. I will be using this block to notify whether or not I may write another story or go on a hiatus for ideas (which i feel that I am filled to the brim with). But of course you probably already knew that so let me just go and start updating my profile in certain areas ._.

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Short description: Hailing from the U.S as a reviewer at first, he never thought he would try and write a story.

Wishes: 1) More people would try and write a story, at least one, it's actually pretty fun. 2) I'm a pretty patient man and i believe in quality but i don't think it should take an entire year to update just one chapter on a story .List of Animes and Manga (reading/watching now or currently read/watched, or just waiting for updates):

Shakugan No Shana, in it's final season apparently :( (I am not currently watching it because i am planning on waiting for the season to be over so then i can watch every single episode, I don't really like to wait on new episodes, it makes me tense to be caught on a cliffhanger. So once the season is over i won't have any breaks in between).

Rozen Maiden (watched, however I speculate in a new season once the author finishes doing her manga).

Full Metal Alchemist ( Watched, but some day I hope to watch Brotherhood since I heard many fans of the manga were disappointed in the anime so that's why Brotherhood was created, to be closer to the ideals of the manga).

Dragon ball series (of course).

Bleach (finally ended the anime, don't feel like reading the manga though for the final arc).

Afro Samurai (watched).

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan (watched).

Maburaho (watched).

Rosario + Vampire (watched and currently waiting for updates on the manga).

Demon King Daimao (watched).

Zero No Tsukaima (gotta catch up on it).

Kaicho wa Maid-Sama (On a hiatus of watching it sadly, even though it's actually pretty cool).

To Love-Ru (watched, read the manga, waiting on updates on Darkness).

Dead Man Walking (Reading, waiting for translations).

A Fairy Tale For the Demon Lord (read).

And that's it for now! Thank you for whoever took the time out of their day to visit my profile and see what kind of person am I :D

Current Status Quo: On a hiatus since I didn't write the story yet :P

My closing message to you all is that for all those out there with ideas they believe to be good, just write about it!

Thank you and have a nice day/night! =)

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