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A longtime reader of fanfic and a writer many years ago before ffn appeared. I briefly posted a Harry Potter story here but didn’t complete it and pulled it down. This was done under a different user name. Some co-authored x-files stuff can still be found if you like Xfiles AU stories, particularly the Magician series. (I am the co-author for magician 3.5, The Firebrand, available on the X-files annex)

I primarily read Harry Potter and Mass Effect fanfic though my favorites include stories from several other mostly "sci-fi" or fantasy universes. I like Harry/not-Ginny or Hermione fics, largely because I have never seen how JKR made Ginny equal to Harry in terms of depth or experience. Yes, she had a rough go of it in her first year but after that she is peripheral while Harry continues to struggle and grow. Hermione is far too dominating for me as she runs in canon, and I can’t see Harry being with someone like her after having been abused and dominated by the Durseleys, Headmaster and others as he is in canon. So, a slytherin of Harry’s age or an older woman like Fleur or Tonks has always made the most sense to me.

I have a few HP story ideas but none are well developed.

I’ve come to enjoy the Mass Effect universe a great deal and am thinking on looking for a co-author for a story I’d like to do in which Benezia survives the Noveria mission and is somehow cured. Possibly through use of some of the Cerberus technology seen in the side mission where they fight the Thorianized thralls. (I don’t know the name of that side mission for reasons I’m happy to discuss off-profile).

Benezia’s survival, the reversal of her indoctrination, and warnings to the council (verified by a meld with Tevos or another reliable source), begin to prepare the galaxy for the reapers but not before the rest of ME1 plays out more or less as before.

However, with better preparation and awareness, Shepard is not killed and the Normandy SR1 not destroyed. Therefore, many of the ME2 events occur but either off-screen or under radically different circumstances. They also lead to greater division in the galaxy since without Shepard helping out it takes longer to determine that the Collectors are to blame. Until the collectors are conclusively proven to be guilty, and the Omega 4 relay closed to them via methods to be figured out in story, everyone from the Votarians to Cerberus, the SA and the other council powers get the blame for the disappearances.

Sadly, better preparation does not equal anything close to true capacity to handle the reapers who come in ME3 with the political consequences we see after Earth is attacked. AKA council races divided, Earth, Palaven and other planets under terrible assault and Shepard needed to pull the galaxy together while finding a way to build the alliances she will need to get the crucible built and discover what the catalyst is.

I would like the fic to focus as much on political interactions and the “big picture” military situation as on Shepard’s relationships, choices, and actions throughout. I strongly prefer F-shep and see my Shepard as something of the amazon type character we see in fics like Neutral Ground’s “Beyond the Fire” or the Shepard in Acevolkner’s “The Scarlet Sapphire” series. Even though both of their Shepard’s are somewhat renegade, I’ve always preferred the Paragon Shepard myself. Physically, imagine a Shepard built on lines close to Hope Solo, Lindsay Vonn or Gabrielle Reece. Much of this because I just can’t see a small person managing the weapons and other gear ME requires a soldier to handle without serious gene modification and even then it would be tough. Also, I have always thought Asari were really the only possible pairings for Shepard due to their longer lives and broader perspective. Both needed to achieve balance with Shepard’s terrible burdens. Miranda Lawson has worked for me in the past but only occasionally. That said, I’m not stuck to the Shep/Liara pairing, it might be fun to explore Shep/Tevos or Shep/Sha’ira or Shep/Shi’ala or even Shep/Benezia.

I don’t do character development well but I’m very good at fleet battles, action, and politics. So, a character writer (or someone better with character than I am), would be optimal in my dream universe.

I’m not up to a full story write on my own but have done very well with co-authors in the past. If someone is interested in this kind of fic and would like to discuss further you doubtless can figure out how to pm me.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributes here. You’ve provided hours and hours of excellent entertainment over the years and although I’ve given a bit in the past, I hope I can join someone else in giving more back soon.

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