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Occupation: reviewer. A bit trollish, blunt, no ass-kissing. No supporting nationality bashing, however likely might it seem. Honestly.

To all of U.S.A. (Utterly Stupid Authors):
I'm not certain if people who upload their stories on in order to create their own circle of fans and be showered in constant praise deserve the title of an author. Ever since I dropped by here I've been convinced this site's purpose was to share our own stories placed in one of the fictitious worlds we've come to know of and love, and the newly created fate of canon or original characters led by our, fan's, hand.
I'm not against any of the ideas, as long characters stay.. well, in-character. I do oppose whenever I see either an underdeveloped narration or misguided description; with the form of a review.
When do I write it? Whenever the fanfic is so good I cannot contain myself, or.. I see room for improvement. These messages are calculated to make the author angry (usually at me), for I know from experience it's the fastest way to induce growth.

If you feel like honoring the work of your favorite author, no problem; don't overuse their language, however, for it kills the mood. To all of the otaku and other over-zealous Japan fans: feeling like you simply MUST use Japanese? Fine! Although do consider that each time brakes with translations are used your text gets about fifty percent lamer. I think it is acceptable to explain what the characters say in En, but it still lowers my opinion of your creations. Moreover, using romanji is.. uncool. Since you love Japanese/Chinese/Russian or whatever language the original is written in, how about using original language? I think a story in Kanji or Cyrillic would be.. tremendously ingenious.

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