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I may not be a writer but i am a god went it comes to making powers any writer out there wont a power just ask i will bounce ideas off you or give me a basics of what you are trying and i well help the best i can.

Favorite parings...

Naruto x Hinata

Naruto x Anko

Naruto x Sakura

Naruto x Mei

Naruto x Mikoto

Naruto x Tsunade

Naruto x Ino

Naruto x Tenten

Naruto x Female Kyuubi

Naruto x Yugito

Naruto x Kushina

Naruto x Tayuya

Naruto x Shizune

I can not believe fanfiction is setting themselves up to shutdown like that all they are doing is pushing there members away but if all the story's and writer that i have come to love leave so will I. way stay for kid stuff but lets hope please sign the petition to hopefully stop this madness at STOP the destruction of!

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