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So, if you are following me, you can tell this is a complete change in my profile page. My profile page has been the same for so long that I felt that it needed an update.

Let's get the simple stuff out of the way really quick.

Name: Kaitlyn or as you guys know me "thegirlatthekeyboard"

Age: 17 soon to be 18

Grade in school: I am a senior in high school and a college freshman/almost sophomore.

Now that's out of the way, let me talk a bit about what's been happening in my crazy life.

First off, I am very sorry that my stories have not been updated any time recently. I know, I'm a horrible person. The main reason behind that is I haven't had the best access to a computer. My trusty laptop stopped being trusty and it has made the decent into great beyond. So, right now I'm working on my school laptop. The other reason is because I haven't had the ambition to write.

But, my ambition has returned and I am working on a new story right now. I now a few of you guys might notice my writing style is a bit different. I started writing on here when I was in 7th grade. That was 5 years ago, and now I have some experience under my belt with righting college level writings. (My teacher would kill me if she saw that I used a cliche) I hope that all of you can appreciate the new style, because I know they will sound better.

As for my other stories that I have up. I am thinking about taking a few of them down that aren't getting any attention anymore. The ones I'm still getting reviews on, I think I am going to keep going for now. They will be down for a bit though so I can rewrite. Honestly, I can't bring myself to read any of them.

Now, don't expect these changes to happen over night. As I said before, this is my senior year and i am in college, so I am loaded down with school work. My work will come first because this year I have four college classes and two AP classes. But, once my work for the day is done, I will get on here and work on the stories. So, please be patient with me. I am trying really hard right now. All of the reviews I have been getting recently have been making me want to come back and write again.

Thank you guys for sticking with me and please keep in touch. I am always here for my followers. If any of you need someone to talk to, send my a PM or send me an email at thegirlatthekeyboard@ . I may be a busy person, but I'm never too busy to talk to you guys.

I hope to see more of everyone,

The Girl at the Keyboard

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