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Heather Snow PM
Joined May '11

I enjoy quality writing in a variety of fandoms, including the various Star Trek shows, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Pride & Prejudice, Lois & Clark, Horatio Hornblower, Scarecrow & Mrs. King, and more.

I'm a sucker for good dialogue, especially witty repartee, and I like to see good characterization. Action can be good too, but the previous must be present for me to really enjoy a story.

I'm a Bible-believing Christian, and so my stories will not contain slash, explicit sex, or swearing. But, I certainly don't go complaining about those things in other people's stories.

If you want to get a sampling of my stories, the following are my personal favorites.

Sherlock — 1) A Gift of Brotherly Love and 2) Lestrade Lays Down the Law (on hiatus until inspiration strikes, but first 2 chapters can work as stand-alone)

Star Trek: The Original Series — I Knew Him First, I Knew Him Last

Doctor Who — The Battle Is Not the War

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