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Since you're reading this, it's probably safe to say that you've found your way to my profile (duh!). As you can see, I'm more of a reader than a writer. One of these days I might pluck up the courage to write a fic of my own... But don't count on it any time soon - I'm not someone who has a flair for it like so many of the talented people on this website do.

I mostly read Harry Potter fics, as you'll probably notice if you look through all the favourites and follows, although now I suppose I've kind of saved you the trouble of doing so, if that's the information that you were looking for. You'll also notice that I tend to gravitate towards a particular ship (it was so not the name that gave it away, right? ... Right?) but I have been known to branch out from time to time.

So yeah. Thought I'd post this since I don't think I've ever put anything up on my profile since I joined, which seems like such a long time ago. Although, I'm no site veteran, obviously - not by a long shot!

Whether you're a reader, writer or both; keep doing what you do! :)

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