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Hello, I've loved this site for years but was to afraid to get an account..

Now I'm here and ready for anything! Throw me what you will and I'll caught it!!

I love most of my favorite stories, so you can get a good idea of what I'm like by those. I highly recommend the authors, great writers who should pursue their passions. I'm very enthusiastic, so don't be surprised if you get praised for your work.

I have grown up watching Disney movie sand, now that I'm older I've learn that Disney is beyond twisted!!!! But having grown up with it I can see there were good qualities. But its not like that anymore!!Most films (movies for you young kids) are just for entertainment! Not family films anymore!! There are no family films with meaning like "Old Yeller. One of the greatest, if not the greatest movies ever made. Sad but true!!

The true hurts and you have to deal with it!! You can never run away!!

Sorry people but I cruse! If you don't like it, don't listen to me then! Its that simple.

Well I hope I can get some of my stories up (non are finished yet) and get your guys reviews!! My stories are in Young Guns, Naruto, Tales from EarthSea and Vampire Hunter D (Bloodlust 2000).

Looking for a story about Gin and Sherry.

The setting is that Gin and Vodka are in forced to use the stairs and Sherry is there in her child body. As Gin and Vodka pass the panicking people around them, they pass Sherry. However Gin notices her and for a reason unknown to him, he protects her. Then once out of the building they go there separate ways. Please help it was one of my favorites as a kid!

Until then "Run my little ones, Run Free"- Blood and Chocolate Love that movie!

Have a good day, night, afternoon whatever time your in! You know what I mean.

Thanks you & Enjoy!!!

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