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Name: SoulCross... that's all you're getting

Age: 19 I think. I space out a lot. Lose a lot of time.

Update: Hello all. I am still working on The Possible Storm; haven't abandoned it and I don't plan to. I had to shift all my focus to the end of the semester research assignments and finals cramming, but the semester just ended and I'm finishing up the next chapter. Thank you all who have been patient with me and I feel like a jerk. I hope you all keep reading. :)

To say a little about me, I like to write. I one day wish to become a best selling author, and I'm talking way in the future most likely. I have written some small novellas before, but to call them crap is very generous. I'm attempting to improve my writing skills and i would like your help in doing so. I crave some constructive criticism (if you read my story you are probably tired of hearing that).

I love reading (books, manga, computers etc.) and playing video games. Favorite genres and types are numerous, usually I just get whatever intrigues me. The same can be said about music.

Beyond that there is not much I wish say for now except that I hope all who read this enjoy my story.

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