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Hey everyone, how's it going? I actually used to have a profile on here, but the email address I was using for it got deactivated (it was a temporary college account), and I had to wait until I got a more permanent email at comcast to start a new one.

Anyway, I'm working on one big project right now. It's a Gundam Wing/Gundam Seed crossover. It's gotten quite a bit of attention, so I'll take that as a good thing. The first story, 'Journey To A New Battlefield' is completed, and part two of the saga, 'Destiny's Call' is in its early stages. Part three, 'Final Waltz', is still a long ways off.

My second project is a Gundam Wing/Tenchi Muyo crossover called 'The Pirate's Soldier'. My third is a Bleach/Naruto crossover called 'Eyes of the Soul'.

A little about me. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Law and Justice from Central Washington University in Summer of 2013. I've been working at State Farm ever since as an auto claims rep. Not exactly exciting work, I know, but it pays the bills.

I like manga and anime, with an emphasis on sci-fi, fantasy, and action genres. Same goes for my reading tastes. Favorite anime of all time is Gundam Wing! Favorite movie series is a tie between Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, while my favorite book series is undoubtedly Lord of the Rings (heck, anything by Tolkien for that matter!). I'm a really big history buff, particularly when it comes to armed conflicts.

Hope to get to know some of you guys and girls as time goes by on here. I'll be popping in and reviewing from time to time. Please return the favor, and don't hold back on the criticism, I welcome it!

Random personal tidbits for the curious:

Favorite food: buffalo wings.

Favorite bar drink: rum and coke. Mojito would be a close second.

Favorite band: tossup between the Eagles and Rush.

Religion: Not my cup of tea. Let's just leave it at that.

Favorite video game: Final Fantasy X. It was the first of that series that I played, and while I've played some of the others and have found them to be good that one will always be number one for me! Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is also pretty high on the list for me, best one of the series in my opinion.

Political views: to everyone who knows me in my personal life, independent. To my readers, because I frankly trust you all more with my politics than certain parts of my family, more-or-less social democrat. If you're from Europe you know what I'm talking about, if you're American then look it up.

Story status update: Chapter Twenty-Seven of Destiny's Call is underway.

Chapter Twenty-Seven of The Pirate's Soldier is underway.

Chapter Twenty-Seven of Eyes of the Soul is underway.

A personal quote of mine: Convince a man that his actions have divine sanction and his capacity for cruelty and atrocity will be boundless.

Bit of randomness; "Roundabout" by the band Yes is a great song to get high to. Speaking from experience!

Also, if you're on Steam and have RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, you might find me on there from time to time! My profile is OperationMeteor.

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